Araba Dross Season 2 Episode 1 New Me


“What is going on here” her voice came in from the hallway.

JJ and I both freaked out when she came in, luckily for us, Linda didn’t see us kissing from the dark however, our actions was full of guilt that she suspected we were up to something.

“Little Sis here is a bit worried about the confrontation you had with the visitor yesterday, i met her here when i came to get myself a glass of water” JJ made up a lie.

“Just hurry and come to bed ok” Linda said and went back to their bedroom leaving JJ and I alone.

“I told you this isn’t the right time. What were you thinking” JJ said and walked out on me. From all indications, i can tell he was really upset.

I was then feeling very guilty for what just happened. I could have destroyed his marriage right that moment and everything would have been over. I just felt bad, i was caught up in the moment.

Now, one thing was clear. I can’t trust myself when I’m alone with JJ. I’m so consumed in JJ shadows that i needed to find a way out. However, that didn’t change the fact that there were a lot of questions left unanswered. I guess it’s only a matter of time before i get to know what was going on.

Aside all this, I couldn’t stop thinking about the kiss. As short as it was, I really liked it but then JJ attitude completely changed towards me.

Ever since, JJ and i kissed, he has been distant. He barely spoke to me. For days now, everything seemed quiet but JJ acted as if he didn’t know me. It was clear that he was still upset for what i did and that alone was enough to hurt me.

As if that wasn’t enough, he began flirting with his wife even in my presence. You can imagine how that feel. I get so hurt and uncomfortable that as soon as he begins that, i go and lock myself in the room. It was so heartbreaking that I sometimes shed tears.

I needed a hero, i got one but there was no joy in that. I didn’t see myself tolerating this situation for long. I only had one thing in mind. It’s daring but i had no choice than to go ahead and do it.

I waited till JJ and his wife were asleep then i began to pack my belongings. Yes!!! Thats the only thing i could think of, i wanted to escape and live a life of my own. JJ had done enough for me and i think this was the end of the road for me in this house.

To show my appreciation, i wrote a note thanking him for all what he had done for me, especially bringing me out of that hell. I had no idea of whats out there for me, but it was worth the try. I had no where to go and no one to go to.

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I was able to leave without getting noticed and with the little money i had on me, i was able to book myself a cheap room in a guesthouse for a whole month. Now, for the first time in a long while, i was completely by myself.

I needed to get myself a place before the month ends. Thats when i began seeking for jobs, writing applications here and there.

There was no way JJ and his wife will contact me because i was without a phone. I was so sure they will be looking for me but i had already made my decision. This is the only thing i can do to stay out JJ’s marriage and that was to leave the house and his life for good.

Fortunately, one of the jobs I applied for called for an interview. I got prepared for the interview and as determined as i am, i got to the work place 2 hours before the time.

Even with that, there were other applicants there already. I was actually the seventh in the queue. This was my first interview and trust me, i was so nervous. The others looked very calm and relaxed as they took their turns in the interview.

Some even came out with smiles on their faces that made me wondered if they had already gotten the job. Soon, it was my turn to go in.

I went in looking very confident but inwardly i was the only one who knew how i felt. I didn’t know what i said or did, they just asked me basic questions about my personal life which I answered and that was it, i was told to start work as a secretary the following day.

For a moment, I couldn’t believe it. I actually got the job within a snap of a finger. I couldn’t hide the joy i felt. I went away looking very happy. From there i knew i have gotten my life back on track.

Even as i was walking towards the guesthouse where I was logging, my mind was full of thoughts of how lucky i was that I didn’t notice i had left the walkway and was heading towards the highway.

All what i saw was a salon car coming towards me with a top speed. That was it, I didn’t see anything anymore.

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To be Continued