Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 8



“Woah kiara. Don’t get too feisty, even if it is hot.”

That s.o.b.!

Does he really not remember me or something?

I mean, hello, I was the girl you practically turned down, humiliated, and completely broke two years ago!

How do you not know that?

Why is he acting so… sorta kind… now?

He would have been blowing me out if it was back then.

I rolled my eyes, snatching the bouquet of roses out of his hands.

“Thank you for the gift.”

I comment in a sickening sweet voice, then crumble the roses and threw them on the ground.

“You may not come in.”

Kyle stared at me in disbelief.

His mouth in an ‘o’ shape and his eyes
wide open.

He then smirks.

“Well you have changed a lot.”

I scoffed. so he does remember me.

He just never said anything.

I felt my heart shatter into pieces as all the memories of what he did came back to me.

Why was he playing Mr. Nice Guy now?

“Why are you so nice all of a sudden? Is it because you are being forced to marry me? If that is the reason, I don’t need your fake kindness. You can go and fvck a whore if you like. I just don’t want anything to do with you.” Ispat in his face ready to slam the door but he stopped me before I could.

“You know, that is not what you were saying two years ago!”

Did you hear that?

If you did, then that was my heart falling.

I turned around, staring at him with hurt written all over my eyes.

“You thought I forgot? Well thats stupid, because I remember you saying how you were sooo in love with me back then.” He snickered.

I felt the tears burn in my eyes, just threatening me to close the door before they fall.

“What the hell happened to you now?!” He finished, raising his voice by the second…

I looked back up at him, only to see his face soften.


He was just yelling at me like a b@stard a second ago, and now he looks at me like someone beat me?

The hell!

Oh right, the tears already fell by now.

“I..I…. I’m sor….”

I cut him off, shaking my head.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being the only girl who ever loved you for you. Not for your looks, or anything. I’m really sorry.” I sobbed, telling myself to be strong and not go weak like two years ago.

“Kara, I’m….I didn’t mean ”

“No.” I stopped him.
“Just go. Please go kyle. I don’t want to see your face right now. Please, just go.”

And at that, I slammed the door in his face, sobbing uncontrollably.

My back hit the front door and I slid down as I kept blubbering.

I didn’t hear him knock the door and
continuously say ‘I’m sorry’ like the guys do in romance novels and movies, so I guess he really did leave.

See Kiara, You proved yourself right.

He never loved you.

He was never sorry.

He will never love you.

Every look he gave you, every word he said to you, every smile he flashed you,
they were all fake.

They were all Fake.

One huge pretentious Expressions.