Banking Episode 3


He had dedicated so much time to his work, giving his mother enough reason to try her luck in her matchmaking talent.

Deji’s mother, Ireti, had arranged a meeting between him and Theresa. Theresa had liked him instantly, although she tried to hide it. Deji on the other hand, had problems getting romantically involved with another lady since he broke up with his first love back in Ife. He initially thought with time he would get to reciprocate Nike’s feelings for him.

But it’s been over 9 months since they met and yet the spark he has been hoping for was still absent. The decision about Nike was one he has to make sometimes in the future. He probably should just propose to her and get it over with. She expected it by now, and perhaps even deserved it, but she was too much of a lady to ever pressure him about it.

Now at this party, he planned on reaching out to Nike and his mother, after meeting Kola’s much talked about cousin. They would be expecting him already.

Then Kola poked at him slightly, saying in a low tone, ‘’there she is.’’
Deji glanced ahead. He was blown out of the water by what he saw that he almost spilled his drink.

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Standing 5 feet from him, was a lady with a midnight-black hair that flowed over her shoulder. She had an oval face shape, arched eyebrows, small nose, smooth and regular jawline with small distance between her upper lip and nose that made her incredibly gorgeous.

He has seen this face before. In fact, ten years ago. It was none other than Nike Akomolede.

His first love. Matter-of-factly, his only love. The one who has made falling for another lady an impossible task for him.

She was wearing a red cocktail gown that was 2 inches above the ankle. She looked more beautiful than he could remember.

Oh my! The enormity of the situation hit him. Nike is Kola Williams’ cousin!

‘’Do you believe me now, buddy?’’ Kola asked not looking at Deji.

Deji hesitated, ‘’she’s okay.’’

‘Seriously?’’ Kola stared his friend in disbelief, expecting a better adjective than an okay. ‘’Alright. Come over.’’