Baby And Me Episode 34


Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I had decided to take Yoo Ran’s advice and stop pushing people away because I was scared to get hurt, disappointed and all those other crappy feelings so I decided to let people in one by one, including my father himself even though he was the reason behind my ****ed upness. He had apologized and said all the things I wanted to hear from him all those years ago. Even though I was all grown up and stronger than before, I realised that I still needed my father, even at the age of 23 I still wanted and needed my father, he wanted to make up for all those times I was alone and he wasnt there for me. I was not ready and I’m not sure I would ever be ready to be with his family. Han Seo Hee and her son, were people that triggered my negativity so I wanted to keep them away from me as far as possible, my relationship with my father was more than enough.

I had decided to keep the baby and muster up the courage to tell Blair Taylor about it, I hadnt gotten around to that yet and I hadnt seen him in weeks too, I missed him terribly, just seeing his face

Father “are you full?” We were at the Japanese restaurant having some lunch because I had been craving their curry all day and there was nothing major happening at the hospital so I decided to go hang out with the chairman

Me “can I order some for when I get home? I have a feeling I’ll be wanting more later” he chuckled

Father “you really like their food dont you?”

Me “I love all kinds of food”

Father “you were always like that” I laughed

Me “really?”

Father “mm, since you were in your mother’s belly…she would never stop eating and she’s always blame you” I smiled faintly, thinking about my own child growing inside me, he/she was doing the same thing to me, making me eat twice as much as I usually did. I called the waiter ordered some food for both Yoo Ran and I then dad paid

Me “we should get going before they call me in”

Father “aahh the joys of being a doctor”

Me “I love it ”

Father “I am so proud of you”

Me “really?”

Father “yes, everything you have achieved is from your own abilities, no help from me”

Me “thats how I always wanted it to be”

Father “I’m proud of you” I smiled and took the order, feeling happy that my dad was proud of me

We made our way out of the restaurant but I stopped in my tracks when I saw Jude at one table with JinHo oppa, he looked at me too and I felt a pain in my chest, I missed him terribly and the baby inside me made me love him even more. I did everything in my power to stop myself from running over to him and just letting him hold me

Father “everything okay?”

Me “oh…yes father, everything is okay” I dragged my feet towards the door, blinking back the tears. My father drove me back to work, with a kiss on the cheek, I was out of the car and walking to my office.

Lucky for me, Lee Mi Ho was not in there, I slumped on the couch and cried a little, I was hurting over Jude and feeling stupid about my actions…I pushed him away for something so stupid and little, I rejected his love over nothing and now I may have lost him forever because of my stupidity! I grabbed my phone and called him on impulse

Operator “the number you have dialed does not exist” tears welled up in my eyes again as I cut the call and slowly removed the phone from my ear. While still being an emotional wreck in the office, I got a call from the intern In Ho, I was needed in the emergency room. I stood up and wiped my tears, straightened my posture and walked out to the word, like I was fine and not a complete wreck!

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♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

3 days later…..

I was now more convinced than anything that Seo Yoona did not love me, the way she looked at me at that Japanese place then carried on walking as if I wasnt there, as if my presence did not affect her showed me that I had been wasting my time. She was done, she was through and moving on! I had to do the same, for the sake of my daughter and my peace of mind.

It was on a weekend, my baby and I were just chilling in the house, she was safely tucked next to her daddy watching cartoons and laughing her head off. With her juice mug in hand and a beer in mine, we were having the ultimate lazy day. The cartoon were funny though and I was enjoying them too. The doorbell rang, I grabbed my computer to see who was at the door, I couldnt see the person properly so I got off the couch and went to answer at the door

Me “who is it?”

Person “Brooks Gheller”

Me “what? How the hell did you find me!!”

Brooks “please let me in and we’ll talk” curiousity got the better of me so I opened the gate. I waited by the door and in a few seconds there was a knock, I opened and there he was, a tall guy stood behind him

Brooks “may we come in?” I stepped aside and they walked in, what the **** was happening?! Did Chase meddle in my life again and tell him where I lived?

Me “so…shall we jump right into it then?”

Brooks “cant we even sit?”

Me “do whatever you like since you wont be staying long” he sat down and the guy stood next to him. I went to sit next to my daughter, her hands were up wanting me to take her so I put her on my lap

Brooks “I was told you have a daughter, this must be her”

Me “how did you find me?”

Brooks “your friend had told me but lately he didnt want to share any information about you with me. Something about bro code, not wanting to mess up your life and other things…I can understand that so I got help from people who can be paid to give out information but since I already had your address it wasnt that hard” I breathed out a sigh, at least Chase knew that he shouldnt meddle in my life anymore

Me “so? What do you want? 24 years later, you’re here in my house, all the way from the States…why do you want me so badly now?”

Brooks “you can imagine my shock when I bumped into an old friend of mine about 2 months ago, at a business trip in Europe, asked me how my child was doing, and whether Elaine gave birth to a girl or a boy” I looked at him feeling confused

Me “what on earth are you talking about?”

Brooks “your mother and I dated for a couple of months, I was sure she was the ‘one’ but she obviously had other ideas, I was broke and working odd jobs while studying when she left me for an older and much wealthier man….” this suddenly felt like deja vu, Leila had done the same thing to me “she left and never looked back, I worked my ass off, taking part time work, volunteering at local radio stations…I had nothing when I started Gheller productions, my abusive father and drunk of a mother couldnt have cared less about me or my younger siblings. It was up to me to make a change for all of us, to ensure that we got out of the slumps, I did it for them and finally after my hard work, blood sweat and tears, over years of trying and failing, falling over and having to get up again, taking a step forward then having to take ten back, I became the Brooks Gheller everyone knows now…producing thousands of films, tv shows, radio shows, movies and everything else” I listened to his story attentively, wanting to know where I fit into all of this…..

Brooks “at the age of 30 I got married, not for love but to grow my legacy, it wasnt much back then but things were happening and I knew that Gheller Productions would be big one day so I needed a heir to carry on with the family business. Two years after the marriage, my wife died while giving birth to our baby girl”

Me “so you have a daughter?” He nodded

Brooks “she is still a teenager though…but anyway I have lived my whole life knowing that I have just one child, unaware that the time your mother left me, she was already pregnant with you but she never told me and I only found out about you, two months ago from the friend. I was angry at your mother for keeping you from me, so I tracked her down…I hadnt spoken to the woman in years! I found her married with two kids but none of those kids were you. I asked her about my child and she told me that she had put herself in the adoption process so when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, she gave you away in a closed adoption”

Me “oh…..”

Brooks “Jude…I spent an entire month looking for you, putting my best people on the job, from the hospital you were born in…finding out that your adoptive parentd died, your records of my child, my son…bouncing around in the foster home system, you going to NYU….then finding you after NYU was the hardest…but what was even more hard was finding out you died with your daughter while on Holiday in Italy”

Me “you tried that hard to find me?”

Brooks “of course son, your mother took away something very precious from me, though she did not love me, she could have atleast let me raise you”

Me “how were you going to do that? You said it yourself, you were broke and struggling, desperate to build an empire, ****ed up parents and siblings to take care of, what were you going to do with me?”

Brooks “I would have found a way Jude, I never would have turned my back on you, your mother robbed me, she robbed us! You have no idea how happy I was when your friend approached me, hearing you were still alive made me weep with joy but you hurt me by pushing me away” I didnt know what to do or say, it felt good to know that my father never abandoned me, guess my daughter both had the bad luck of having ****ed up moms

Me “I hear you and I’m sorry I came off so cold”

Brooks “your friend told me everything and I understand…I just had to meet you my son” I smiled faintly and looked at Reign as she snuggled up closer to me….I guess it was a good day!

To be continued…