Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 64


Kiara’s P.O.V

“And they said she is in the class A team, stuck in her day dream, been this way since eighteen, but lately, her face seems slowly sinking wastin; crumbing like pastries.. ”

My loud groan caused me to flinch, as I extended my arm towards my phone, that was rested on the side table of the bed.

My eyes closed, I tapped somewhere on the bottom left of the screen, thinking it was the ‘answer’ button from habit.

“Yeah mum?” I said carelessly not knowing whether it was her or not.


“Actually, it’s dad.”

A deep, hoarse voice boomed through the speakers.

“And you need to get your last body off your bed, in the shower, and out. It’s noon, for God’s sake ! What is this Kyle Kid been doing to you; giving you all the freedom?!”

I scoffed tiredly, feeling lips press against my right cheek , and then I smiled.

“How do you know if I’m in bed or not, daddy? I didn’t know you liked To hire special agents to stalk everything I make for the rest of my life. “ I felt a pair of lips connect with my neck this time, making me turn around and meet the eyes of kyle.

“no, I don’t stalk 18 years old girls. But I called to tell you something.”


“I want you and Kyle to meet us and his parent s at De vikbonit, meet us around 9:00 at night maybe. Alright?”

“ You guys are in califonia? How? Why? What’s so….”

“You just wait till you are there kiara.” He interrupted me, sternly.

“well, sweetheart, your mom’s calling”

“see you then”

at that, he hung up with mom’s high voice lingering in the background.

I looked back up at kyle, who leaned in to kiss my forehead this time,

‘Good morning Kyle.”

He pecked my nose causing me to scrunch it.

He took my hands that was on his bare chest, and tenderly embraced it with his soft lips.

It was quiet, and he was too, I wasn’t expecting him to suddenly attack my body in his arms yelling,

“good morning kiara”

I squealed, giggling as he fell on top of me.

“no, you are heavy get off!!”

I felt kyle lift my arms and sling them over his shoulders, his arm wrapped around wrist and he squeezed me tight, but comfortably and mine stayed firm around his neck.

“Who called ?”

“Dad” I said, playing with his tips of his hair.

“he said to meet all of them at devil bonie tonight, at nine.”

I felt take brush his nose and lips against my bare neck.

“They are here? What do they want this time?” he mumbled.

I shrugged , still playing with his hair.

“First the relationship, then the marriage, and then the baby, and now?” He paused

“Probably our funerals”

I let out a quiet laugh at the last part, considering it was the way he said it.

His voice was grouchy, and sounded as stubborn as a little five years old boy pouting when he is not allowed to but his favourite toy.

Kyle lips tugged upwards , or so, I felt that on my skin.

“What are u laughing at?” his groggy morning voice grew soft and husky.

” You are such a bully.”

I turned my head towards his face, causing him to do the same towards me.

my bottom lip, extended outward, forming a heavy pout at his last remark.

“I sowwie.”

Kyle leaned in close and planted his lips on mine, pecking them twice, then once more, before he pulled away.

“I love you” he whispered.

“I’m scared.”

“for what, baby?”

“That you will leave me one day, that I won’t matter one day. I’m scared that we just won’t be the same one day, and then everything will change.”

I didn’t know why she thought such things, but I guess it was in my instinct from all those Pamela books I read. Something horrible always happened in her books; whether it be the guy dying, or leaving, or what not something happens. So I’m afraid something will happen to us.

Kyle stared at me for the longest time, not moving an inch, his body still intertwine with mine. After what seemed to be hours, he finally released a sigh and moved me closer.

“Kiara, I want you to know, that nothing you think will happen. I didn’t leave you after that night I made you mine. I don’t plan on leaving you now, or ever. And, now….” His large hands stroked across my thick hair.

“Now that you are mine, that’s what you will always be. No one else’s, alright? Just mine.”

I didn’t have anything to say after that, but I knew that he felt hurt.

He felt hurt because I didn’t trust him, and I wondered and wondered and wondered.

So “I love you.” Was the only thing I had left to say.

“Whatever happens tonight, ” he started to say again,

“Won’t change anything between us. Do you understand me?”

I nodded shyly, a sheepish smile forming on my face.


He pressed his forehead against my own, not long before mumbling,

“I love you too. ”

And it was as simple as that.

He was mine, and I was his.