As You Make Your Bed Episode 19


The name ‘Chukwudi Okonkwo’ appeared underneath a passport photograph. It occupied the sixth position in a long list of rusticated student from the polytechnic. Although Chukwudi just gained admission into the school to study Civil Engineering, he got himself deep in cult activities and was subsequently disciplined by the school authority. He went home in shame to meet his parents who were equally becoming weary of his and his brothers wayward lifestyle.
During their formative years, the boys Chukwudi and Obiora were nonchalant over their studies. They preferred sitting n front of television set for hours to doing any academic work. Football and other distracting activities always caught their fancy. Like their sisters, they could not help their mother to do most domestic chores. They were very lazy and led very carefree life.
Obiora, the younger boy, gave his parents and siblings, constant troubles. After his secondary education, which he repeated classes several times, he announced to his parents that he was no longer interested in furthering in his education. They tried to dissuade him from his resolve, but he vehemently stood his ground that he would rather learn a trade. On his insistence, he was taken to another town-to one of his uncles to learn trading. He was expected to serve the man for a period of three years after which he would be settled.
Obiora stayed with his uncle and effectively discharged his duties for the first three months without any friction with his Boss. Things moved smoothly to the 1st 3months but in the fourth month, the uncle began to smell a rat that someone was pilfering from his drawer in his shop. The man was a generous but strict businessman. He had other boys who served him in large electronic shop. His relationship with Obiora made him agree to train him freely. After the first three months, Obiora realized that his uncle was making a great deal of profit in the business. He devised a means of stealing money from the drawer in the shop. Shortly, the amount in his savings account in the bank grew. Initially, he stole only meager amounts. Later, he began to steal larger sums. His Uncle, Nnamdi Okonkwo, became worried. He had not been experiencing any form of theft in his business. The boys, who were in the shop had all been showing genuine signs of trustworthiness. The last boy that had tried to pilfer from him was immediately arrested by the police. So, naturally, he suspected Obiora for the ugly development in his workshop….