Baby And Me Episode 6


The next few days were critical for little Reign, they kept her under a close eye giving her everything she needed so she could be healthy and while she was in the hospital, I was busy learning and building up my fathering skills, I knew I had a lot to learn and I also had to find a good place for us to live in when we got to LA, a two bedroomed flat would be enough, a room for her and a room for me right? She was too young to have a play room, only two weeks old

Chace called me a doting father and I suppose a part of him was scared that the baby would ruin things for us but I knew differently, having a child made me want to go even deeper into the business so I could make enough money to buy us a big house and set her up for a life time to ensure that she gets whatever she wanted.

On the day she was getting discharged from the hospital, Jay came to see us, I had just completed signing her release forms, because she was in the best hospital in New York, it really cost a lot but there is no price on my child’s life. I went into her room and picked her up from her bed

Me “you’re going home with daddy today my little princess, are you excited?” She looked up at me with those big eyes and I saw a little smile “aaahhh of course you are! You cant wait to have me all to yourself dont you?”

Jay “wow! I never thought I’d see this side of you! But then again, you’ve always been such a softie huh?” I looked up at him and laughed

Me “well I guess, I just needed Reign here to bring out that part of me”

Jay “look man, I’m sorry I wasnt supportive before. If you say she’s yours and you want to support her then who am I to stand in the way of a father and his kid”

Me “thanks man”

Jay “I know you had a tough time growing up and I also know that you dont want your child to grow up like that either”

Me “yeah….we should get going”

Jay “alright, is your new best friend coming to get you?” I chuckled

Me “very funny! And yes…because he has a car”

Jay “if I had one would you still love me the same?” I laughed

Me “whaaaa ”

Jay “okay! Lets wait for your bff then ”

Three Months later…….

My baby and I were living comfortably in LA, in a 3 bedroom apartment right by the ocean and I was making money, good money and working well with Chace, being a con artist proved to be beneficial to me even though it wasnt something to be proud of but I slept knowing that I was providing well for my daughter and securing a bright future for her even if the world were to turn its back on her like it did with me, she wouldnt have to grow up and be like her father. I never heard from Leila again but I dont really blame her, in my line of work it was vital for me to change my number almost every week especially after doing a job where it would be possible to track me.

Chace “I have some new work for us” he said, while visiting me at my place

Me “yeah” I grabbed the beer from the table and took a sip

Chace “this is going to be a big job Jude…which means, you’re going to have to get that sexy nanny of yours again for Reign” I chuckled

Me “sexy nanny huh?” He laughed

Chace “why you’re not….why you’re refusing to see that she’s totally into you is beyond me”

Me “I dont….”

Chace “have time for girls” he finished my sentence for me “yeah yeah yeah….I get it

Me “whats the new job?”

Chace “Richard Blaze” I choked on my beer and coughed

Me “Richard Blaze? At Blaze Corporate?”

Chace “yes, he’s been dabbling in some light espionage that made him millions over night…he says he needs a good place to hide his money”

Me “really? So what are we going to do?”

Chace “we are going to help him do exactly that….find him a way to evade tax , hide his money and have it cleaned out”

Me “thats it?”

Chace “of course not! He says he will pay 5 million dollars each….thats what we’ll get for the initial payment but…..”

Me “we’re obviously going to take a little something for ourselves right?”

Chace “and thats why I love you! You’re so smart !”

Me “hahaha ”

The plans were set in motion, now in our line of work…you just couldnt let people know your real identity so we often changed up our look, our names and lied about who and what we did. Every identity we assumed fit the criteria of the job we were going to do. This time, we needed to look like corrupt tax lawyers who were out to make a quick buck because tax law is so boring and bears so little rewards. How Richard Blaze got tangled up with Chace is beyond me but I tended not to ask Chace how he found all these people, the less I knew the better. Being the brains behind the operation was enough for me.

I woke up early that day and spent the day with my daughter then later on, in the late afternoon I took a quick shower and chose to wear a black Givenchy suit, I went for a semi casual look since we were going to be meeting the man after hours for a couple of drinks that would go down easy with money talks. After I was done dressing, Jade (the nanny) arrived just in time. Chace was right, the girl was extremely hot but with everything going on in my life, I didnt want to entangle myself with women because I was never the player type and I was so focused with school and all the other things…I never had much of an interest in girls

Jade “wow Mr Howard, you look amazing” she flashed me a flirty smile

Me “thanks Jade”

Jade “are you going on a date?” I chuckled, she was very blunt and straightforward…I liked that about her

Me “no…I am going to meet someone for work though”

Jade “oh! Enjoy your meeting then”

Me “thank you” I picked Reign up and kissed her “you be a good girl for Jade okay?”

Jade “she is always so well behaved, go do your thing…Riri and I will stay here and have fun…right princess?” She tickled her and Riri giggled like crazy. I handed her over to Jade then left.

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I arrived at Mr Richard Blaze’s office and Chace was already there, engulfed in deep talks with the man like they were old business associates. That was one thing that put me in awe about him, his ability to insert himself into a person’s world and make them so comfortable with him that they would sign their lives over to him

Chace “oh! Nathaniel! You’re here!” I smiled curteously

Me “Mr Blaze….” I gave him a small bow

Chace “Richard! This is the brains behind this operation…Nathaniel Crawford” I shook his hand firmly, not forgetting to make eye contact

Me “I am very please to meet you Mr Blaze”

Richard “likewise Mr Crawford”

Chace “lets have a sit and talk” I smiled at him and he winked at me. Mr Blaze offered us the best of his scotch, though I am not a drinker and definitely not a fan of throat burning alcohol, I had to do what I had to do. We sat down as men and talked, at first about our common interests…well Mr Blaze’s common interests…like you know, the normal rich people hobbies, golf…amongst other things. Then finally we got to the interesting part, the money part

Richard “so I was thinking of the Carribean, that is the most popular place to hide money isnt it?” Chace looked at me and I nodded

Me “yes but…since everyone hides out their money in places like the Bahamas, Hawaii, Mauritius and every other other Carribean island…it has become the first place for auditors to look”

Richard “then what do you suggest Mr Crawford” I smiled

Me “I know a great place in the Mediterranean sea, a beautiful island with a really great view”

Richard “really?”

Me “yes! That is the last place anyone would ever look”

Richard “lets do it, when can it happen? The sooner the money is hidden away the sooner it can be cleaned up and I can use it”

Me “great, I will get started on everything you need tonight”

Richard “which is what exactly?”

Me “leave the details to me mr Blaze, you will have your money by the end of tomorrow”

Richard “really? That fast?!”

Me “I like to work tenaciously”

Richard “and thats how I like it too” we all shared a laugh, shook heads and it was the end of the meeting

After that, Chace and I went to a bar for some drinks

Chace “yeeaaahhh you work really well! I could already see the twinkles in that greedy b******’s eyes” I laughed

Me “did you see how he hung on to my every single word?”

Chace “he is really desperate to use that money” I shook my head and took a sip of my beer “you know…after this job, we will make enough money to last us a life time”

Me “yeah, he definitely downplayed it….millions huh? That guy is going to be a freakin billionare”

Chace “which will definitely put us in the league of millionares too” I laughed

Me “arent we already in that league?”

Chace “you spend so little, I forget sometimes”

Me “well I have a child to think of now, I cant be spending money like water”

Chace “I hate it when you’re being responsible” I laughed “to another successful job that will make us rich”

Me “cheers ”

Later that night, I worked hard on creating a bank account for Mr Blaze in an offshore account then transferred the money the following day then just as I promised him, by the end of the day his money was in. The next day after that, Chace and I got paid our $5m each, and as usual, I put mine away in the safety deposit account, it was so secret that not even Chace knew about it….

After waiting a week then stealing a hefty amount from Richard Blaze, we decided to take a little break and perhaps go on a holiday. Chace was right, we made so much money that I could buy myself a house right next to the Hollywood sign and still have enough to own a small country. So I took my daughter to Italy, Rome for a little vacation, just for us, well for me to unwind a little and have fun but the ****ed up thing I did…was forgetting to dispose of the phone I used to communicate with Richard Blaze

Because of that dumb mistake I made, a week after being in Rome…I got the frustrating and troubling call from Chace that I had been busted and that…Richard had sent his people over to bring me back…and to kill me if they had to……oh crap!

To be continued…