As You Make Your Bed Episode 13


“Okay. I perfectly understand,” Sharon replied when she apologized for inconveniencing her, “No offence taken. I understand there is no trouble.” Sharon said and gently patted her friend on the shoulder. Relieved at the turn of events, Chioma brightened her face and diverted to discussion, “So, whats up? How was your day?”
“My day, my day has been hectic and fun.” Sharon announced.
. “Really, I can’t wait to hear the funny part”, Chioma giggled. The host laughed at her friend’s last statement, “Well, Chi, there was this guy I guy into this afternoon as I was approaching your hostel. Dear, you really need to see this handsome dude. He was cute and had a lot of desirable attitudes.” Sharon revealed, a faint smile crossing her lips.
“Hmm, that sounds nice! What happened next; how did you guys meet?”
“Well, the student in question admires me. It just occurred to me that I kept seeing him around me everywhere I went lately. He had been acting rather maturely. He seemed not to be looking at me, but kept giving out emotional signals in my direction,” Sharon said, the smiles still on her lips. Her eyes synchronized with her artistic demonstrations, in front of her friend. “When I was about entering your hostel, I saw him, standing in front of one of the shops nearby, trying to get a recharge card. I passed the shop and made for the staircase and heard somebody say ‘hello’, I turned towards the direction. The voice came from him. He then said, ‘Can you please excuse me for a minute?’ He looked very gentle and polite, He motioned me to a seat where we sat and spoke for a period of time the result of which is a cordial relationship.” She said her eyes roved her room in contentment.
“Hmm, this is really interesting,” Chioma said, “Sharon, you really need to be careful. Since in our last days in the university, you still talk of sentimental love.”
“Yes, dear, you are right. You know guys and their spontaneous shades of character, I had a premonition of his intentions and still decided to play along with him,”
“That was a wise thing you did. I am sure that you must have caught his fancy by your charming looks. A quick look at you can melt a man’s heart. Girl, you are simply beauty, personified.” Chioma said. Sharon blushed,
“These folks can be very deceitful and would do anything to get your attention. The scripture rightly says, we are the light of the world, a city set on a mountain top. A lamp is not kept under a bushel but on a lamp stand (matt 5:14-15). My dear Sharon, what I am trying to say is that a child of God should have the gospel in her heart and in mouth as well; otherwise, she can be overtaken, deceived or lured into sin,” Chioma explained at length.
“Chi, the great evangelist, do you mean we will talk gospel even when we are talking unrelated matters?” Sharon asked. “Of course, if gospel is greatly truly in ones life, it will come out on its own at the right time. We don’t have to give any person chance for any unnecessary discussion if your intention is to survive and you are really for Christ.
“I understand”, Sharon added happily. Immediately. Chioma announced that she wanted to take her leave. The host stood up and saw her off to a bus stop from where she would board a taxi for her hostel. The girls hugged each other, Sharon thanked her for enlightening her. They bade each other goodbye.
The cab driver came to a stop in front of a large building. Chioma and other occupants alighted. She paid the man her fare and entered her hostel. Just then, she ran into her elder sister, Bridget who had called on her to see how she was faring and to relay their parents’ message to her.