Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 18



Her eyes were red and dark her nose was puffy and looked like two of my nose size and her cheeks were rosy.

I placed the back of my palm over her forehead, hissing at the touch.

Damn, she is hot!

In both ways.

I thought.

Silently, I shook her by the shoulders.

“Kiara!” I whisper-shouted.

She stirred again,groaning half-asleep.

I chuckled quietly.

she is so fvcking cute!

“Kiara, wake up!”

She groaned louder, rolling on her side as her hand collided with my face, effortlessly.

Note to self: kiara slaps you damn hard if you try to wake her up!

“Kiara!” I tried again, by shaking her waist.

“Go away.” She muttered into her pillow.

“I made you breakfast.”

She still didn’t budge.

“I’m sorry kiara.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it……I want sleep.” She whined, making me sigh and roll my eyes.

“Guess I will have to do this the hard way.” I muttered under my breath, getting up from my knees and onto the bed.

I hovered over her small, fragile body, then plopped myself on top of her.

Yes, on top of her.

It didn’t take less than two seconds for a sharp, bloody squeal to escape from her lips.

Nice going, Kyle.

Nice going!


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We were in a straddling position.

Well I was straddling her.

“Nah…” I started.

“I kinda like this position. Maybe you should be the one on top next time.” I winked.

Kiara widened her eyes in horror.

Her lips parted, her head rapidly shaking ‘no’.

That looked soon changed into a glare in no time.

“Like that will ever happen! There is no way in hell anything like that will be happening between us!”

At that, she lifted both her arms and pushed my chest with all her might, sending me off of her and landing on the bed with a ‘thud’.

I smirked, but then grabbed the breakfast tray and brought it on to the bed.

“I made you breakfast.” I simply stated, before I saw the look she was giving me.

I knew what she was thinking.

She was thinking about that one time in middle school, and what had happened at lunch.

Geez, I’m such an as$!

She won’t even eat because of me!

I’m practically killing her.

I narrowed my eyes and sighed.

“Kiara you have to eat.”

She shook her head, resisting.

But, that wasn’t an answer in my book.

I climbed in closer to her on the bed, sitting criss-cross in front of her.

I told her to open wide, and it took her some convincing, but soon she did.

And that was that.

I fed her breakfast, and she didn’t hesitate to let me.

I smiled.

Things were improving.

If not by a lot, at least by a little.

And I want it to be like this, and stay like this.

I know it will take some time.

Okay, a lot of time for kiara to come out of her shell and forgive me.

But, it’s worth it.

For the next few months, or however long it is until the wedding, I will try my hardest to make kiara forgive me.

I will do whatever it takes.

And for now, that is all I want.

No matter how girly or cheesy, and unlike me it sounds, that is a promise.