Baby And Me Episode 31


Jude Howard♡♡♡

Jason and Leila finally left my house, Jay and I were obviously not on good terms but I didnt need his negativity in my life, I had much more important things in my life to focus on. The whole father thing, I didnt even register into my head, if Brooks Gheller really was my father then why did he wait so long to find me? I had no interest in him whatsoever!

After they left my house, along with Chase, I drove to Mrs Park’s house to fetch my daughter. She was so happy to see me, she crawled to me immediately and I scooped her up in my arms covered her in kisses

Me “oh my beautiful angel! I missed you so much baby!!” She giggled so much and hid her cute self in my hair “daddy missed you so much! We will never be apart for so long ever again!!!” Mrs Park gave me her bag that her stuff in it “thank you Mrs Park”

Park “its always a pleasure Mr Blair” I said my goodbyes to her and her family then we left.

In the car, Reign was going crazy with the baby talk and I couldnt help but laugh. I had been having such a crappy time lately but having her around put me in a good mood instantly

Me “so baby girl, shall we go see mommy? I’m sure she’d love to see you too” I took a detour to the hospital but when we arrived, I was told that Yoona had already left and because I had no idea where she lived, I called her a couple of time until finally she picked up

Some Guy *In Korean* “Hello?”

Me “who is this?”

This Guy “aahh this is Choi Young Do” I remembered the name from earlier on, Yoona told me he is her sunbae but what the **** was he doing with her phone?!

Me “Yoona, where is she?”

Young Do “she is with me and she is safe”

Me “you’re not answering my question man! Where is my girlfriend?! Where the **** are you with my GIRLFRIEND!!”

Young Do “calm down sir”

Me “dont tell me to calm down, tell me where you are right now or the next time I see you I’ll break both your kneecaps!”

Young Do “Myeong Deong”

Me “what? What is Yoona doing all the way there?!”

Young Do “its my house”

Me “what?”

Young Do “there was some kind of incident at the gym so I had to bring her here” the anger started to fade and be replaced with mind numbing worry, Yoona was hurt?

Me “what kind of incident? Just tell me where you are and I’m coming right now, she is not hurt is she?” He gave me his home address after assuring me that she wasnt hurt

I drove like a crazy man all the way to this guy’s house and it took me a whole 20 minutes to get there. I parked at the gate and went to ring the bell, carrying Reign with me. The gate opened and we walked in. He met us at the door

Me “hey man, I’m Blair…where is Yoona?”

Young Do “its nice to meet you” I was already inside

Me “so, where is she?”

Young Do “in the bedroom”

Me “and that is?”

Yoona “what are you doing here Blair Taylor?” We both turned, she was standing in the passage way, leaning against the wall, she looked pale

Me “Yoona” I almost ran to her, Reign was beyond herself with excitement

Yoona “my baby!!” She took Reign from me and covered her in kisses too “ooohh I missed you so much!!” She squeezed her tightly and for the first time since our fight, I saw her smiling

Me “she missed you too” she looked at me with a totally different expression and I knew I was still in the dog house

Yoona “sunbae?”

Young Do “yea?”

Yoona “you can give him my stuff, I’ll be going now, thank you”

Sunbae “yea” she walked out with baby Reign and the guy gave me her bag

Me “thank you” then I followed Yoona to the car

She played with Riri the whole car ride into Gangnam without paying any attention to me at all, that hurt me very much because I just wanted us to be okay again

Me “I miss you” I said looking at her through the rearview mirror

Yoona “what do you want from me Jude”

Me “I want you to come home”

Yoona “you know I cant”

Me “they’re gone, all of them…I told them to leave” Reign pulled her ear, wanting all her attention, she didnt respond and just tickled Reign, kissing and playing, none of them paying any attention to me. We arrived in Gangnam still not talking and I was driving straight to the house

Yoona “you can drop me off at that bus stop”

Me “what? You’re not coming home with us?”

Yoona “no” wow! How could she be so cold hearted?

Me “what about Reignie, she will miss you”

Yoona ” we have to learn to live apart from each other now, what better time to start than right now…”

Me “Yoona…I told you, they left…I kicked them out”

Yoona “stop the car Jude Howard, I am really tired and I live quite far from here”

Me “where do you live then? I’ll drive you there”

Yoona “you dont have to concern yourself with that”

Me “how can I not be concerned?! Everything about you concerns me! I love you!”

Yoona “stop” we were already at the bus stop so I stopped the car, she took her bag and kissed Reign

Yoona “bye baby, I love you very much”

Me “what about me?” She just looked at me with cold eyes then got out of the car….jeez! She really was so dark hearted!

Reign cried after her but when we got home, she had already forgotten all about it and was laughing again. I fed her then we watched some tv, she fell asleep and I went to put her down. I spoke with Chase over the phone a little, saying that they got a flight for tomorrow and he would be leaving with them, I was cool with that. The further Jason and Leila were from me, the better chances I had at getting my life back and my woman back!

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♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

A whole month had passed since Jude Howard and I started dating, a whole month had passed since his friends came into our lives and wrecked everything, since he “almost” slept with Leila and kicked them out.

Though things were not quite back to normal between us, we were on speaking terms because I still wanted to be in little Reignie’s life, I still loved her like she was my own so we were basically co-parenting. I was still so scared of letting him in again, I know it sounds crazy…Seo Yoona afraid of something…the truth is, Jude Howard was the only man I ever loved and let love me but he hurt and disappointed me, I wasnt even angry about that anymore, he just gave me more reason to shut people out, raise up my walls even higher and never let anyone in.

I was off work because I was feeling sick, you know the kind of cold that never goes away, I was throwing up like crazy, 48 hours of being in bed, my temperature fluctuating, being unable to eat properly and feeling nauseas half the time. So, on the 3rd day, Yoo Ran came back from work with takeaways from this great short grilled rib place we loved, the second she opened the food up, I felt something rise up in my stomach, I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to throw my guts out. I rinsed my mouth and went back to the lounge

Yoo Ran “still throwing up huh?”

Me “I was fine until you brought that home”

Yoo Ran “what the heck? You love them”

Me “I do but why are they making me feel like this”

Yoo Ran “I got you something” she reached into her bag and pulled out a pregnancy test. I laughed as she gave it to me

Me “what am I supposed to do with this?”

Yoo Ran “eat it! Ya, what are you supposed to do with a pregnancy test!”

Me “you think I’m pregnant”

Yoo Ran “mm, you said it yourself, you didnt use protection with Blair and its obvious the guy has killer sperm…since he already has a kid” I laughed

Me “ya Kang Yoo Ran, are you crazy? Have you been prescribing drugs for yourself? What about me, says I’m pregnant?”

Yoo Ran “mm lets see…you’ve been sick for 3 days, throwing up for 3 days, you barely eat, you’re tired and you have weird cravings…most importantly, the smell of your favorite food made you throw up” she was right, all the symptoms pointed to being pregnant or perhaps having some kind of stomach infection, but could I be pregnant with Jude Howard’s baby? Did I even want to be pregnant? I wasnt sure I even wanted to be with him

Yoo Ran “just take the test uh? See what happens, what have you got to lose?” I took the test from her and slowly walked to the bathroom, I sat on the toilet but no pee came out and thats when I realised I didnt want to pee

Yoo Ran “ya…why is it so quiet in there!”

Me “I dont have to pee yet” I got up and walked out of the bathroom

Yoo Ran “are you sure thats it? Or are you just scared”

Me “a bit of both, I’m eating”

Yoo Ran “I thought you cant eat these”

Me “now where did you get that crazy idea into your head?” She chuckled, I sat down and we ate the ribs, my heart was racing the whole time. The pregnancy thing scared the s*** out of me!

Later on, Yoo Ran and I went to bed. I slept like a baby because of the meds I took but woke up around 5am. I was about to go to the bathroom but remembered the test, I grabbed it then made my way to the bathroom. I stared at it for a long time but eventually decided to pee on the damn stick! I placed it on the sink and waited a couple of seconds. After a while, I picked it up and the word “pregnant” stared back at me…….

To be continued…