Araba Dross Episode 2 Bailer


I was caught right in the action of eves-dropping. Kobby was the one who came out of the room. It was so obvious that, he knew i was eves-dropping. Surprisingly he shut the door behind him, so that madam wouldn’t see me from the bedroom.

“Were you eves-dropping? He asked.

I was so ashamed that the lie I even wanted to say couldn’t come out of my mouth. I just bowed down my head in shame.

“Go back to your room” he said. I quickly ran off and went to my room as he said. I was so scared that i thought, he will end up telling madam what i did. That will cause me my job. I didn’t know what to expect now.

As much as this sound crazy, maybe the best thing for me to do was to just come out clean. One thing about Madam was that, she loved it when you are honest with her. Thats my best option now.

I just waited for them to come out of the room together, then i will quickly rush and tell her what i did, right in the presence of Kobby.

I heard the door opened, it was time for Kobby to leave. I quickly came out of my room to meet them.

“Madam, there is something you should know” I said.

“Where are your manners, can’t you see, i have a visitor” She said.

You dare not talk back when she is talking, even with this, she has already started raising her voice at me.

“Maybe, you should hear what she has to say my dear” Kobby intervene. Madam then listened to what Kobby said.

“Yes, go ahead, I’m waiting” she said. Her face was looking very mean and that even made me more nervous.

“Er… Em I did something earlier and I’m sorry” I said. I couldn’t even go straight to the point.

“Ah, what are you saying, what did you do” Madam asked me.

Suddenly, Kobby intervened again and saved the whole situation. His guess was right, he figured it out that i was about to tell madam what happened earlier on.

“Oh i get it. You know, when i left the room earlier on, I bumped into her, right behind our door when she was sweeping, she got the dust all over me” He said.

Wow. I couldn’t believe what he just did. He bailed me out that easily.

“What, and you didn’t tell me, this girl has no manners” Madam yelled.

From her reaction, i knew it wasn’t a good idea if i had come out clean. Kobby had saved me, so i had to play along.

“It’s not her fault, i was the one who bumped into her. I don’t think you should even get worked up over this” He said and walked away. Madam followed him and off they went.

I owe that guy one. That was so close, this could have been my end. I don’t even remember the last time a guy stood up for me.

This is was how my life with Madam had always been. So on a usual day, this is how I narrow down my routine. Work, Work and Work.

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I only eat three square meals a day when i get paid but when am through with that money, i go back to my one meal per day routine.

Sometimes, i get so weak that, i feel drowsy anytime i try to walk. There was no break for me so i had no option than work all the time.

Loneliness was becoming unbearable for me. I had no friends, no phone and not even a boyfriend. My best friend was the sponge i use for cleaning the dishes and the brooms i use sweeping.

Madam and her baby wasn’t around leaving me alone in the house. All work and no play makes Araba dummy, thats my own lines.

I seized the moment and began to play music. I couldn’t stop myself from dancing. Right at the living room, that was my dancing floor. I was all over the place, drilling with my dancing moves.

It’s been long time i had such fun. I danced my heart out till i was so tired that i laid on the floor panting.

Come to think of it, it’s been two weeks already since Kobby came here. That was so unusual. I wondered what had happened between Madam and him. Just when these thoughts were going through my mind. The doorbell rang.

I checked from the window, it was Madam. I quickly, put off the music and rushed off to open the door. She looked very angry when i got there, all she did was just to walk passed me in a haste and went to her room.

Surprisingly, She didn’t come with the baby. What could be the problem? I asked myself. I was even scared to go and ask her. It’s been an hour since she returned, yet she hasn’t come out of her room.

The doorbell rang again and i rushed to check out who it was. Kobby had come back. This was my opportunity to thank him for what he did the other time.

“Sir you are here” I said. “Just want to thank you for the other time….”

Before i could finish my statement, he took me by the hand. I didn’t expect that, his hand was so firm. Then he looked straight into my eyes.

“You should be careful next time, and you owe me an explanation for what you did” he said and gave me a sheet of paper with his number. I couldn’t say anything than to watch him walk away into the living room.

I followed him closely, that was where i met Madam by the window. She was looking at us all along.

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To be continued.