Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 63


Kyle’s P.O.V

A groan left my lips as I opened my eyes to the light coming from the big windows.

My arm released the grip on kiara, and covered my face, as I rubbed it from the suddenly light.

I sighed deeply, a smile forming on my lips when I remembered last night.

The most amazing night of my life.

The night kiara told me she loved me.

We did it.

Yeah, but it wasn’t exactly sex.

We made love to each other and it’s a whole lot of different than sex.

I should know.

I wrapped my arm around her waist again.

Her body was covered in the black bed sheets.

She was wearing my blue jean button shirt I put on her after she fell asleep.

I kissed her cheek, making her stir and dace herself towards me.

I kissed her again, continuously and brushed her hair out of her face.

I kept on kissing her until she finally decided to open her eyes.

“Hi,” my mouth met her jaw as she yawned softly, making my heart skip a beat.


But that is how I felt.

She looked at me with her big, tired, eyes and stared for a while.

“Good morning.” She said, a cheeky smile as she dug her face in my neck.

“Kyle…” She mumbled.

“Did we really….”

“Yeah, baby.” I shifted so that she was stucked tightly in my arms.

“We did it.”

“Kyle, did we use protect….”

“Yes, I’m sure, sweetheart. I used it.”

“Kyle?” Her voice was squeaky, quiet, and cracked at the end.


“Thank you.”

I furtowef my eyebrows in confusion, licking my bottom lip.

“Thank you for what?”

She pulled her face away from my neck and looked up in my eyes.

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“For not leaving..”

My heart dropped immediately when she said those words.

She really thought I would leave?

“You thought I would leave?”

I would never and she knows that or at least, she should know.

I loved her, and so much that I don’t think I would be alive if I leave her.

How could she think that I would leave?

“You know….” She said and layed on her back, playing with a strand of her loose hair.

“You left all those other girls. Some guys would make them think they loved them and then get laid, and then they leave and say, I never loved you.”

I didn’t say anything for a while until she turned her head towards me again.

“Did you do that? to the other girls?” Her eyes dropped sad when she looked at me , and it hurt.

I knew my answer to that question, and I just couldn’t lie to her.

“I’m sorry”

That was all I said but she understood me.

She got that I lied to all those girls by saying I loved them just to get in their pants.

But, in all honestly, I didn’t really loved them.

I never loved anyone beside kiara, and just kiara.

I don’t even know if I loved my parents, considering they were never there for me my whole life.

My entire life.

It’s been kiara and only just her.

“But, I didn’t love them. Hell, I never even liked any of them. I just maybe, liked their…” I trailed off, pausing so she would know where I was going.

Kiara nodded and leaned over to kiss my cheek.

But, before she could pull away, I grabbed her by the waist, pulling her more into me instead.

My hands moved up and down sides her thighs, then I left them around her and didn’t let go.

I didn’t care if I was late or not but I ended up falling to sleep, right after watching kiara fall asleep.

But everything was just…..

Just right.

My world stopped again….

With a girl I once had in my dreams…..

In my reality…..

In my arms.