Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 17



I sighed once again, before sitting up and checking the time.

11:25 a.m.

I got up from the bed, not caring about fixing it and headed straight into the bathroom.

I took a short shower, and stepped out, fully-clothing myself.

Then, I left the bathroom and bedroom, making my way towards the room kiara was in.

Is she even awake yet?

I asked myself, before slowly squeaking the door open.

I peeked my eyes through the door, only to see a tiny figure still quietly sleeping on the bed.


I tip-toed over to her, kneeling beside the bed.

Her ryes were closed.

Her lashes that added more beauty to her eyes were curling out.

She was breathing softly, her chest moving up and down, I could see in the outline of the blanket.

Her hair was messed up and all over the place but it made her look adorable.

Is it bad to say that I would have wanted to have my arms around her right now?

I think it is.

I sighed, deciding to let her be, and stepped out of the room,making my way downstairs.

Mom and Mrs. Arthur were the ones who set this “new house” thing up.

They even decorated the whole house before we had a say in this,not that we would or ever did!

Well, at least they bought all the food for us.

That means, no Grocery shopping… until the foods are finished.

I began to take the eggs out of the fridge, preparing myself to fry up some omelets for kiara and I.

Hey, if there is no way out of this wedding, we might as well make it work.

Though, I don’t know if there is a ‘we’ anymore in this whole thing.

It seems as if I’m the only one whose trying, kiara isn’t.

But, I get why she isn’t… and it’s all my

If I would have known she was this beautiful hot before, I would have never rejected her.


Why do I always do that?

That word, beautiful, just rolls off my tongue when it comes to Kiara.

I’m just not used to it.

I have never called any girl beautiful before.


So, why does it happen with her?

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I switched the stove off, placing the breakfast on two plates and getting rid of the frying pan.

I set the plates on the breakfast table, deciding on whether or not I should take it up to kiara.

After almost ten minutes of debating and seeing she won’t come down.

I grabbed the food and climbed up the stairs.

I quietly opened her door again, finding kiara stirring in her sleep.

Damn, this girl is cute!

I tiptoed over to the side of the bed, sitting down and placing the breakfast tray on my lap.

I sighed heavily before looking down at

I smiled softly, peeling the blanket off of her a bit, revealing her clothes from last night.

I grumbled to myself.

I can’t believe I made her this upset.

I feel like such a douche now, like I already am.

Shaking the thought away, I knelt on the floor, and put the tray on the side table.

I leaned over her, stroking her flawless face, noticing how much I really hurt her.

Noticing what I have done to her.