As You Make Your Bed Episode 21


Mr. and Mrs. Okonkwo resolve to make their two sons, Chukwudi and Obiora, independent by setting up any business for them. Mr. Okonkwo gave each of them a colossal amount of money for the business. He warned them that he would no longer support them if they mismanage the business. They should prudently manage the business. Chukwudi started shoe business that was lucrative. Gradually, he rented an apartment and move out from their house.
Their younger son had begun to associate with bad boys who had no prospect in life. He began to keep late nights. Sometimes, he would spend the nights outside and would not return to his parents’ house till the next morning. On one of the nights, staccato of gunshots was heard in their neighbourhood. His parents became worried about his safety and wondered why he usually kept late nights. His father made up his mind to admonish him when next he saw him. The next day, at the official close of work, Obiora was still nowhere to be found.
The uneasy tension generated in Mr. Mrs. Okonkwo’s house consequent to the disappearance of their son, Obiora was very high. They were very worried. They contacted his siblings to be sure that he is alive and still safe. They could not say anything about him. He was nowhere to be found. As they were pondering over this, two men cam in to their house and introduced themselves as policemen. After a belief discussion they led Mr. Okonkwo and his wife to the mortuary, where Obiora’s corpse lay. The sight of his remains brought cold shivers to his father. He became like a young fellow experiencing the dazzling effect of a lift moving from the first floor to the sixth floor. No he could be dreaming,no, he was sure that he was wide away.
The policemen later informed them that Obiora and three of his friends were involved in armed robbery operation. They were overpowered by a special trained unit of armed policemen. They told them that he was shot from behind by a police man when he was trying to escape. His death came as a shock to the entire family. They mourned him for weeks. Ifeoma, who was then, a mother of three children and Anurika who also had given birth to two children, attended the burial of their late brother. They knew that what happened to their brother was actually their parent’s fault… They resolved to give their children proper upbringing and to be successful in life…. ..