Araba Dross Episode 1 Yawa


Story By Elton Nana Amoah

Usually, when someone decides to open up like this and tell you what he had gone through in life, what we expect in the end is a happy ending. But the society which we live does not really operate like that.

You reap what you sow. The Garbage you put in a dustbin is the same garbage you throw out.

Well, I deserve a happy ending but as at now, i guess i have not reached that ending yet. How i got here, was all by hate and that is why I guess I’m being punished for it. You know what, let me just go straight to the point.

The only thing I had for breakfast was Gari and groundnuts. Well thats was the only food i could afford. I didn’t eat the whole of yesterday so with just Ghc 1.00 i was good to go.

At this moment, i was not thinking of the quality of the food or how delicious it tasted, all i needed was to the quantity. To the best of my knowledge, intake of sugar may cause me diabetes, so i wasn’t bothered about that.

I said that to myself just to comfort me, however, if i had enough, I would have definitely buy some. I was just looking out for the quantity so i mixed my “gari soakings” with a little water.

Once it was ready, i spread my legs open on the floor, placed the bowl of “gari soakings” in between my legs and got ready to eat. Just when i got ready to take my first shot, madam shouted out my name. “ Araba, Araba”.

You dare not waste time when she calls you. In a haste, i stood up quickly but unfortunately for me i hit my leg against the bowl. I watched as my only meal poured away. I didn’t know if i should attend to my food or my madam’s call.

“Araba, where are you, can’t you hear me calling” she shouted from her bedroom. I had no option, i left the scatted gari on the floor and went to madams room.

“Take the baby, and feed her, i need to make some phone calls. Make sure she doesn’t cry” she said. Madam had already prepared cup of “cerelac” so all i needed to do was to just feed the baby. She went out of the room to make her phone calls leaving me alone with the baby.

This was hardest temptation ever since i began working with Madam. I began feeding the baby, and all she did was to spit the food out anytime I manage to get the food in her mouth.

Then a flashback of what had happened to meal came back in mind. Thats was probably going to be the only meal for that day. I can’t depend on Madam, she hardly feeds me. I only get to eat when i happen to do the cooking. There is more to that, but i guess i leave it for another day.

Since the baby, was spitting out the food and i was so hungry, why not do myself a favor, i forgot about the baby completely and ate everything in the bowl. I made it look as If the baby was one who ate everything by spreading some of the food on the lips of the baby.

Madam came in just after she was done with her phone call.
“Wow, she ate all that” Madam said.

“Yeah, i think she needs more” I said.

“You go to your room, i will prepare her some” she said. I was quite disappointed, I thought this could be another opportunity for me to fill my belly.

I went back into the kitchen where i was earlier, i wished there was something i could do about my poured “Gari”, but there was nothing to be done. Well half a loaf is definitely better than none. I just drunk in a lot of water and went in to my room.

I have been living with Madam for the past four months. My stay here hasn’t been long but it was enough for me to tell that Madam extort money from men.

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As at this moment, i didn’t even know the father of the child. I only guessed that, it was Kobby, who happens to be a regular visitor to my Madam.

Anytime, he comes here, you will see Madam giving him money, but apart from him, other men visit her as well.

However, those other men, rather end up showering madam with a lot of money any time they came. But Kobby, whom i thought was the father of the Madam’s baby, never gave her anything. I was even surprised why Madam kept entertaining him.

Personally, i always liked it when Kobby comes around. I will tell you the reason later. I also knew tonight he will be around, so as Madam waited for him, i waited for him as well.

Anytime, Madam hang around with guys, it reminds me how lonely i was. Gone are the days where i was ones a teacher at elementary school. That was where i met my first love, JJ. He was also a teacher at the same school where i was teaching.

We did a lot of crazy things together. None of our colleagues knew that we were dating though, but in our own way we enjoyed the secret affair, but our love lives cause us our job.

One occasion, after school had closed and everyone had left the premises. JJ and I sat at one classroom to talk. One thing led to the other, we ended up making out at the classroom.

The sex was that good that we didn’t notice that the Head Teacher had arrived at the scene and was looking at us in action all this while.

This happened about six months ago, we were both fired the next morning, but unfortunately, that was the last time i set my eyes on JJ.

Somehow he blamed me for what had happened so even when he changed his contact number, he didn’t even let me know. I still had feelings for him, but i was just waiting for the day i will meet him ones again and make things right.

In my own way, i saw some similarities of this adventurous love affair of ours in that of Madam and Kobby. Speaking of this, the doorbell rang and immediately i knew it was Kobby.

He was the only one who comes to the house without a car. Before Madam, will call me to answer the door, i was already on my way there.

As usual, he went straight to Madam’s room. I always gave them 5 – 10 Minuets after his arrival. The next I usually hear was heavy moans from madam.

That’s what i have always been waiting for. Somehow i found that entertaining, so just when Kobby entered Madam’s room. I quickly went and stood behind the door to listen to was going on.

The moan began, then i heard Madam shouting “faster, faster…” Kobby in turn kept saying “oh yeah, yeah” i was eager to hear more so i leaned against the door.

Suddenly, everyone stopped, i couldn’t believe it. This was so unusual, it lasted barely 2 minutes. Before I could drew any conclusions, the door which i leaned on, got open. I had no time to escape. I was caught right in the action of eves-dropping.

To be Continued

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