Araba Dross Episode 3 Dross


I followed him closely, that was where i met Madam by the window. She was looking at us all along.

The look on Madam’s face when i got to the living room freaked me out. I knew that look very well. She usually gave me this look anytime i did something wrong.

This time however, she didn’t utter a word, she just went to her bedroom with Kobby. Well, i knew what was going to happen ones they get into the room but then I didn’t want to put myself in anymore trouble, so I didn’t eavesdrop this time around like I usually do.

What bothered me most was the whereabouts of Madam’s baby. Aside that, i wondered why Kobby would also give me his contact. Well, I won’t know until i make that call and that can also happen when i have a phone.

Anyway, there was practically nothing to be done. Madam was definitely having some good time with Kobby and for like a whole hour, i was free from working and attending to Madam’s needs.

I laid in my room quietly then the thoughts of JJ came back in mind. I was no saint, i had feelings. I missed the way he touched me and even made love to me.

Thinking of this got me aroused. I was so horny that moment. I took his picture that i kept and began to imagine those moments we spent together. My mind was so full of crazy things right now that I began to touch my nipples.

It felt like he was there, like he was the one touching me. It felt good, i wanted to have sex, yet there was nothing left for me to do. I couldn’t stop there, i went to the extreme to put my hand in my pant.

I liked how it felt, I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I was in a totally different world now. I began to moan softly as I touched myself at my most sexually sensitive place. Little did i know that my door was left ajar.

Madam over heard me when she came out of he bedroom. She quickly walked into my room and saw me busily satisfying myself. As if that was not enough, she went back quietly and called Kobby to also come and watch me live action.

I didn’t notice this until Madam called out my name. That was the most embarrassing moment in my life. I was half naked with Madam and Kobby watching me all along. I was so ashamed of myself.

Well, there was nothing that i could say or do to justify what i did, but Madam shouldn’t have called Kobby to also come and watch me.

“What is wrong with you? Are you not ashamed of yourself? You don’t even changed your underwear yet look at the nasty thing you are doing” Madam scolded me right in the presence of Kobby.

That was were i earned the name “Araba Dross”. She definitely wasn’t right about me not changing my underwear but i had only three and it was all black. Where was the money to even buy more ?

There was nothing i could say or do. They have caught me and I can’t change that. I stood there and listened to whatever she had to say.

I could tell from Kobby’s facial reaction that he wasn’t at ease with what was going on. When it got too unbearable for him, he just left, leaving Madam and i alone.

At least, I didn’t loose my job after all that had happened and since the incident, i had not really made eye contact with my Madam.

Out of shame, I couldn’t look at her anytime she spoke to me yet she mocked me all the time. From just “Araba” to “Araba Dross”. Thats how she now calls me.

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On a brighter side, i had not seen Kobby ever since the incident. I doubted if he was still expecting my call.

It’s been days since Madam took the baby out and till now, she had never mentioned her whereabouts. My curiosity was just killing me.

I wanted to know where the baby was. No mother will leave a baby to someone’s care at that tender age. This whole thing was entirely strange to me.

I made up my mind to question her when she comes back from town. She had left home quite early that morning. The doorbell rang after a couple of hours.

“That must be her” i said to myself and quickly rushed to the door to open it up. The least I expected, it was Kobby. I was ashamed when i saw him. I just bowed my head in shame as i spoke to him.

“Madam is not around sir” I said

“Why are you talking to me facing away, if it’s about the other time, trust me, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Besides i know your Madam is not around. I came to see you” he said.

I was surprised when i heard him say that. I raised my head to look at him. That was something i never expected.

“I figured that you were never going to call so i have to pass by” he said and walked passed me, making his way into the living room.

“Erm sir, Madam doesn’t allow me to receive visitors” i said. I was beginning to feel nervous. What if Madam comes around to meet him with me? What will she say? I asked myself all these. I was just feeling uneasy at that moment.

“Chill my dear, and quit calling me sir, don’t you think i know you are not supposed to receive visitors. I know where Madam is as we speak. So like i said. Just chill” he said.

What is the motive of this sudden visit from Kobby? What he said right now didn’t change how i felt.

“Look, come here. Come and sit on my lap” he said.

No! No! This doesn’t seem right. Like seriously, is he really asking me to sit on his lap?

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To be continued.

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