As You Make Your Bed Episode 22 Final


Mr. and Mrs. Nwokedi heard about the death of Obiora and commiserated with them. It came as a shock and Mrs. Nwokedi could not do much but pitied her friend. Mrs. Okonkwo. She comforted and encouraged her to accept what had happened and bear it with fortitude.
Their first daughter, Bridget, travelled abroad with her husband immediately after their marriage. She gave birth to three children two boys and a girl.. Their second daughter, Chioma relocated to Lagos with her husband.. She got married to a pilot. Both of them had three children two boys and a girl. She gradually climbed the ladder of success and occupied a top management position in the Central Bank of Nigeria.. They always travelled abroad on vacations… Sometimes, they would visit Bridget and her family…Bridget’s husband was a medical doctor who have spent a longtime in their host country.
Emeka got married to a pharmacy who gave birth to two children a boy and a girl.. Njideka who had already made a mark in her law profession was married to a man in the same profession. Every member of the Nwokedis could well be described as success in their different fields of life. People used them as a reference points. Mr. an Mrs. Nwokedi were very grateful to God Almighty for the lives of their children and fervently prayed that God would continue to guide and protect them wherever they were… They encouraged their children to instill a high level of discipline in their children just as they had done to them from childhood. Their mother, Mrs. Nwokedi advice Bridget and her siblings never to spare the child. She told them to pass on their children every good quality they got from them.
The joy and peace that reigned supreme in Mr. and Mrs. Nwokedi’s family were also reflected in the lives of their husbands. The men were so happy to have been so lucky to married to such trained and well behaved ladies…..Bridget and her sisters lost their pride to their husband on their wedding nights..