Baby And Me Episode 32


Seo Yoona♡♡♡

It was freakin 5 in the morning and I was still groggy with sleep so I just took the test back to my room, put it on my bedside table and carried on with my sleep, me being pregnant just felt so surreal I didnt want to deal with it.

Later, I was woken up by Kang Yoo Ran vigorously shaking me

Me “what what whaaat?”

Yoo Ran “ya…is this real? Are you really pregnant?” I sat up and rubbed my eyes “when did you take this?” She waved the test in my face

Me “this morning”

Yoo Ran “whaaa! You’re really pregnant! My instincts were right!” I kicked off the blankets and got out of bed

Me “instincts my ass! Those things arent 100% accurate” I slipped on my slippers and dragged my feet to the door

Yoo Ran “ya, what pregnancy test ever is 100%? Dont be in denial, you’re pregnant!” She said, following me to the bathroom

Me “Kang Yoo Ran, does it even make sense to you that I’m pregnant? Ya…this thing could be wrong okay?” I sat down and peed

Yoo Ran “whoooohooo” she laughed “so what are you going to do then?”

Me “I’m feeling a lot better so I’m going to work today, I’ll get some blood work done”

Yoo Ran “and when it comes back positive?”

Me “it wont because I am not pregnant…that test must be expired or something. Pregnancy tests give false positives all the time” I stood up and pulled up my pyjama pants then dragged my feet to the kitchen

Yoo Ran “aaahhh no they dont, they give false negatives…you know that” she followed me to the kitchen

Me “ya…do we have any of those ribs left over from last night?”

Yoo Ran “Seo Yoona…you cant run from this, you are pregnant! Ha! Your father is going to kill you!”

Me “my father has no say in my life, even if I were to have 10 babies by someone who lives on the street, he is a non factor”

Yoo Ran “aha! So you’re admitting that you are pregnant?”

Me “dont put words in my mouth”

Yoo Ran “alright fine, go do your blood tests but you’re pregnant and they will come back positive even when you do an ultrasound, you will see that you have a little Blair Taylor growing inside you” she gave me an evil smile then opened the fridge, taking out the left over ribs and placing them in front of me “here are your ribs”

Me “thanks!” I gave her a sarcastic smile that she returned with her own

I was freaked out I wont lie, being pregnant scared the s*** out of me, I loved Reign with everything in me but I sure as hell wasnt ready to have my own child that I would be responsible for, what kind of mother would I even be? I was too ****ed up to even bring anyone into this world! What about Jude? What did this baby mean for us? Maybe he’d want us to get married, he definitely was the type to want to do something crazy like that. A mother of two and a wife? That had me hyperventilating like crazy so I put my entire hope and life onto the 1% not included in the 99% accuracy of the test. I couldnt be pregnant! I just couldnt!!

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♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

A month had passed and Seo Yoona still hadnt forgiven me for the Leila incident, we got along great but for the sake of Reign, my daughter was 9 months and growing up to be a beautiful little girl. Yoona was still present in her life and my daughter loved her so much, I loved her too but it seemed like she had already moved on from me, which made me wonder if she ever even loved me, how can one change so quickly? One stupid mistake and everything was over in an instant, she just couldnt bring herself to forgive me and give me another chance? Ai seriously…she was just being impossible

Though I missed her and still loved her and still wanted her back, I was tired of apologizing and begging and chasing after her, I mean if she really didnt want me then there was nothing I could do about it, you can never make someone love you right?

I never spoke to Jason again after they left my house and I had no interest at all in pursuing the whole father thing, my life in the States was over. Mrs Park arrived early in the morning for Reign and I was already dressed for work. I kissed my daughter goodbye and made my way to the office. Yoo Hye Jung was there too, I dont know why though

Me “morning”

JinHo “morning, you look like you’re in a better mood?”

Me “well I am feeling less gloomy”

Joon “I’d say its more than that. You and Seo Yoona noona patch things up?”

Me “no, she still wont talk to me so I have decided to stop trying”

JinHo “good job! You’re finally taking my advice! Once she sees that you’re no longer chasing, she’ll come running on her own”

Me “you think that will work?”

JinHo “of course! Ya…women are suckers for those kind of things…they love the attention then when you stop giving it to them, they practically hand themselves over on a silver platter”

Joon “so you just pretend you dont care anymore, she’ll be so bothered, you’ll see her coming to your house unanounced with a lame excuse”

Hye Jung “I think he should just leave her altogether, clearly she doesnt care about you”

Me “dont start Hye Jung”

JinHo “hahaha I think Yoo Hye Jung is just clearing a path for herself” they laughed but Hye Jung’s cheeks turned pink immediately. Though she never told me that she liked me, even a fool could see she had feelings for me but she was just a friend and that was it

Me “ya, dont you two have work to do?”

Hye Jung “uh, I should get going too, I’ll call you later JinHo oppa”

JinHo “oh yes” she took her bag and waved at us then left

Joon “maybe you should take Hye Jung noona’s advice and just leave Seo Yoona once and for all, I mean Yoo Hye Jung really likes you”

JinHo “ya, you idiot….cant you see that this guy is whipped by Seo Yoona? He doesnt see anyone else but her”

Joon “he can learn to love Hye Jung noona, she wont give you half the grief you’re experiencing right now”

Me “Ai shut up…both of you” I slumped on my chair and opened my computer, Yoona was giving me a lot of grief but I still wanted her, I loved her and she was worth all the trouble but it seemed like the more I chased after her the farther she ran so I decided to stop for a little while in hopes that she would stop running and come back to me

♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

The blood test results were back and they came back with a positive, I put my hand on my stomach, Oh My God!! I was pregnant! I sat down on the gurny, trying to calm myself down because I was starting to panic! How could this happen! I slept with Jude Howard once! His friends came and ruined everything, now I wasnt even sure I wanted a relationship…

what did this baby mean for me? For us?! I honestly did not want to be pregnant, I didnt want kids…at the age of 23…thats still young right? I had only started working a month ago! I still had so much to do, so many things to achieve…starting a family? Oh hell no!!

I went to the changing rooms and put the documents in my locker then went back to my consulting room. I wanted to gather my emotions first before seeing a patient so I told the nurse to give me a minute. I kept putting my hands on my stomach, unable to come to terms with the fact that I was pregnant! Aahhh **** me! How could I have let this happen? I am a doctor for ****s sake!! But then the thing with Jude happened so fast and unexpectedly so I…..anyway I took a deep breath and asked the nurse to bring in my next patient

I felt drained the minute I saw my father walk through that door, my energy, strength, will and fight just dropped to a zero. I could have taken on my dad at any time and any day but that day I was dealing with something bigger than me and I just didnt have energy to deal with my father

Me “what are you doing here?”

Father “I’m sick, why else would I come here?”

Me “then you should have gone to your friend’s hospital”

Father “maybe I just want to be treated by my daughter” I give him a blank look “for how long will you keep treating me this way Yoona?”

Me “if you dont like it then stop appearing in front of me”

Father “how can I not? You’re my only child”

Me “really?”

Father “Yoona…I know that I failed you, I failed at being your father and I hurt you…I am sorry” I was startled by that, it was the first time hearing my father apologize for anything “it was your step mother, I let her get into my head”

Me “so?”

Father “I have regretted the decisions I made for a really long time, since you left home, I have crucified myself over and over again at the fact that I failed to protect my daughter, your mother must have turned and twisted in her grave”

Me “dont bring my mother into this”

Father “I let you both down, I am sorry”

Me “its fine father, as you can see, your failure to be a father to me didnt kill me even though I wanted to die sometimes because the pain would be so unbearable but instead I came out of it stronger than ever so its fine”

Father “so you forgive me? Will you come home?” I took in a deep breath

Me “I have never heard you apologize for anything in my life so I appreciate your apology and I will think about it but….that house will never be my home again and I will not return to it”

Father “I can understand that, I was a fool Yoona and I was wrong, I have missed you so much and it has pained me a lot over these years to know that you hate me, I cant live like that anymore. I cant go back and undo my mistakes but in my next life, I want to only live as my daughter’s father and to protect you in every aspect so that no harm may come to you ever again. I love you my daughter” I felt tears well up in my eyes, my father stood up and so did I

Me “Apa….” he looked at me “I can get past this, I can get past the pain”

Father “I want you to get better, I dont want to see you carrying all this anger and pain anymore”

Me “I have spent so much time hating you and now, its just too tiring, I dont want to do that anymore” he smiled and nodded

Father “I have to get going now”

Me “father….” he looked at me “lets meet and talk another time, when I’m not working” his face brightened up

Father “I would like that” I smiled faintly then gave him a respectful bow then he left afterwards.

I gave myself a minute to gather my emotions once again then told the nurse to bring in my next patient

To be continued…