Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 5



I stared at the expensive place around me, not wanting to look anyone in the eyes.

I already knew why I was here, and I was over the top pissed.

Moreover, I was pissed at the girl here than anyone else.

I know it’s wrong.

she didn’t do anything to begin with.

It’s our parents fault but…I can’t help but be mad at her.

I haven’t looked at her yet, or talked to her, so I don’t know who she is.

I don’t wanna look at her.

But, I bet she is like every other girl I have met.

She will probably drown over my looks, like all of them did.

Well, all except one girl. And I turned her down, pretty bad.

But it is whatever, right?

She probably sucked it up.

I never agreed with this idea of going through the most important thing in my life like this;

arranged marriage.

Life is never fair.

“Kiara has grown to be beautiful, just like you Gloria.” Mom stated to Mrs.Arthur.


So that is the whOre’s name.


Rings a bell.

“Well how about Kyle now? How handsome is he? And he goes to college and oh, he is just so grown up!” Mrs. Arthur squealed.

“I remember the first time the kids met”Dad acknowledged, smiling at the Arthur’s.

I’m supposed to know her?


I still didn’t look up at her, doesn’t matter anyway.

“Oh yes” Mr. Arthur added.

“They were in middle school. Kiara was in the seventh and kyle in eighth. Weren’t they on a field trip or something?”

“Kyle you have been awfully quiet. Care to say hello to your fiancee?” She growled at the last part, disgusted by my rudeness.

I rolled my eyes, but looked up anyway or I will have consequences.

Stupid rich and strict family.

I’m okay with the rich part, but not the strict.

“Hi…” I paused, not quite meeting eye-to-eye with ‘kiara’.

“I’m kyle, nice to mee” I stopped.

That’s when I took all of.

Everything about her.

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Her gorgeous deep brown eyes looking into mine, her delicate brunette curls that made me wonder if they were as soft as they looked, her alluring soft, pink, very kissable lips, the way her body curved perfectly in that dress, her flawless face.

She was…beautiful.

Did I really just fvcking think all of that?

Especially the last word?

Anyway though, she looks so familiar.

She fumbled with her fingers nervously and coughed uncomfortably.

I don’t think I caught myself staring because the moms and dads started smirking and snickering.

Still, something made me not want to stop staring, causing my dad to snap his fingers in front of my face.

“Huh? What? Nice to meet you I’m kyle. What the hell just happened?” I shot in one whole breath.

I couldn’t help it, the words just flew out.

“You were in a daze, that’s what happened.” Dad remarked.

I rolled my eyes.

“I was not. I…I just h-had a, a, ah, a zone out.”

Zone out?


Am I seriously so stupid?

Yes, yes you are.

Shut up!

No you shut up!

Stupid conscience.

“Mhm. Sure you had.” He muttered, chuckling.

“Dad.” I growled.

He stopped laughing, making a straight face.

“Now,” Mrs. Arthur spoke up.

“I think it’s time for us to tell you something important, Kiara”

‘Here we go now.’I thought.

Hold the phone!


She doesn’t know yet?

This should be interesting.

But I still can’t get the feeling out that I know her… from somewhere.



Kiara Arthur?

OH. sh*t!

To be continued