All In A Circle Episode 25


He has been running for twenty minutes and his pursuers don’t look like giving up yet. They kept multiplying as he covered more distances. This time, he had left the forest and was now runnig on an untarred road. A road which seemed to have been abandoned. Even though it had beach sand, there was no footpath of traces of a vehicle passing through the road. Where the road leads to, he didn’t know. It not as if he was taking note of his surroundings, he was deep in the spirit of running and he was just imagining things.

Just when he was about giving up, he saw a group of uniformed men at different angles ahead. He knew they are his God sent messiah. He ran into their midst and his pursuers left it rather too late as they followed him, just when they wanted to escape, the uniformed men started firing Sylvester’s pursuers while Sylvester kept on shouting.

“I am a policeman, they are terrorists.” There was an open gun fire between the two sides and one of the uniformed men took Sylvester away from the scene. The gun battle continued for minutes as more gun men kept emerging from where Sylvester had come and the uniformed men in their little number did justice to them like they had been waiting for them all day.

Five minutes later, the gun battle had died down and the uniformed men were checking the casualties of the battle. One uniformed man was killed while about eleven terrorists were killed.

“Get me that man who called himself a policeman.” The leader of the uniformed men said. Sylvester was fetched from his hiding place. And looking at the badges on one of the men’s uniform. He saw boldly written ‘NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE.’

“Thank Jah, I am in safe hands.” He thought as he was brought before the leader of the patrol team. The two men conversed for a few minutes, and Sylvester explained how everything went down.

“Are you sure, the rest of your team are dead?” The custom leader asked.

“I am not so sure. But during the course of my running, I discovered that either one by one or at the same time, they had disappeared. Then I came to the conclusion that they had been killed.” Sylvester replied.

“Alright. But the problem now is that, you’ll be here with us till the next patrol arrives, then you can be transported back into town.” The patrol leader said.

“No problem.” Sylvester replied. Sylvester spent two hours with the custom officials, during which he saw the beauty of the job. How they seized goods being transported into Nigeria illegally. Even though, they(the custom officers) have been regarded as one of the most corrupt agencies in Nigeria after the police force and the phcn. He knew the allegation were all lies in a bid to let the government scrap off the custom service.

So many goods were siezed, contrabands such as indian hemp and other materials that are harzadous to health. Even legal product were siezed, simply because they were being imported illegally. The action that stole the show was when a convoy of cars, numbering up to fifteen drove into the country. The speed at which the cars moved could make a hypertensive patient suffer in shock.

A custome vehicle was hot on their chase and immediately the vehicles drive into Nigeria, the occupants of the car began to shoot sporadically at the custom officials manning the boarder into Nigeria from Cotonou, Republic of Benin. The only thing that amazed Sylvester was that despite the sporadic shooting, none of the custom officers was hit.

Immediately the shooting stopped, the custom officers filed into their vehicle and leaving two men behind, they drove in the direction which the smugglers went. Therefore, making it, two custom teams agains fifteen cars. Sylvester stood behind with the two officers and he was praying within him that no other smuggling team should come passing by or else, they’ll be killed with ease.

Chief Obi Patrick dropped the call and thought for a few seconds. Then he picked his second phone and dialled a number.

“Hey, Kelvin, where are you?” Chief Obi asked his son. He kept quiet listening to his son. “Fine, I want you to drive down to LUTH.” He informed his son. “Don’t ask me why son. Your brother is on admission there and its very critical.” Chief Patrick said and hung up. He made to stand up then realised that Onome was still standing before him. “Yes? Who called you? Get out of my sight before I pounce on you.” He yelled at the woman who at once hurriedly walked out of the living room. Chief Obi clenched his fist in anger.

“Onome.” He bellowed.

“Sir.” She answered as she ran into the living room.

“I guess you heard my conversation a few seconds ago. My son, Clement was shot. You have to do me a favour. Will you?” Chief Patrick asked.

“I will sir.”

“Make sure you stay with his wife. Engage her in conversations. Make her laugh and should in case she ask after me. Tell her I went to the state house. Will you do it for me?”

“I will sir.” Onome replied.

“Good.” Chief Patrick picked his two phones and made for the door.

“One of you should get the car keys, am going out.” He said to one of his bodyguards immediately he stepped outside. Onome walked out of the living room into the kitchen and kept away the just prepared food. Then she began to wash the dishes.

Five minutes into the chore, Rachel is not yet back, she decided to go and check on her in Chief Patrick’s study. She walked upstairs and took the left turn into the hallway before she pushed the door at the far end of the hallway open. She saw Rachel seated and going through some books.

“Here you are.” Onome said as she peeped into the room.

“Have you been looking for me?” Rachel asked.

“No, am just surprised that you are not yet back.” Onome replied.

“Don’t mind me. I saw something which caught my attention here.” Rachel replied flashing a textbook to her. Rachel replied flashing a textbook to her.

“Politics and governance by Winston Churchill.” Onome read the title aloud.

“I can see you so much loved politics. You can make a career out of it.” Onome advised.

“Come in.” Rachel urged.

“Don’t worry. I am not allowed to spend two minutes in here. I have to go now, moreso, I am busy in the kitchen.” Onome protested.

“I asked you to come in. Don’t worry I’ll assist you when we are through here.” Onome gave up on the protest as she shut the door behind her and sat down on one of the couches in the big library.

“What will you like to have?” Rachel asked pointing to the small bar that stood on the west in the library.

“Am not allowed to drink wines in this house. Only fruit juice.” Onome replied.

“What is your favourite drink?” She asked.

“I love blue cocktail. I drank the leftover once and I won’t mind drinking it again.” Onome said shyly.

Rachel stood up and walked to the shelve where the drinks were arranged in order of importance and cost. She picked a bottle of blue cocktail and two glass cups. She filled the two glasses and handed one to Onome while she took the second one.

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Kelvin was oblivious of his environment as he sped along the busy road while helping himself with a bottle of coke and his car stereo blaring. Just when he started moving his head to the rythm of the song, the realisation hit him.

“But why will this old man want to kill me? He wants me to drive down to LUTH when several people are after my life.” He thought. He was angry as he angrily hit the music player and switched it off bringing total silence within his car. Even though the coke was not working, he knew he needed something to cool his nerves, maybe he’ll buy a hot drink in the supermarket ahead.

Driving down to LUTH was not his problem, but driving out of LUTH alive was the problem. He knew he was being watched and they lay ambush for him by the time he wants to drive out of the hospital. He thought about boycotting the order and drive home instead or a nearby bar to cool his nerves. He chosed the former because his brother has done a lot for him and this is the second favour he’ll be doing today in many months.

He swerved the car off the road and drove towards the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.


Sandra was seated comfortably on a couch in a trance, reminiscent of the events of the day. She couldn’t bring herself to the conclusion that everything was a coincidence, as far as she was concerned, she had no business with any group of people or hoodlum to the extent that they’ll be after her precious and beautiful life. She knew she had business with some group of blackmailers but the question troubling her mind was the fact that does blackmailers kill their victims? She had no answer to these questions but she hoped for the best

She picked up her phone and dialled her financial manager. Her cousin.

“Hello Frank.” She said immediately he picked the call.

“Hello sis.” Frank replied.

“I need you to help me transfer the sum of eight million naira into a cayman’s account.” Sandra said without thinking twice.

“Bad joker. Stop playing pranks here. Why will you want to transfer that huge amount into a Cayman’s account?” Frank asked.

“Look here Frank, am not joking. Do this or I do it myself. And remember, I own my money.” She replied angrily.

“Big sis, calm down. I know you own your money because you worked for it but eight million naira is a huge sum to transfer into a faceless account.” Frank replied calmly.

“Frank, I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Do the transfer and I’ll be waiting for feedbacks from my bank.”

“Now I understand. Big sis is in a big trouble and she has no one to talk to. Don’t worry, I’ll be there in an hour, then you can talk to me.” Frank said.

“Just do what I asked you to do.” She replied and hung up.

Frank, a graduate of banking and finance started working with her cousin, immediately after his youth service and Sandra sponsored him to do his masters programme by paying him an exhorbitant amount per month as his salary. Even though, Frank now works in the embassy, he still performs the function of finance director/ adviser to his cousin’s modelling business.


Deoye was seated in a popular bar in the city of Lagos, thousand kilometers away from the school campus. Scorpion(one of his lodge mate and member of his gang) walked into the bar. He surveyed the whole bar and smiled when he saw someone wave from the far end. He walked towards the table.

“Guy, how far?” Scorpion asked.

“I dey o. How you dey?” Deoye asked.

“I bam.” Scorpion replied.

“Barman.” Deoye beckoned to one of the men taking orders and serving the customers.

“O boy, you fvck up o.” Scorpion said immediately the barman took his orders and walked away.

“I know. But I was on a revenge mission.” Deoye said defensively.

“Defence mission which is about landing you into trouble. At least you for carry us along na, not even me your closest pal.” Scorpion poured out.

“Ma guy, no vex, I want it to be a one man hit. Then you all can celebrate with me when am through with the game. Moreso, remember, you didn’t carry any of us along when you raped those twin girls last year.” Deoye explained.

“Agreed, but this is different. You’ve single- handedly killed three of these girls. I doff my hat for you. Deo, the hitman.” Scorpion said laughing.

“But come guy, what’s the situation?” Deoye asked.

“The police are looking for you. They already have Darasimi in custody and am afraid she has poured everything out. One girl claimed she saw you when you killed Chioma. The next destination of the police is your parents house.” Scorpion explained.

“My parent’s house? In Minna?” Deoye asked.

“All they need to do is contact the police department over there.”

“Dad and mum are currently in Thailand chilling.” Deoye replied.

“Good one there. Guy i have to go.” Scorpion announced.

“Do me a favour guy.”

“Yes? What is it?”

“That girl that claimed she saw me. Drop her for me.” Deoye said.

“Am on it.” Scorpion replied as he shook hands with Deoye and left.

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