Balcony Boy Episode 7


“What are we doing here?”

He ignores me, putting an euro into the air hockey table.

“Reckon you can beat me?” He asks smirking. Air hockey is a holiday tradition between my dad and me. We get very passionate and the puck usually leaves the table at least twice because of the force we hit it. I happen to be quite good.

“Guess we’ll find out.” I shrug and pick up the blue air hockey mallet. He picks up the red one and places the puck on the table. Jake hits it hard and fast and I let it slide straight into my goal, pouting.

I set the puck on the table and hit it gently towards him, he hits it softly back and I slam it into his goal before he even realises I’ve done it.

He points at me, “Oh, you’re sneaky. It’s on.” From then on the game is fast paced, both of us blocking and slamming the puck back and forth. Eventually, the air stops blowing and the game ends. We look up to see the score is 9-7.

9-7 to me.

I cheer and do a mini victory dance, consisting of me spinning in a circle waving my arms around. I probably look stupid, but I’m too happy to care.

I look over at Jake to see him sulking. “Aw, is Jakey Wakey a bad loser?” I go over and pinch his cheeks. He bats my hands away.

“No, I just don’t like show offs.”

“That’s rich coming from Mr…what was it? ‘Incredible charm and irresistible good looks’?” He laughs, leading us over to the sofa in the corner.

“So, Amber Bloom, what is your favourite colour?”

“That, Jake Fletcher, is information you have to earn.”

“I’m guessing you’re here with your mum, dad, nana and grandad right?”


“Are you not going to guess who I’m here with?”

“Oh, I don’t care.” I say, smirking. +

“Come on, humour me.”

I roll my eyes, “Your mum, dad and sister.”

“Almost,” he looks me dead in the eye. “She’s my daughter not my sister.”

My mouth falls open and I quickly snap it shut. “Oh…I…Well…” I stutter, until Jake bursts out laughing.

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“Oh my God, you should have seen your face.” He folds over laughing, wiping non-existent tears from his eyes. “No, you were right she’s my sister.”

I hit him on the shoulder, “You’re an arse.”

He nods, “I know, it’s part of my charm.”

“What charm?”

“Amber, you wound me.” He puts his hand on his heart.

I laugh along with him. What am I doing? What is this? I’m joking around with the balcony boy without completely embarrassing myself, well, there’s still time.

We both stop laughing and Jake looks me in the eye. It isn’t long before I blush and have to look away.

I never talk to boys; boys never talk to me. I walk through school unnoticed by anyone but my friends and maybe a few people on the swim team, but other than that I keep myself to myself. And I don’t mind that, it’s how it’s always been.

“What’s your favourite food?”

I roll my eyes and look over at Jake, “You need to stop.”

He just laughs and grabs my wrist. “C’mon.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll find out.” I stay quiet, intrigued, as he drags me through the entrance to the hotel.