Banking Episode 15


Seeing Kola already, Deji walked towards him, ‘’how far bro?’’

‘’Good. You finally decided to come out of your room.’’ Kola said.

‘’I’m sorry. Guess I had too much to drink last night.’’ He explained. ’’Who’s that guy your cousin left with?’’ Deji tilted his head towards the way Nike and Peter just went through.

‘’A friend of mom.’’ Kola said, looking at him curiously. ‘’Are you jealous?’’

‘’Jealous? Why should I be?’’

‘’Hmm. I believe you.’’ Kola continued to stare at him. ‘’But really, what do you think of my cousin?’’

‘’She is cool….. I think.’’

‘’C’mon bro, surely it cannot have escaped your notice that Nike is a rare and stunning beauty.’’ Kola prompted him, ‘’Admit it.’

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Reluctant to acknowledge that fact aloud, Deji merely nodded his head. Yes, Nike was incredibly beautiful. But he also knew that beauty was only skin deep, for she had taught him the hard way to beware of what lay beneath.

‘’But if you care to know, she’s still single.’’ Kola pronounce with a devilish wink.

‘’Are you kidding me? What do you want me to do with Nike?’’

A man wobbled behind them. Kola thought the man was drunk.

‘’De…….ji….’’ Kola drawled, ‘’…we both know you are not going to marry this girl. If you are, you should have proposed to her by now.’’

‘’Please don’t let my mother hear that, not even Nike herself’’ Deji asked his friend humbly.

‘’Noted. Kola agreed. ‘’You know, you and my cousin are in the same organisation’’ Kola stated.

‘’She works at Loyalty Bank?’’ Deji asked with a surprise grimace.
‘’Well, she’s still in the training school.’’

‘’Oh. Ok.’’