Baby And Me Episode 5


So there I was, with a new born baby fast asleep in my apartment on my coffee table. I put the phone down and stood up, pacing around the room frantically, a baby? What the hell was I going to do with a baby? I sat down and looked at her, I immediately felt a connection, the warmth in my heart made me know that she was mine, her cute little face and small hands curled into small cute little balls, she was mine but in my head I knew I had to confirm it first by doing a DNA test but she was mine and the way Leila spoke hit a very sore spot inside me, my mother gave me away too, had she felt the way that Leila felt too?

She didn’t have anything else except for the clothes she was wearing and a bottle that was placed next to her, I wondered how I was expected to take care of a baby when I knew nothing about newborns and I didn’t even have the supplies to take care of a baby, like diapers, formula, clothes and not even a room that she could sleep in plus what did this mean for my job? Did it mean that I’d have to work from home?

Jason came over while I still seatted on my couch looking, nope staring at the baby who was still so sound asleep I feared she might be dead or something

Jay “what’s up man?” I moved from the door “what is that? Did someone send you a gift basket?” I sighed

Me ” something like that” he walked in and I closed the door

Jay “WHOA!!! What is this?”

Me “its a baby cant you see?”

Jay “yeah but whose baby is it? Whats it doing in your apartment?”

Me “its a baby! Not an it! Whats wrong with you?”

Jay “is that really what you want to argue about right now?”

Me “Leila, she left her here saying that she’s mine”

Jason “what?! Wow! Is that Leila crazy or what? Didnt she say she wasnt yours in the first place?”

Me “I dont know man, all I know is that Leila is gone to the UK with her boss and I’m stuck here with a baby”

Jay “what will you do?”

Me “I’m going to get some tests done and if she’s mine I’ll take her with me”

Jay “and if she isnt?”

Me “adoption agency, she’ll find a good family”

Jay “are you stupid or what? Your career is just starting off, you’re moving to LA….why dont you give her away either way”

Me “I cant never do that to my own flesh and blood, there is no way I am ever letting my child grow up the way I did”

Jay “oh come on! Not again with the sentiments!”

Me “I’m serious….I dont want my child to ever feel about me the way I feel about my parents right now! I want her to grow up with at least one parent in her life”

Jay “so what? You’re going to put everything on hold for her? What about LA”

Me “I’ll still move”

Jay “you cant take care of a child”

Me “I’ll learn”

Jay “you’re really sure about this huh?”

Me “yes”

Jay “okay then but you’re digging a grave man, kids ruin everything” I chuckled and looked at the baby

Me “how can something so adorable and little ruin anything except make the world better” he laughed

Jay “wow!”

I looked up some stuff on the internet on how to take care of babies, videos on how to feed them and change them, what I saw was indeed horrifying because those people are a lot of work but I had to learn everything, the last thing I wanted in my life was to abandon my own child even though my life was anything but stable but I was going to make it stable enough for my daughter, if she really was mine.

After looking up on the internet, Jay was already gone and since I dont have a car, I called Chace to come pick me up, I wanted to go and buy some baby stuff and I couldnt leave her in the apartment alone in case she woke up

Chace showed up an hour later, baby was still sleeping

Chace “hey man, whats the emergency” I signalled over to the table “what is that?”

Me “a baby, supposedly mine”

Chace “what?! Are you insane! How can you have a child!!”

Me “my girlfriend…my ex…remember I told you about her? Well she left her here with a note”

Chace “a note! So you’re going to trust some whore who cheated on you about this?”

Me “I dont..I’m going to have it checked out”

Chace “and if its yours?”

Me “I’m keeping her”

Chace “wow! You know for someone so smart you actually so dumb s***”

Me “how is wanting to take care of my kid dumb?”

Chace “Jude! How will you work with a baby! LA??”

Me “I’ll still move…look man, I know you dont understand any of this but I cant abandon her, if she’s mine then I want her to stay with me” he took in a deep breath

Chace “okay okay I understand where you’re coming from, being that you have abandonment issues”

Me “we both do”

Chace “fine! You can keep her”

Me “thanks, not that I needed your permission anyway”

Chace “as your boss, you definitely do” I laughed

Me “okay I called you here because I want to go and buy her some stuff you know….Leila brought her here with no food, clothes, diapers….no essentials…what if she wakes up and starts crying?”

Chace “fine lets go” I took the baby from her basket and she moved a little, I felt a warm tingle throughout my body and smiled at her “aaahhh **** me!” I looked at him

Me “what?!”

Chace “you’re already attached to her you SOB!” I laughed

Me “she is mine after all”

Chace “yeah yeah, lets go” I locked up and we went outside to his car, I sat in the back seat with the baby while Chace drove us to the mall in Manhattan

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We started by buying baby foods, with the help of an extra friendly shop assistant. After buying food for her, we went to the shops to buy clothes for her and diapers too

Chace “what about a bed?”

Me “a bed? As in a cot? I dont see the reason for that because well…I’ll be moving soon”

Chace “right! That makes sense” the lady assisting us showed us a smaller bed that she could sleep on and we could put on my bed. We finished everything and the little princess was still not waking up

Chace “how long has she been asleep?”

Me “uh maybe two hours now”

Chace “do they sleep that long?”

Me “how should I Know? But I am getting worried now”

Chace “what should we do?”

Me “I’m taking her to the hospital plus we can run the tests and have her fully examined, maybe something is wrong, she is two weeks old”

Chace “okay okay” we went back to the car and loaded the baby stuff into the boot then drove to the hospital.

At the hospital, they asked me for her name and because Leila didnt tell me anything about a name and there was no birth certificate, I just told the nurses her name is Reign Howard, they immediately took her in because they told me she wasnt breathing. Panic brewed up inside me as they wheeled her down the passage and told me to wait, I paced around the waiting area, my heart tightening in my chest with worry

Chace “sit down man, she’ll be fine!”

Me “you dont know that! We dont even know how long she wasnt breathing for! What if….”

Chace “you will kill yourself with what ifs lets just wait and hear what the doctor has to say”

Me “I’m not even doing those dumb tests, she’s mine…I know she’s mine!”

Chace “idiot! How do you know that? We have so much to do ahead in LA and the only reason I accepted this madness is because you were going to make sure she’s yours before we take her with us! Jude! You cant do this…if she’s not yours then you can…”

Me “she’s mine….I wont put her through the trauma, not after whats happening right now”

Chace “so you’re just going to raise a child thats not even yours…probably”

Me “she’s mine”

Chace “stop saying that! You cant know for sure…Leila could have lied to get rid of her”

Me “I said I wont do it! If you dont like then let me out of the work, I have enough to start my own business or I can go back to what I used to do before we met”

Chace “fine fine! No need to get hasty….you can take your daughter…anyway, how did you come up with a name so fast”

Me “I just said the first thing on my mind”

Chace “okay” I sat down but stood up again and paced around the room.

After a full hour of waiting, the doctor finally appeared to brief us

Me “is she going to be okay?”

Dr “Mr Howard, was your daughter….what I want to ask is…was she born at a hospital?”

Me “I-I I dont know…I wasnt there…my girlfriend she….we’re not…”

Dr “okay…well its seems like, after she was born, she didnt get any medical treatment”

Me “what do you mean?”

Dr “whether it was a home birth or whether she was born in a medical center, she didnt get the medical treatment, attention she needs….your daughter has a lung infection which causes her to have difficulty to breath”

Me “what” I felt breathless

Dr “it seems that she was born a bit prematurely and even though her health seemed okay, there were some difficulties” I felt weak, how could Leila have been so careless….where did she even give birth!

Me “so what now?”

Dr “I have put her on a very strong anti biotic right now, she is breathing again but with assistance of course”

Me “will she be okay?” He smiled

Dr “you brought her in just in time” I breathed out a sigh of relief

Me “can I see her?”

Dr “of course, this way….” we followed him to my baby’s room and there she was in a small bed, hooked up to a machine.

I walked up to her and she was awake, tears stung my eyes and I blinked them back, Chace put his hand on my shoulder…I bent down to kiss her, she was so adorable making all those baby sounds.

Me “I think she must be hungry”

Dr “dont worry, we’ll take care of her”

Me “thank you doctor, just do everything you can to help her” he nodded and left the room. I looked at her and it looked like she was smiling at me “hey baby girl, its your daddy….I’m sorry, I am so sorry that you’re here…I promise that when you get out of here daddy will take good care of you. I’ll make sure you never come to a place like this again okay?” She was holding my index finger tight “wow…what a strong girl huh!”

Chace “I’m happy shes okay man”

Me “no more than me”

Chace “that Leila chick is something else hey! I dont know her but I am doubting your taste in women” I laughed

Me “says the guy who dated an ex con” he laughed too

Chace “I dont know what its like to be a father but….I understand why you dont want to leave her or put her through the whole process of the tests, her little body wont be able to take it”

Me “yeah, thanks Chace”

To be continued…