As You Make Your Bed Episode 16


When Ifeoma woke up that Thursday morning, it dawned on her that she was already one hour, fifteen minutes late for her 8 O’clock lecture. She forced herself out of her bed and entered the bathroom to have her bath. She arrived at the school premises some minutes past ten. The lecturer, who was then at the peak of the lecture, saw her when she sneaked in and sent her out. In shame, she left the class. The party she attended the previous night was the reason for her lateness.
Relatively, comparing her with her age mates, she was supposed to have graduated long ago but it took her quite some time to obtain the required grades in all her subjects. When she was later offered admission in a state university to study Mass Communication, her parents heaved a sigh of relief. Since she was admitted, there was no sign of determination. She avoided any lecture she considered hectic and allowed her assignments to pile up.
She sat down outside the hall and pondered on the challenges that are lined up before her. She had three outstanding courses to re-sit in her first year. She failed them and did not want the failure to be carried over. She had planned to offer money to a lecturer in return for grade in one of their year two courses. The randy lecturer wanted wanted something more than her money. He wanted her. Ifeoma, who had been avoiding him, knew she could not hide for long.
About an hour later,the lecturer left the lecture hall. Ifeoma entered the lecture hall and sat at the back and was immediately accosted by one of her many friends. The girl, chewing a bubble gum and having long painted nails, sat down beside her and nudged her. Ifeoma, looking rather worried, poured out her heart to her friend.
“Jennifer, I am in trouble oh!” She complained.
“What do you mean by saying you are trouble?” Jennifer asked, “Is anything the matter?”
“Yes oh! My dear, many things are amiss.”
“Please tell me, I am all ears,” Jennifer encouraged her.
“Dr. Chimaobi wanted to go out with me. But I turned down his request and he failed me in his course. When I gave one of his agents, the agreed amount, he refused to accept it and returned my money to me.”
“Hmmm, that’s serious. Have you tried talking with him camera?”
“How can I? I cant even stand his sight. I don’t like the way he looks at me. He looked like a sexually- starved pig!” Ifeoma fumed.
“Hahahaha…. Ifeoma, haba! You and this your bad mouth. Take it easy or you will find yourself to blame at last.” Jennifer added, “It is not as bad as you think,”
“Really,” Ifeoma’s eyes gleamed, “Jenny, tell me how to overcome this problem. I cant do much on my own. That is why, I am opening up to you as a friend.”
“You should try and see Dr Chimaobi in person when next he sends for you rather than running away like a baby. Just hear him out first,” Jennifer suggested. They were still discussing when another lecturer walked into the hall, interrupting their conversation.