Araba Dross Season 2 Episode 2 I Love You Too


All what i saw was a salon car coming towards me with a top speed. That was it, I didn’t see anything anymore.

The next thing i knew was, i was nicely dressed in my cooperate attire and was busily working for this new job i got.

Strangely, i was familiar with all the workers there and as it seemed, i was happy with my new job. Just when i was settling in, guess who came in to book appointment with my boss, JJ.

It seemed the more i sought out a way to avoid him, the more i get closer to him. As if he knew i was already working there, he wasn’t surprised to see me.

He just booked the appointment for later in the week and that was it, he didn’t say anything more. All he did was to walk out of the premises ones he was done. I knew this wasn’t right but I couldn’t stop myself from doing it.

I stood up from my desk and quickly followed him out. I had no reason for doing that, but that was what my guts told me to do.

By the time i got out, he was already in his car getting ready to leave. I rushed towards the car early enough to stop him from going.

“What is it again Araba” he asked.

JJ sounded very cold but that didn’t deter me from stopping him from going.

“Look JJ, i know i messed up but at least tell me something” I said.

For a moment, he was just quiet after i said that. He just opened the door for me to get in.

“You want to talk, let’s go for a ride” he said

“You know I’m working right” i asked

That didn’t change his mind yet regardless of my second thought i went ahead and sat in the car, he then drove off right afterwards.

I had no idea of where we were going, but before I noticed, we were at JJ’s house again.

“Why are we here? I asked.

Well to be honest, i had no problem coming back to the house but i just didn’t want to see myself coming face to face with his wife.

“To talk. If it’s my wife you are worried about, Don’t worry, she is out of town” he answered.

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Well, i guess this was the moment i have been waiting for all along. It’s about time, we deal with this ones and for all.

He served me a glass of wine when we arrived then sat right beside me on the couch.

“So i guess this is it.” He said

Just when i made attempt to talk, he stopped me.

“There is no need to talk, just hear me out” JJ said. “ look, i know how you feel, i know i am married and i also know that leaving you without any notice wasn’t the best, thats why I’m trying to amend my mistakes.”

As he said all this, he began to sound very passionate and i felt he meant every word he said.

“I may be married now but there is no doubt that i …” he said and stopped right there where i wanted to hear more of what he had to say.

“Continue JJ, I’m here, talk to me” i said. He looked straight into my eyes and knelt before me like he was coming to propose to me.

“Araba, there is no doubt after all these years, i still love you even more than i love my wife” he said.

Thats what i needed to hear and its enough for me. I didn’t need anything else from him. I followed my heart and planted a kiss on his lips.

It felt so good that before i knew it, i was on top of him, kissing him so deep on the floor. Even in my cooperate attire i could still feel his rigid manhood in his jeans.

He suddenly turned me over and then he came on top. He was in control now, he took off his shirt quickly and went back kissing my neck.

Then i felt his tongue rolling down in between my breast. I was extremely “out of reach” now. There was no way out for me now.

I held his head as he began to suck my nipples. His warm tongue on my nipples was enough to get me moaning softly. By this time my hand was already in his boxer shorts holding onto his firm manhood.

This was how much i missed JJ, though we have done worse things than this before, this encounter seemed like the first time. I felt every touch and every move he made. I was ready to receive him.

Just when he began to take off his boxer shorts, Linda bursted us.

“What, JJ? She yelled.

That scene was enough to bring me out of coma. I opened my eyes and all what i saw was a nurse attending to me in the hospital.

I don’t know or remember how i ended up here in the first place.

“Where am i” i asked the nurse.

“At the military hospital, the doctor will be with you shortly” she answered.

“What happened to me, nurse” I desperately asked.

“Erm, you were hit by a car and you have been here for two weeks now. It’s a miracle that you’re alive. The driver brought you in time, you would have lost a lot of blood” the nurse answered me.

Then i began to remember everything, i got hit by a car on top speed on my way from the job interview.

“Let me get the doc” the nurse said and went out.

I noticed my head was all covered with bandage, then i felt pains on my waist. I was surprised that i had actually been in coma for two weeks.

The surprises wasn’t enough, the doctor came in with the person i least expected to see, Kobby. Apparently, he was the one who hit me with the car.

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To be continued.