Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 4



It didn’t take us long to get to our destination.

I was actually quite relieved when we arrived to the mystery place, because mum and dad were whispering things to each other the whole fvcking time!

And it drove me nuts to know they knew a secret I didn’t!

I came out from the car as my parents got out, and my eyes landed on the most expensive place I have ever seen!


We walked up to the host in the front desk, he was middle-aged and looked pretty sophisticated.

His nose was up and his little round glasses covered up his face.

Mum looked at me with a glare, telling me not to laugh.

“Name please?” The host man asked my dad.

“Reservations for the Johnson’s and Arthur’s.” My dad responded.

Johnson’s and Arthur’s?

Johnson’s and Arthur’s?

Who the hell are the Johnson’s?

I looked at my mum, raising my eyebrow.

“Mum, Johnson’s?”

Mum only smiled and led me to a table
with my dad after the host nodded.

In the direction we were going, I noticed another family sitting at the table.

They must be the Johnson’s.

There was a boy about my age, but I couldn’t quite see his face since he was saying something to his dad, probably.

His mum and dad were on either side of him, and he was in the middle.

The only thing I recognized about him was that he had dark, auburn hair and he looked pretty pissed.

His hair…looked familiar.

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“There you are!” The mother exclaimed, snapping me out of my thoughts.

The fathers shook hands and ‘man- hugged’.

The mother and my mum hugged and chatted along, laughing as if they were the bestest of friends. But the boy stayed quiet, like me.

He didn’t even glance at me once, he just let his eyes wander around the restaurant skeptically.

Rude much?

It was as if I was a ghost trying to get his attention.

How arrogant of him!

Everyone sat down in their seats.

I was between mum and dad.

The guy sat across from me, still not glancing my way.

“So this is the lovely lady, here, Arthur” Mr. Johnson pointed to me.

Dad nodded and smiled, “She is Johnson” He replied.

“Kiara grown to be beautiful, just like you Gloria.” Mrs. Johnson pointed out.

my mum smiled.

“Well how about Kyle now? How handsome is he? And he goes to college and…”

I didn’t listen to the rest of mum’s blabbering, for I was done with all this nagging.

I didn’t want to, nor did I need to hear about an arrogant, rude guy who doesn’t even bother to say hello.

But, even still, I had one thing stuck in my head.


Their last name is even Johnson.

No, it can’t be.

“Kyle” Mrs. Johnson growled.

“You have been awfully quiet. Care to say hello to your fiancee?”

I held in a snicker as Kyle was being scolded.



“Hi,” He greeted with a bored voice.

“I’m kyle, nice to mee…..” He stopped when his eyes traveled to mine.

That’s when my whole world froze.



Not him!

Not Kyle Johnson!


That only means one thing.

Why didn’t I see this coming?

To be continued