Baby And Me Episode 7


I am started panicking like crazy, what the **** was I going to do now! I quickly packed up mine and Reign’s stuff then disposed of the phone I was using. One careless mistake could land me 6 feet into the ground then what would happen to my baby after that? Or even worse, what if they came after her to get to me? I couldn’t fathom any thought of something happening to Reign so after packing up everything, I checked out of the hotel, hired a new car and we drove out of the city. I had hired the car under a fake name so there was no way they could trace me but I was honestly in a race against time, one way or another, they were going to find me.

We arrived at a really small town, outside Rome more like a village though. We checked into a small guesthouse, I put the baby down and called Chace

Chace “dude! Where the hell are you?”

Me “at some small town outside Rome, whats happening?”

Chace “Richard Blaze is out for blood, he has his men all over Italy”

Me “what am I going to do?! Where are you right now?”

Chace “in Beijing”

Me *shocked* “What? Since when?! You were in Spain!!”

Chace “as soon as I found out about Blaze….I jumped on the next plane to China”

Me “man are you kidding me! What am I supposed to do now?! Blaze will kill me!!”

Chace “do what we normally do…you have to leave…I know someone in Korea….”

Me “Korea? As in Asia?”

Chace “yes, he can help you change your name, get settled into the country where you can lay low”

Me “are you insane! How can I live in Korea? I’ll stick out like a sore thumb!”

Chace “you already have exotic Italian looks…you’ll fit right in”

Me “with a child?”

Chace “you have…you need to listen to me if you want to survive Jude….Korea, is your best bet right now” I let out a loud sigh

Me “but they will look for me”

Chace “not unless you give them a reason not to”

Me “like what?”

Chace “fake your own death”

Me “what?”

Chace “fake yours and Reign’s death…while you do that, I will take care of your papers to move to Korea”

Me “are you kidding me?!”

Chace “you need to keep a cool head right now, you need to think about baby Reign so you have to…you need to do this”

Me “Chace…..okay okay, I need to think”

Chace “you have two days to figure it out then, meanwhile….I will set up the paper work for you and baby Reign”

Me “thanks man, I’ll be in touch”

Chace “keep a cool head okay…”

Me “okay”

After Chace hung up, I sat down to think about my next move. I had only seen on tv how people fake their own death and no matter how I saw it, the best way to do so that was with a car. Since Riri and I had no relatives, us being declared dead would not rile anyone up because no one would look for our bodies is the runaway car we were in suddenly drove over a hill and fell into the water then sank into the deep cold ocean.

I could barely sleep a wink that night, my brain was working serious over time. I kept looking at my baby fast asleep and I knew that I had to do everything in my power to protect her. I couldnt let anything happen to me because who knows where she would end up, I mean the system is flawed and my child could end up in some ****ed up family that treats her like trash and probably a f****** rapist for a dad or uncle or older brother…all because her father was a f****** idiot and failed to protect her. I touched her cheek

Me “daddy wont let anything happen to you, you will grow old and happy with me right by your side. Right now there are some dangerous men looking for your daddy and they want him dead, to ensure that you’re safe, I have to make a very drastic decision and uproot our lives just one more time okay?” I kissed her cheek and threw myself on the couch where I ended up falling asleep

The following day I was woken up by a private number call, I answered

Me “hello?”

Chace “hey man! Look, my guy in Korea is working on your papers, you will have them ready by tomorrow evening”

Me “okay so how will I get them?”

Chace “I will give you the directions tomorrow when you’re at the airport okay?”

Me “okay”

Chace “so, have you figured it out?”

Me “what?”

Chace “how you’re gonna fake it”

Me “oh…uh a car accident, the car will be driven off into the ocean”

Chace “how?”

Me “I will be driving, then just before I reach the edge, I will jump out”

Chace “what? Isnt that dangerous? What about Riri?”

Me “I will find someone who will keep her for me and I’ll be fine”

Chace “its a good idea because since you have no relatives no one will look for you”

Me “exactly…though I am still skeptical about Korea”

Chace “its a beautiful country, you’ll love it there”

Me “exotic looks huh?”

Chace “hahaha you know I have always wondered about that”

Me “I know but we’ll see…I dont care where in the world I am as long as my child and I will be safe”

Chace “you will be, I’ll make sure of it”

Me “thanks man”

Chace “you’re like a little brother to me so that makes Riri my niece…once all this settles down, we’ll see each other again” I smiled

Me “what is this now….you’re getting all sentimental on me”

Chace “hahaha you know after saying that, I felt cringey too” I laughed

Me “lets talk tomorrow, I’m worried they could be trailing us”

Chace “how so? No one is a better hacker than you in the world” I laughed

Me “oh! How you boost my confidence!” He laughed

Chace “okay! Lets talk tomorrow then…be safe”

Me “I will…bye!” We hung up and I jumped up from the sofa. Riri was awake and playing around by herself

Her face lit up when she saw me, I picked her up

Me “why dont you ever cry when you wake up? That way I can know you’re awake and need me” she just smiled at me, I let out a deep chuckle and changed her diaper then fed her. I washed her up and took a shower as well then we walked around the small town to see what I could do to assist my plan of faking our deaths. I found a rental place and also managed to find a nice young woman who agreed to keep Riri for me in a secret hideout, at a hefty price of course but it was worth it. There was not much I could do except find the best spot for us to “die”, I drove around the whole day until I found a perfect place. At the top of a mountain, it was pretty steep so it would be hard to see that it had an edge and one could fall off the hill into the deep ocean.

After finding the spot, baby Riri and I drove back to the guesthouse where we checked out, packed up all our stuff and drove to the lady’s house that was going to help us. Living in a public place could make it easy for them to find us even though I had used our fake identities because no matter how many fake names one may use, the face will always remain the same…wouldnt it be great if con artists had cyber masks though

# JustAThought

The woman fed us and gave us a warm soft bed to sleep in, people will do whatever for money I tell you because the second I mentioned money to her, she was willing to do anything for me. Money really is the root of all evil .

The following day, I told her to keep the baby safe and I’d come for her later on. I loaded mine and Riri’s luggage into the car, I returned it to its rental place then went to the other rental place I had seen, thats where I rented the car in the name Richard Blaze knew. After renting the car, I drove around town aimlessly waiting for them to take the bait, Chace called me

Me “talk to me!”

Chace “you seem to be in a better mood”

Me “I’m about to die, I am a little angsty”

Chace “its going to be okay, so look….your paper work is done….at the airport you get there and ask for a Diego Ramirez, he is the one who will be helping you”

Me “can we trust him?”

Chace “yes, he and I have known each other long enough to have a mutually beneficial relationship”

Me “what? How do you even know all these people?”

Chace “I have been in the business for a long time kid”

Me “anyway thanks, what time should I be at the airport?”

Chace “the sooner the better”

Me “okay, I just need these mothers to start with the search for me already”

Chace “according to my guy, they are already on the way…they didnt rest either looking for you all over Rome”

Me “I’m sure” I breathed out a loud sigh “I’ll talk to you when I’m in Korea now because I wont have any communication…just make sure that Diego guy is on standby”

Chace “Roger that!” I hung up and carried on driving around until Richard’s goons found me.

I partook in my very first car chase ever! Those guys were relentless and I had to take my driving skills to the ultimate. In my head I kept thinking about my child, the fact that I wanted to see her angelic face again was all the motivation I needed to ensure that I came out of that car chase winning. I drove right into the hills like I had planned. There was a lot of dust so those behind me could barely see, I found myself approaching the edge of the hill and I knew that I had to jump out seconds before the car flew over the edge. I started counting down in my head then seconds before the moment of truth, I opened the door and jumped out, rolling to the bottom as the car flew over the edge and plummetted into the ocean. I laid there quietly, my body aching like hell. Their cars screeched to a halt, car doors opening and slamming then I heard them talking about what a dumb son of a b**** I was for not knowing about the road ending. I laid still and listened to them call their boss and tell him about my untimely death then laugh about it, car doors opened again and slammed then drove off.

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after a while I emerged from my hiding place and my getaway ride was already waiting for me, the husband of the lady with Riri. We drove back to his house where I held my baby girl tight in my arms. The lady insisted that she treat my wounds, though my body was aching I knew we had to make a move so I let her bandage me up after taking a shower. Her husband drove us to the airport where we met up with Diego, he spoke highly of Chace and said he’d do anything for him because of how he had helped him in the past. He gave me our new papers…my name changed from Jude Howard to Blair Taylor and Riri became Brec Taylor

Me “so whats our back story?”

Diego “it wont matter, as long as your papers are in check, they will let you right in…you can stay in Korea for the next 3 years then after that you will have to update your visa and papers if you want to carry on staying there”

Me “very much doubt I ‘d want to stay there longer than I should. I plan on coming back to the States when the time is right for me”

Diego “whatever you wish Mr Taylor” I chuckled

Me “right! Oh…what happens when I land in Korea?”

Diego “mr Ahn Jin Ho will be there to take care of you that side”

Me “Ahn Jin what?”

Diego “if you’re going to live in Korea for the next few years, you’re going to have to learn the weird names”

Me “uh…yeah” I took the papers and he went to book me in for a flight then in a matter of minutes, Mr Blair Taylor and his daughter Brec Taylor were safely tucked away in first class on a plane to South Korea……..

3 months later…….

Riri and I were super settled in Korea, living comfortably in a place called Seoul, Gangnam. We lived in a beautiful triple story house with an astonishing back yard with a large pool. When I first got to Korea, I was living with Jin Ho hyung (older brother) and his younger brother Sun Ho at their house, I made friends and I had something to keep me occupied so I wouldnt lose my mind. I wanted to take a break from the crime world so I worked as a white hacker in Jin Ho hyung’s company, breaking down firewalls and ensuring that they had tight security so hackers like me wouldnt be able to get in. I worked from home most of the time because of Brec…she was now 6 months old and a very bubbly child but occassionally I would get a nanny and leave the house for work purposes or just a night out with the boys. I had a pretty much normal life and that eventually gave me time for girls and Korean girls are just so smoking hot! Even though their names were a little hard on the tongue, most Korean traditions were hard to learn but I was getting there, I learned how to eat with chopsticks right?

So one day, on my way from work….it was a Friday so in order to avoid the traffic, I took a bus and even though it wasnt going to stop right in front of my house, it was going to stop near my house and I’d walk the rest of the way.

We arrived at my bus stop and I got off, there were so many people already…coming from work, going to work, friday buzz was everywhere. As I was walking, someone bumped into me, I turned to look at her and she apologized profusely in her language, she was so beautiful with her unusually big eyes that reminded me of my daughter in a way, her long shiny black her….I accepted her apology and her beautiful luscious pink plump lips formed into a sweet smile. She gave me a small bow then hurried away, I walked to the house, unable to get her out of my mind. I hadnt seen anyone so beautiful since I got here but knowing this place, I’d never see her again because there is so many of them and to be honest…unless I know you personally, it was hard to distinguish between them

I got home and released the nanny from her duties

Nanny “I prepare dinner mr Taylor” her English was not very good especially with that god awful accent

Me “aaahhh thank you mrs Park” she smiled and gave me a graceful bow. I went to my room and took off my jacket….that when I noticed my wallet was missing…..

To be continued…