Banking Episode 16


An announcement was made in the hall that the evening’s game is about to start.

‘’Come with me to inform Nike that the pool’s game is about to begin.’’ Deji declined the offer and watched him leave. Pondering the new informed he had learned about Nike. She wasn’t with Alani after all.

As they stepped into the room housing the aquarium, Peter was in awe at the beauty of the surroundings. There were fish of all shapes, vividly coloured. Few of the guests were also in the room watching the puffins, the funny little seabirds with white bellies and black wings, as they drove down into the water.

Peter stared at the eel in the large fish tank which looked as though it was flying as it swam down to the bottom of the rocks and then back to the top again. There were two other fish tanks in the room, but peter concentrated on the larger one.

Nike motioned for them to sit on the bench. They both watched two otters holding each other’s pars/paw, and they were otters floating on their back, happily munching seaweed.

They both chuckled as they watched them shimmy and wiggle across the logs and then chase each other into the water.

‘’Oh ok. Which modelling agency are you involved with? Because without being told, I can tell you model.’’ He looked serious after the comment, but when Nike stole a glance at him with her charming smile, he couldn’t help but smile.

‘’I’m flattered.’’ She said and continued. ‘’ I got into Royal Bank’s training school last month. So…’’

‘’So I can say you’re a potential banker,’’ Peter cuts in. She barely shrugged.

‘’Nice. You know we’re still deciding on whether or not to move our company’s account from the current bank it is.’’ Peter stated.

‘’SLOT’s account?’’ she asked with her eyes brow raised

‘’Yes. I’m feeling uncomfortable with the way our account is been handled since the former account officer resigned.’’

‘’Mr Peter, I’ll advise you guys hold on with that decision.’’

‘’Why is that?’’

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‘’I’m almost done at the training school and rumour has it that most of us are going to be posted to the marketing unit.’’

‘’You’ve not been posted and you’re already marketing. That’s the spirit. I think you’ll do well in that unit.’’


‘’You should be rest assured I’ll do anything in my power to help you progress in your field.’’

‘’Wow! You are very kind Mister Brian. Thank you.’’ Nike felt almost dizzy with her luck.

‘’You are most welcome, but…. I shall ask a small favour from you in return.’’ He smiled at her, a smile that made her stomach flip-flop in a way she had not felt since she was sixteen.

‘’What could that be? She asked with a helpless grim.

‘‘Can I have your phone number?’’

‘’Yes of course.’’ They exchanged contact.
‘’I’m so pleased to have met you, Miss Akomolede.’’ He said, smiling as he viewed Nike’s display picture on Whatsapp. D–n! The dame was a rare beauty. She deserved to be a queen, he thought.

‘’The pleasure is mine’’

Deji came into the room to inform the duo about the game.

Perfect timing, bro. Perfect timing. Peter thought.