Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 6



I tried to get that moment out of my mind.

He just sorta…staredat me!

He looked at me.

Not the kind where you just glance at someone or look at them normally but… differently.

He looked at me as though I were a prize.

Like he never seen anything like me ever.

Like he actually…wanted me.

But, that is impossible right?

I mean, how many times do the guys who you fell in love with like you back?


Those only happen in fantasizes.

And remember Kiara, he is Kyle Johnson.

The guy who left you heartless.

So, the only options of why he looked at me like that are either I am hallucinating, or it was all real.

I will go with the first option, only because I was extremely scared of him right now.

Mum stood up and looked at me, ruffling her red dress.

“Now,” She announced.

“I think it’s time for us to tell you something important, Kiara.”

I stared at her, weird, not saying anything.

Mum looked back at me, weird, the same way I did, until she realized I was waiting for her to continue.


I giggled at her slowness and when I did, I saw kyle smile a bit from the corner of my eye.

I mentally shrugged.

It mustn’t mean anything.

I tried not to roll my eyes and scoff.

I mean, does he not remember me or something?


I puckered my lips.

something gave me a bad feeling about this.

“Uhm, well kiara….” Mrs. Johson grinned, though she looked as though she were afraid I would do something.

I knitted my eyebrow, confused.

“You and kyle…” She said again, unsure.

“I and kyle what?” I looked at him, only to find him biting his bottom lip and looking at me nervously.

I think I knew where this was headed.

This was almost the same way my parents put this on my brother.

I wished I was someone else.

“You and kyle a-are”

“Spit it out Mrs.Johson” I emotionlessly demanded, not wanting to know the next few words.

I felt my cheeks burn hot and my eyes beginning to sting.

My voice was so low when I spoke, it was as if I had no emotions.

Why can’t I be someone I’m not?

“You and kyle are getting in an…”

“Arranged marriage.” I cut her off, knowing the final words by heart.

“Yeah” I breathed, trying to hold in the tears.

“I think I should have known that.” I whispered, and that was the last thing I said before excusing myself and silently toddling my way out of the restaurant.

Is it bad to say I wanted to live another life… free?

And that was all.

Until I finally let the tears pour out like an endless heartache of regret, hopelessness, and hurt.

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★ ★ ★

It’s been two days since mum and Mrs. Johnson announced my marriage with kyle.

It’s so funny how only two years ago I used to faint when I heard his name, but now, I’m disgusted by him.

I don’t get this.

I don’t get why I have to be born into a family like this.

I have been in my room these past two days.

The night I ran away from the restaurant, I came straight home and called Dylan.

He was pretty devastated when they heard about what happened, but they wouldn’t understand.

No one would, except for my brother.

I haven’t spoken to

Desmond in a long time, two years.

And Kyle?

God just had to set me up with him.


This is great.

Just wonderful.

Please, note the sarcasm.

“Kiara?” My Mum musical voice called from outside of my bedroom door.

I was in my bed, under the covers.

And since today is Sunday, there is no school, so I get to weep around the whole day.

“G…go away!” I wailed.

I’m such a mess right now.

Mum sighed.

“Kiara. Please come out. You know this won’t help anything. You are gonna go through this wedding either way. I told you kiara. Kyle’s mom and I have planned this way before kyle and you were born. We were best friends in high school and we promised.” She explained as I rolled my eyes, not wanting to hear the story.

I sniffled, effortlessly making my way out of bed.

I hopped into my shower, turning the knob to warm, and beginning my normal ten-minute wash-up routine.

To be continued