Baby And Me Episode 4


3 months earlier…..

Work was going great, I had learned so much from Chace and he truly was like the big brother I had, he taught me so much and he gave me the confidence I never had, the confidence I lacked since I was 16 when my adoptive parents passed away. People always asked me, why dont you look for your biological parents then, to be honest…I’d be lying if I said at one point I didnt consider that but after a while I came to terms with the fact that they, my birth mother must have given me away for a reason and that reason was enough for her to stay away 23 years of my life so why would I go and find her perhaps complicating her life by being the unwanted son? So I gave up on that idea before I even pursued it….

Because we had been doing so many jobs in the past few months, Chace suggested that we take a little break because we didnt want to create a pattern.

We were chilling in his house one day, watching a game and drinking beer, we had become really close

Chace “ah…Jude?” I looked at him

Chace “let me ask you…how would you feel about relocating?” I raised my eyebrow

Me “where to?”

Chace “LA”

Me “why LA”

Chace “some new business opportunities has surfaced and I think the best place to be in, is LA right now”

Me “mm, well I have nothing here in New York so I’d be willing to go where the job takes me” he smiled

Chace “good! I like you kid” I smiled

Me “what made you get into this business anyway?”

Chace “life….just like you, I had a bright future ahead of me, I wanted to study to become an engineer. My sickly mother passed away before I could graduate from high school, I lost the scholarship I was supposed to get so I didnt get to go to college. I met a guy, he was older than me and he told me that he could help me make enough to become the engineer that I wanted to be. So I helped him scam people but he was scamming people that had nothing so I suggested we go for those that had money to hide and because it is dirty money, they wont be able to report it. We worked together for many years, I made enough money for college but instead I went to study neurology so I could know how the human brain works…and I never looked back”

Me “what happened to the older guy?”

Chace “he passed away…last year he was diagnosed with lung cancer…I guess that was his Karma for all his bad deeds”

Me “bad deeds” he smiled

Chace “yes, our line of work is not usually appreciated Jude, even though we console ourselves with the fact that we’re taking from bad people who do bad things to get that money, a con man is still a conman and I have conned a lot of people, so in the end I will be dealt my cards too, my karma will come to take its place” I didnt reply, I just pondered on what he said and perhaps he was right, no matter how I looked at it…it was still wrong….what we were doing was still wrong

2 weeks earlier……

The move to LA was happening and I had already told everyone I knew that I was moving for my job, everyone was happy for me. I didnt have much to pack except for my clothes, I was excited about moving to LA because that meant I could finally use all the money I made, get a house by the ocean and drive the cars….of my dreams and not live like a pauper anymore. Because I had no responsibilities and I had nothing to lose, I could easily move to LA without blinking twice.

Jay “man I am so bummed that you have to leave but I am also happy you found a job, I’ve been worried about you” we were in his apartment in Manhattan

Me “thanks man, I’m happy about this. I finally get the new start I always wanted”

Jay “yeah and happiest of all, you dont have to deal with Leila” I laughed

Me “I know you never liked her”

Jay “she wasnt the right girl for you”

Me “I finally saw that too”

Jay “I bump into her from time to time you know, she moved here a few months ago with her baby daddy”

Me “oh”

Jay “come on man…dont tell me you still have feelings for her”

Me “honestly, since Leila dumped me, I have been so busy, I havent had the time to even think about her. She is…a thing of the past”

Jay “good! you’re going to be running around with LA girls now”

Me “hahaha I dont have time for relationships”

Jay “who said anything about a relationship?” I laughed, ever since I started the business…I had to become a little player in the field and I loved it…for once it was me who played and wasnt played…I became a broken record of one night stands and if I had to see a girl for more than a night, it would last a month or two months tops!

Me “well….you’re right ”

Jay “as always”

Me “hahaha smug b******”

Jay “ya…go to LA and live in a nice house in Malibu or something, I’ll come to visit” I laughed “or Huddington beach”

Me “noted my friend”

Jay “cheers….to a new start for you”

Me “cheers”…..

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Present day….

I had come back from doing a job with Chace when I found the baby fast asleep in a basket on my doorstep. With the note in hand, I opened the door and took the baby, putting her on the table. I read the note again, I was confused and angry, how could Leila do this to me! First she cheated with her boss, got pregnant, dumped me and now she was leaving me with a child she had been so adamant isnt mine. Stable life? Ch! My life was anything but stable! I was now something I thought I would never be in my life, I was moving to LA in a few days so that meant there was nothing stable about my life! I was in a place where I couldnt let the people around me even know my real name, where I could never stay for too long in one place and change my identity a few times too and I was fine with that but what the **** was I supposed to do with a freaking baby!!

On the note she said not to contact her because she was leaving with her precious Connor but I presumed that she was still in the country because she would have had to drop the baby off by herself. I quickly called her but her phone was off, I quickly went to put my IT skills to work, tracking her boyfriend’s phone instead, they were already at the airport. I called him with an unknown untraceable number and Leila picked up

Leila “hello?”

Me “Leila”

Leila “Jude! How did you….?aaahh of course, who am I talking to”

Me “what the hell is going on Leila?! Why is there a baby on my front door? You said its not mine!”

Leila “thats what I thought too but we had a dna test done and its not Connor’s”

Me “so? You just assume its mine? You said it yourself? There were other men!!”

Leila “she’s yours Jude! You can have a dna test too”

Me “and what if she isnt mine either? What then? You just dumped her with me”

Leila “then you can get rid of her”

Me “what?”

Leila “look, Connor got a new post in the UK so we’re moving there and he doesnt want kids….so you if you dont want it, you can just get rid of it too! Drop it off at those orphanages or leave it at a hospital”

Me “it? Wow you are unbelievable Leila Stanford! This is a baby, not an it!!”

Leila “then keep her if you care so much! You are her father after all…dont call me again” then she hung up. I looked at her sleeping peacefully, how could Leila be so cold? Towards her own flesh and blood? Even if she didnt know who the father is but at least she is her mom right?……I had to take care of this situation before moving to LA…..and fast!

to be continued…