As You Make Your Bed Episode 20


When Mr. Okonkwo was approached by his brother, Nnamdi, about the theft allegation on his son, he knew that his brother was telling him the truth and apologized. He had been too busy with his business and had no time to monitor his children. He provided them with whatever they needed. He felt in that way, that they would be content with what they had. But he was wrong because among all his children, Obiora had been the thief in the house and whenever he was caught, he and his mother would not discipline him. She would simply say, “Obiora, I will deal with you!” No serious action was taken to stop him from stealing again. With that kind of home training, Obiora grew up to become a spoilt brat and a thief.
Obiora returned to his parents empty-handed when his evil deeds were discovered by his boss. His father was in dilemma. His mother wept bitterly and wondered why several calamities had been befalling them.
Ifeoma later graduated from the university at pass level. Her graduation came as a mere luck. The new head of department mandated that all students that had extra years in the department should have those outstanding courses waived for the National Youth Service Corps Programme. That was how Ifeoma and some other students managed to graduate from the university and went for the mandatory one year national service. After her service, she sought employment in several firms without success. She stayed at home with her parents, praying that something good should turn up someday for her. Some suitors came to ask for her hand in marriage. She later accepted Joseph’s marriage proposal and married him. Her parents were happy that their first daughter got married. However, she took her bad manners to her husband’s house.
Anurika graduated from the university. She had a third class honours and went for Youth Services Programme. After successfully completing the one year programme, she got employment in a hotel, as a receptionist. The job was tough to her. She left home as early as seven in the morning and would come back late in the evening. Her parents had complained bitterly about her late arrival, but she could not afford to lose her job. She believed in self-reliance. She wanted to be independent. Some months later, Anurika also got married to a businessman. He stopped her from being a receptionist in a hotel and set up a small business for her. She was dealer in fairy-used cloths, shoes, bags and cosmetics. She attracted several customers and made huge profits……