Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 7



After I stepped out, I dried myself and slipped on a flowy white top with a flowery vest, and skinny jeans to go with. I blow-dried my hair and walked out of my bathroom.

Not getting the marriage out of my head, I stumped down the stairs, going into the kitchen.

“Oh!” Mum cried.

“There is my baby.” She ran over to me and hugged me. so tight, it felt as if I was gone for days and she finally found me.

Mum let go after a while and gestured me to go eat breakfast.

She set a plate of chocolate pancakes, which I gladly ate in just a few bites.

Woah,I haven’t had her food in like forever!

This feels great, to be back in the food-eating-wonderland a.k.a. the kitchen.

I chugged down my milk and then ran my fingers through my wet hair.

What a great breakfast!

I smiled, putting the mug and plate in the dishwasher, intending to go back upstairs.

Just as I had reached the first step on the staircase, my ears started ringing.

What the actual fvck?

I tapped my ears continuously, to stop the ringing, but failed because the rings would come one after another.

It wasn’t until mum yelled, “go get the door!”, that I realized someone was ringing the doorbell.

I face-palmed myself for my stupidity, of course it was the door!

I jumped of the first step of the stairs, and walked over to the front door.

The person rang the doorbell again right before I swung it open.

And there… stood an anonymous guy with a bouquet of roses in front of his face, greeting me.

Like I don’t know who this guy is.

Stupid memories floating back to my mind!

Stupid marriage!

Stupid everything!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I hadn’t realized I said my last thought out loud until a deep, husky voice spoke up,

“Well, chill.”

And right then and there, was when he flashed that perfect smile of his.

The one I fell for damn hard Years ago.

That same stupid, perfect smile that made my knees go weak every time, even now.

That same stupid, perfect smile.

Stupid kyle.


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