As You Make Your Bed Episode 14


In her final year, Bridget had no regrets whatever for opting to study Medicine and Surgery at the university. She had had a passion for human lives and studied very hard to make that passion, a reality. Her parents daily looked forward to her graduation day. It would be a big celebration, having their first daughter graduate as a medical doctor. They had every reason to be grateful to God for the blessings he gave them. Chioma graduated from university and was posted for her National Youth Service. Emeka and Chinedu were in second and first year respectively at the university of ibadan, while the youngest daughter, Njideka was studying hard in preparation for the forthcoming Senior School Certificate Examination (S.S.C.E).
Bridget successfully graduated and went to a federal government hospital for her one year housemanship a requirement in the medical field before being posted for her youth service. Chioma finished her mandatory national service the same year, Bridget started her housemanship programme. She graduated in First Class Honours and became the best graduating student from their department while Sharon, her friend trailed closely behind her. Both friends, got employment in the Central Bank of Nigeria. She took other relevant professional exams in her chosen carrier to increase her value.
All members of Nwokedi’s family were very grateful to God for granting them their heart desires and favouring them in every area of life. Just as it had become a tradition at the end of every year, the Nwokedis as they were usually called by their priest in the church would call their friends and relatives for a thanksgiving service in the Church. In this programme, they would sing and dance to the glory of God for His good works in their lives after which relations, friends and well-wishers would converge in their residence for refreshment.
Mr. Nwokedi progressed rapidly in his business and his wife recently bagfed a PhD. She had previously obtained a Master Degree in her teaching profession and was later appointed a lecturer in a federal university in the state. God really blessed them. Everything went fine for them.
Njideka rapidly grew up as the most beautiful of the girls. Although, Bridget was pretty, her facial beauty was nothing compared to that of Njideka. Since the young girl became conscious of her beauty, she began to show off. Her elder sisters showered her with gifts and made sure she did not lack anything. They kept advising her to keep flying the flag of excellence that had been in their family. They told her to study hard so as to become a reputable person in her field. With their close interaction and advice, Njideka worked hard not to disappoint her mum and sisters who were her role models and her other family members who were looking forward to the day she would be called to bar. Her sisters were both successful in their chosen careers and she resolved that she was not going to be an exception.
Her elder brothers, Emeka and Chinedu graduated from their school. Emeka got employment in an oil company in the southern part of the country and Chinedu who had just completed his NYSC programme, luckily got a job in an engineering firm that later sent him abroad for his Master’s Degree programme.