Araba Dross Season 2 Episode 3 Circles


The surprises wasn’t enough, the doctor came in with the person i least expected to see, Kobby. Apparently, he was the one who hit me with the car.

Just when i saw him, i freaked out, i wanted to get up and leave the hospital that moment.

“Hey, calm down. You really need to rest.” The doc said.

“Doc, can i have a moment with her” Kobby said. Just then, the doctor left leaving Kobby and i all alone.

“Leave me alone Kobby. Just leave me alone, i owe you nothing” i said.

Kobby was even looking relaxed than I thought. I was so sure he was up to something. Even when i was saying all this, he just grab a chair nearby and sat beside me at the hospital bed.

“I’m sorry I can’t leave you alone. You know I can’t do that” he said.

I felt entrapped when he said that. It’s like my whole world revolves around the shadows of people. I can’t just live a life of my own.

Probably my life is a cursed one. Everything was perfect when i was a teacher, my life turned upside down when i moved into Madam’s house.

Though its hard to believe, i can now say i was once a prostitute. I can never be proud of this. Thats the life i want to burry and live a clean life.

Now, here i am, in the hands of the person who played a major role of me becoming a prostitute. There was no way, i will trust such a person.

“I’m the one who hit you with a car, I can’t leave you knowing that you are still on this bed” he continued.

I didn’t know what he meant by that. He was now acting like the Kobby i first met, who looked very gentle and harmless.

“I have sorted all your bills so you have nothing to worry about. You are free to leave ones you are healthy enough” he said.

I couldn’t believe what he was saying that i found myself lost in words. He then got up and began to walk away just like that.

“And hey, I’m sorry for everything” he said and finally went out of the room.

That wasn’t what i was expecting from him. His actions were very creepy but i just didn’t understand what was going on. His even made me uncomfortable at the hospital, i was so sure that he was up to something. All what i knew was that, i was not safe.

Few minutes after he left, a nurse came in with food stuff and fruit drinks.

“Where are these from” i asked the nurse.

“Oh its from the gentleman who just left, he is really nice person you know. I know this is wrong but he gives me tips to take good care of you” the nurse answered and then checked on me and left.

All what was going through my mind was to find out what Kobby was up to. It was only a matter of time.

Kobby didn’t stop visiting and anytime he visited, he brought in food stuffs. He was practically taking care of me at the hospital. Notwithstanding, i never spoke a word to him anytime he visited.

He will visit me early in the morning and leave late in the night yet i never uttered a word. Any time he noticed that his presence was making me uncomfortable, all he did was to leave the ward and come back later when I’m at ease.

All the time, he kept apologizing. One thing I didn’t know was, whether he was apologizing for hitting me with a car or for what happened back then at Madam’s place.

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Finally i was fit enough to be discharged. I didn’t want to disclose this to Kobby but unfortunately for me, the doctor had already done that. He came to the hospital to pick me but I declined.

To be honest, i needed help in getting back to the guesthouse, but there was no way i would let Kobby know where i was lodging. I still don’t trust him.

He insisted that he takes me to wherever i want to go but i still refused.

“I am not going anywhere with you Kobby. Just leave me alone” i said.

For the first time, the look on his face was very sad. I didn’t want to believe in it but that look was so real. Even with that, i was still firm with my decision.

Seeing that he was helpless around me, he left the ward which i was. That was my cue, i needed that moment to leave right then.

I took what i had to take and left the ward. I didn’t know the way around the hospital since i was unconscious when i was brought here. I bumped into the doctor who was checking on me.

“I assumed you are looking for Mr. Kobby” the doc asked. Just when i was about to answer him. I saw Kobby and JJ approaching us.

Apparently, since i was being difficult, Kobby went to seek JJ’s help to drive me back home. That was when i noticed that Kobby was actually being real this time.

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To be continued

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