As You Make Your Bed Episode 15


The sun gave its brilliance as the weather was fair. Preparations were made for the D-day. Families were seen alighting from cars, each of them entering a large hall, for Njideka’s ‘call to bar’ ceremony. She had dreamed for the day that had come. Her joy knew no bound. She dressed in a dark blue suit and an expensive pair of shoes. She was a beauty to behold. Her parents and other members of her family had accompanied her to the place. Her siblings were in high spirit.
She had one of the best result in her school and was among the best graduating students from the Law school. To show their appreciation and celebrate her achievements, her siblings, without her or their parents’ knowledge had a special gift for her, a gift of a car.
After the oath of allegiance was administered to the successful students, indicating that they had been successfully called to bar and could be officially addressed as Barristers, the ceremony finally came to an end. Her parents, each in turn, gave her a hug and congratulated her, so did her siblings. Njideka’s friends from other departments who were also in attendance were all very happy as they saw her parents showering her with gifts. Her mother presented her with a box, containing gold-earrings, necklace, bracelet and a wrist watch. Her father gave her; a wrapped package which they knew contained an exotic cell phone. Njideka was thrilled and threw her hands round her parents with surprise clearly registered in her eyes.
When she seemed to have recovered from her excited state, her siblings approached her with a surprise package. They asked her to shut and open her eyes which she did. What she saw, dangling before her eyes was a car key! Immediately she saw the key, tears of joy trickled down her cheeks as they pointed at a brand new Chevrolet car to her. Everything was like a dream. She moved close to the car to touch it. The car had been attractively decorated for the occasion and had N.I.N, her initials, on the plate number. Still in shock and with tears in her eyes, Njideka her siblings and her parents. Mr and Mrs, Nwokedi were delighted at the display of genuine affection among their children. Njideka impatiently hopped into the driver’s seat and drove some distance within the venue to the admiration of friends and well-wishers who had accompanied them for the programme.
Later, they all moved to the lush lawn for photo session, after which they drove home to continue the celebration at home. Mr. Nwokedi had long relocated his family to Abuja where he had completed a befitting two-storey building. The house had a large compound. The beauty of this edifice was given more colour by quite a large number of exotic cars packed on its compound. The celebration continued. There was eating and drinking in the compound.
When Mrs. Nwokedi walked towards the rear of the compound, she noticed her two daughters, Bridget and Chioma deeply engrossed in conversation. They did not notice her presence. Her face beamed with smiles as she called out to them.
“I hope you girls are not planning to overthrow the World Bank President, this time? You children can do unimaginable things,” the woman teased. Stupefied by their mother’s sudden presence,the girls laughed.
“Oh, mum! You nearly startled us.” Bridget said, “Well what we are whispering is just for our ears only.”
“Really, so, you girls are hiding things from me, your mother abi?” the woman said and walked away, to continue in the celebration.
The occasion was like a double celebration for the Nwokedis, as they also celebrated their parents’ marriage silver jubilee planned without the awareness of their parents.