Araba Dross Episode 4 Scandal


No! No! This doesn’t seem right. Like seriously, is he really asking me to sit on his lap?

This doesn’t seem right or perhaps i was actually exaggerating. I guess he was trying to make me feel comfortable around him after all that happened. As at now there was no cause for alarm.

I went ahead and sat on his lap. Then he placed his hand on my waist. Honestly, that was not something i should be comfortable with yet i kept a calm composure and hoped that this doesn’t get any worse.

“So tell me, why don’t you try and get yourself a guy? He asked.

I gave him a weird look, like he is really not supposed to ask me that question.

“Are you not going to answer me? He asked. “Look, its absolutely okey to confide in me, i know you want to talk to someone and Madam is definitely not the person you want” he said.

To be honest, he was right about that. I had completely forgotten that i was sitting on his laps all along. I was getting so much into what he was saying.

He reached to his pocket and took out a phone.

“Here” he said “ this is yours, my number is saved in there, i can be the one you will talk to” he continued.

I was in a total dilemma. Yes, i needed a phone but it’s rare for a man to give you something out of the blue and expect nothing in return.

“Erm sorry sir, I’m not allowed to use phone” i said. I couldn’t see myself accepting this.

“Rules are meant to be broken, I’m sure you can figure something out without letting your Madam know” he said.

This is when i realized that he was gently rubbing his hands on my waist and so i got up quickly.

“Sir, please give me some time to think about this. I have some work to do.” I said and left him at the living room. Now it was clear that he had ulterior motive.

I admit that from a distance, i admire him and all that but i was not ready to put myself in any kind of trouble. Kobby was just a no go area for me.

I went straight to Madam’s room to clean the place up. It was already cleaned but i had to do that just to keep myself busy.

I thought that will keep Kobby away but before i knew it, he was already in the room with me.

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“Why are you acting like a child? First, you refuse to take the phone and now you are running away from me? I guess Madam hasn’t told you anything about me, i get what i want, no matter how or what it takes.” He said.

Now he was sounding mean. His tone began to scare me. Saying this, he shut the door behind him and locked it. Then he took the key and put it into his pocket.

“Sir, please I don’t want any trouble. I want to go out” i said.

“Sure, just come for the keys” he said. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. I didn’t know what to do stop him.

“This is going to be quick one, come to think of it, would you not prefer this than touching yourself? Come on, wise up” he said and got closer to me.

Then he held me tightly. This was so not right, this is not what i wanted or expected from him. Not this way. He tried to force me onto the bed, my hand was quick that i ended up giving him a heavy slap.

He definitely didn’t see this one coming, being slapped by a maid was something that will surely diminish his manly ego.

He got aggressive this time around, I didn’t stop resisting him, out of nowhere, he ended up slapping me back. For a moment i felt drowsy. That was when he succeeded getting me onto the bed.

He tore my attire apart. I really put up a big fight but his second slap was enough to succumb me. That was it, he raped me right there on Madam’s bed.

I felt really worthless that time, ones he was through with me. He pulled his shorts up and buckled it. He was sweating all over likewise me.

For a moment, I couldn’t move, i was so weak and my whole body felt heavy. When i regain my strength after a short while, i got up quickly and began to dress up.

“It didn’t have to be like this. This is not how i planned it” he said.

“Can i have the keys to the door now?” I asked. He sat on the bed as if he didn’t hear what i said.

“Can we talk about this please” he said.

“Just give me the keys let me go please” i said. What was there to talk about again. He was done with me and there was nothing he could do to change that.

“Araba Araba” i heard Madam calling from the living room. She had already returned.

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To be continued

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