As You Make Your Bed Episode 17


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episode 17
Two weeks later, Ifeoma entered the lecturer’s office because he sent for her. This was the third time he had sent for her n his office. This time, she heeded her friend’s advice and went into the man’s office.
“Good afternoon sir,” Ifeoma greeted.
“Good afternoon, my dear. How are you?” He asked.
“Fine, sir,” Ifeoma nervously responded.
“Well, young woman,” he continued. “I have asked to come to see me in my office two times before now, but you refused, why?” the man asked, sizing the visibly nervous girl up.
“Sir, I have been bu…bus…sy sir,” Ifeoma stammered.
“Alright, no problem. At least you are here. What is your name again?”
“Ifeoma Okonkwo,”
“Well, Miss Ifeoma Okonkwo, it is a known fact that you wrote and failed my course and you tried to sort it?” Ifeoma simply nodded.
“I personally rejected the money and told them to return the money to you because I was not interested in the little amount you offered. I am only interested in you,” Dr. Chimaobi announced and stood from his seat, gently walking to close the gap that was between them. The man raised his hand to gently touch her. Ifeoma was immediately consumed with anger.
“Sir, I really don’t like this. You are old enough to be my father. Why wont you just let me be, please? I don’t want to date you. just let me pay you any amount just like my other course mates. I will gladly pay it, sir,” she pleaded.
“Young woman, it is very glaring that you dont want to comply. You are more foolish than I had imagined. I don’t have time to waste. Get your filthy self out of this office.” the man barked.
“I am very sorry sir, please, sir, I didn’t mean to offend you”
“Get out!” The lecturer ordered with his finger pointing at the door. Reluctantly,
Ifeoma left Dr. Chimaobi’s office. She met her friend, Jennifer who was waiting for her outside.
“How did it go?” Jennifer asked.