As You Make Your Bed Episode 18


“It didn’t go well. I told you that man is an idiot but you didn’t believe me,” Ifeoma replied.
“Really, what did he do to you?”
Ifeoma narrated her ordeal with the lecturer. For a moment, Jennifer was deep in thought and tried to come up with an ideal, “Ifeoma let me ask you question.
“Yes, go ahead,”
“What grade do you want in Dr. Chimaobi’s course?” Jennifer asked.
“I just want to pass and nothing more. I don’t want to stay longer than my normal university duration.”
“I see”
“Why not allow the man to have his way and graduate from this school with your mates. Since you can not really escape from him, just give in and get the grade you want. Besides, you are no longer a virgin yourself. This is just the way out”
“NO! I cant do such a thing. Never,” Ifeoma snapped.
“Ifeoma, my friend,” Jennifer lowered her voice, “do you want to know how I managed to pass those courses I failed?”
Jennifer looked around them, to ensure that nobody was within a hearing distance, or eavesdropping on them. “Do you really want to know how I handled those situations my own way? I slept with virtually, every lecturer in this department who claimed to be ‘unsortable.’ To mention, but few are Mr. Simeon, Dr. Benjamin and even Professor Owolabi. You see, it is not written on your forehead whether you have slept with a lecturer or not. After all, you do it just once, after which, he looks for his next victim. This is the only way out, my dear, please. Think deeply about it please.” Jennifer advised. Ifeoma was surprised about Jennifer’s confession. She knew Jennifer, but did not know that she could stoop so low to the extent of sleeping with their lecturers just to earn marks.
She used the remaining days in the week, pondering on the issue. The other two courses were not much of a problem to her. She would simply offer the lecturers in charge large sums of money. The only problem she had was Dr. Chimaobi.
After contemplation, Ifeoma realized that there were actually no way out. She finally agreed to Dr. Chimaobi’s terms. When she returned to the man’s office, that morning, he gladly welcomed her.
“Hello young lady, how are you today?”
He motioned her to seat.
“Thanks, I am fine.” Ifeoma responded as she sat down in front of the baldheaded man.
“I am glad you came back. I know you will eventually come back,” Dr. Chimaobi said with a sheepish smile.
She left the office after they had negotiated on where and when they would meet. Dr. Chimaobi had compelled Ifeoma to pay for the hotel accommodation and other bills they would incur in the night of their meeting. He planned to spend the whole night with her.