Baby And Me Episode 33


Jude Howard♡♡♡

Two weeks later…..

Still no word from Yoona, she didnt even come to visit Reign like she used to, JinHo hyung’s stupid plan wasnt working. I stopped making an effort with her thinking she would come back to me but it seemed like I had chased her away forever, that made me crazy! How could I have lost her just like! How could she just give up like that!! Heeeyyi! That Yoona seriously

My life was as normal as can be, it was probably more like the time when I first moved to Korea but the only difference now was that I had the girl of my dreams and she had left this empty space in my heart and life. I’m sure Reignie missed her too but since she couldnt speak yet, she couldnt ask about her and I couldnt just call her then make Reign do all the talking for us .

Anyway I still worked with JinHo hyung, making a fair amount of money which meant that I didnt even have to touch the money I had in the bank from the time I was a con-artist, that money was saved up for Reign, she was a trust fund baby, something I never was and always wanted to be but I had the peace of mind knowing that my baby would be taken care of as she grew up and have anything she wanted. I hung out with my friends like normal even with Yoo Hye Jung, who was really happy about the fact that Yoona and I just couldnt patch things up. I never gave her false hope though or gave her a reason to think we’d ever be together so…..

So, I was driving home one day with Reign at the back, when I received a call from the States, I decided to take it because I thought it was maybe Chase calling

Me “hello?”

Caller “am I speaking to Jude Howard?”

Me “who’s asking?”

Caller “I am Brooks Gheller” I was so shocked, I almost hit the car in front of me

Me “what?”

Caller “you already know about me dont you?”

Me “how did you get my number?”

Brooks “from someone named Chase Crawford”

Me “aaahhh seriously! That guy cant be trusted” I mumbled to myself

Brooks “pardon?”

Me “what do you want?”

Brooks “I was told you died”

Me “then who told you I wasnt?”

Brooks “Mr Crawford”

Me “then what do you want Mr Gheller?”

Brooks “to meet my son” I chuckled

Me “your son is dead, he died”

Brooks “then who am I talking to?”

Me “Blair Taylor”

Brooks “I know its you, I heard you’re living in Korea, can I come up for a visit? I promise I wont blow your cover”

Me “my cover?”

Brooks “I know everything” I turned a corner at the traffic light

Me “I dont think thats a good idea. Every time I have American visitors in my home, my life goes to s*** besides, I have lived 24 years of my life without you, why the sudden interest now?”

Brooks “let us talk about these things when we see each other”

Me “sorry, but I’m not interested” I pressed the end button and cut the call

I wasnt interested in Brooks Gheller at all, my whole life I lived not knowing my biological parents and I made it this far, the last thing I needed in my life right now was for it to get complicated and tangling myself in matters I didnt want to deal with

I arrived at the house and put my daughter down for her nap, we had gone out on a daddy daughter outing so she was wiped out. I went back to the lounge and called Chase

Chase “Jude Howard! My brother, whats up man?!”

Me “whats up is you always meddling in my life, its making me crazy! What the **** Chase! First it was Jason and Leila, now its Brooks Gheller!”

Chase “dude I am only trying to help you! Brooks Gheller is filthy rich man! I looked up his profile and he is a freakin billionare!”

Me “so?”

Chase “ya…the man is dying!”

Me “what?”

Chase “he has cancer and apparently its terminal, so he’s trying to get his affairs in order…Jude he is going to make you his beneficiary! You’re going to be a f****** chaebol yourself man!”

Me “so you did all this crap for money? Seriously Chase!!”

Chase “did you not hear me? Its billions of dollars Jude! BILLIONS!!”

Me “I dont care! Stop interferring my life you money greedy a****le!”

Chase “are you telling me that you’re not even the least bit interested in all this?”

Me “no, I am not! How many times must I tell you Chase! I am happy here please stop f****** things up for me! I am more than capable of doing things for myself! Stop making shortcuts and thinking that you know me and the things that are important to me! I dont care about Brooks Gheller or his money…I just want all you motherf****** people to leave me the hell alone so I can live my life the way I choose and raise my child in peace! CAN YOU DO THAT!!”

CHase “I understand, sorry man”

Me “good now please, mind your own life and carry on with your s***, leave me to deal with mine” I dropped the call and poured myself a stiff drink! Ai **** man! I just couldnt catch a break! It was time I changed my number!!

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♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

A whole two weeks had passed since I found out I was pregnant, I was already 8 weeks and still trying to wrap my head around it all. I didnt tell Jude because I had a lot to think about and he would just complicate things for me, I needed time to myself and I was thankful that he even stopped calling me so I made the decision to stay away, not even see Reign until I had made up my mind on what to do.

I was really pregnant because I had the morning sickness and my cravings had started kicking in. My pregnancy was a well kept secret between my best friend and I, I didnt want anyone else finding out.

Anyway, as usual after work I went straight home and made spicey noodle stew for supper, Yoo Ran came home just after I was done. I had dished up for myself in a large bowl because now that I was pregnant, my appetite was larger than before and I am a girl that can eat! I finished the entire bowl in just a matter of minutes then settled down with a tub of ice cream

Yoo Ran “whaaa…so this is like the reality of pregnant women uh?! Ya…if you are eating this much at just 8 weeks, what will happen when you’re like 20 to 38 weeks?”

Me “who says it will even go that far?”

Yoo Ran “what is that supposed to mean? Are you saying you might not keep it?” I kept quiet, she hit me on the arm “you cant do that!”

Me “why not? Im not sure I want it! You know what kind of a shame it is to have a baby outside marriage! What will my father say?” She laughed

Yoo Ran “whoooohohoho! You are really something else you know that? Two weeks ago, you didnt care about your father’s opinion and now you ask that?!” I rolled my eyes “just tell Mr Blair about the baby and I’m sure he will marry you! The guy loves you Seo Yoona! When are you going to keep living like this!”

Me “what do you mean?”

Yoo Ran “the minute someone tries to love you, you push them away! You did the same thing with Lee Hyo Shin sunbae”

Me “he left for the army!”

Yoo Ran “you broke his heart! You’re doing it now with the American! Come on now! This is beyond pathetic”

Me “ya Kang Yoo Ran!”

Yoo Ran “I’m serious…you need to wake the **** up and just give yourself and others a chance or you will wake up one day, alone with 37 cats…is that what you want? To become a cat lady?” I slowly shook my head “of course you dont!! So tell Blair Taylor about the baby! Stop hiding!!” She stood up and disappeared in the passage.

Though she was right and I knew it my stubborn pride filled head that she was right….I just wasnt sure…I wasnt sure about anything. I was scared of loving then getting hurt…a baby and marriage all in one go, that was a bit much and I wasnt sure I could handle it all

♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

I had successfuly changed my numbers and gave it to all the relevant people in my life. Chase was still in the dog house with me so I didnt give him my new number because he had this annoying tendency of interferring with my life and making things hard for me.

My work was going great, I am an IT genius after all, developing software was my specialty and also hacking into Yoona’s social accounts because I wanted to see what she had been up to but to my disappointment and pleasure, she hadnt been doing much, in fact it seemed like she didnt care about those accounts at all, she wasnt a big social media fan to begin with anyway

JinHo “anyone for lunch?”

Me “I wouldnt say no to food”

Joon “aaahhh because I cant go out in the middle of this delicate download, bring me something on your way back”

Me “like what?”

Joon “fried rice…ya and some chicken, I havent had that in ages”

Me “okay”

JinHo “Okay!! Japanese curry?” I smiled

Me “you read my mind” I grabbed my phone and wallet then we drove over to the Japanese place.

I was shocked to death when we walked in and I saw Yoona with her father, Chairman Seo. They were talking and laughing

JinHo “ya…didnt you say Yoona was estranged from her father?” I nodded, unable to peel my eyes away from them, it was so unreal to see them together, talking cosily and laughing like that. Maybe they had made peace, Yoona had forgiven her father and they were moving on. I felt a pang in my lower abdomen, I hadnt seen her in weeks and I missed her, it hurt that I wasnt in her life, that I wasnt there when she patched things up with her dad, that I knew nothing concerning her. I missed her so much and it hurt like hell

A lump was in my throat and I kept swallowing until I felt my mouth go dry

JinHo “lets sit down” he pushed me towards a table, Yoona was so engrossed in her father’s company that she was barely aware of her surroundings. I pulled out a chair and sat down

JinHo “stop staring will ya? The girl will choke on her food” she was eating hungrily like a baby dinosaur just like she used to, I missed that too…seeing how adorable she looked as she devoured her food, her dad kept laughing and so did Yoona…damn I was dying inside

Me “she has really moved on hasnt she?”

JinHo “yeah…looks like she has. Look at her smiling and eating like she doesnt have a care in the world”

Me “maybe she really never did love me, how can she be like that yet I’m still like this?”

JinHo “look man, you cant force these things okay? Life just never works out the way we want it to, sometimes we want things we cant get and love people who dont love us back, its the cruel cycle of life and you have to live with it”

Me “how can I even begin to do that? I love her!”

JinHo “why dont you ask Yoo Hye Jung for tips? I mean she has to leave with loving you and knowing that you dont love her back too” I looked at him “just like that…you cant help the way you feel right? You love her, she doesnt love you….it cant be helped” my heart dropped down to my feet, he was right…I couldnt make Seo Yoona love me just I couldnt even make myself like Yoo Hye Jung and she was constantly hurting because of that

To be continued…