Araba Dross Episode 5 The Job


“Araba Araba” i heard Madam calling from the living room. She had already returned.

Thats when i freaked out, I knew there was only one exit point yet i found myself looking around as if a door leading to my room will magically appear on the wall.

“You see what you caused. What will Madam think if she finds out I’m in the room with you” I whispered. To my surprise, Kobby was so calm than I expected.

He was the one who raped me in the first place, so he should be the one with a lot of explanation to do. The more Madam kept calling me the more sacred i got.

Then suddenly the door knob turned. Madam was trying to open the door from behind. This was getting worser than i thought.

Kobby just got up like he just came up with a bright idea. “Just stay calm, i know what to do” he said. Then he went to the door to open it.

My face was looking all suspicious as Madam came in. She just stood there starring at both of us. It was obvious, she didn’t have to ask what was going on, she wanted us to spill everything out ourselves.

“Why didn’t you tell me she was this good” Kobby said. What does he mean by that, i wondered.

“I told you, didn’t i” Madam responded. “Can i have my money now” she continued. Kobby took a white envelope containing money and gave it to her.

“If not for our deal, I would have cut 5% off. She was really a fighter” he said and walked out of the room leaving Madam and i alone.

What was happening here? I was completely lost. It looked as if Madam and Kobby was in some sought of agreement over me. I was even scared to ask her anything, all she did was to count the money in front of me.

There was nothing left for me to do there. If i needed any answer or explanation, the best person i can get to talk is Kobby. I took the broom, then decided to walk to out of the room.

Just before i got to the door, Madam called me back.
“Come and sit down” she said. For a moment, I remembered when Kobby earlier on told me to come and sit on his lap. There was this resemblance in their tone.

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Quietly, i went and sit beside her on the bed. She then gave me GHC400 right there. This was even more than my monthly pay.

“Apparently, you’ve won favor from most of my Clients. Kobby is just one of them, you can earn this every week if you keep giving my clients exactly what you gave to Kobby” she said.

Does that mean, i was going to get raped all the time and get paid for it? I just didn’t know what was going on, but I couldn’t ask her because i knew what Madam could do.

From this point, i knew everything was planned out between Kobby and Madam. She knew Kobby would be here in her absence, she knew he will have sex with me. She knew everything. I just didn’t have any say.

“Get out of my room and clean yourself up” She said. Without any questions i went out of the her room and headed straight to mine.

Then everything came back to me. Different men always come in and out to visit Madam all the time. Now i think i know what she does and what she was trying to put me into. Exactly, Prostitution.

No! No! I will never do that. Over my dead body. This is not me. As far as I’m concerned I’ve been raped and that it. I needed a way out. I wondered if i should tell her that I can’t continue with this or I should just escape.

Escape seemed the best option as at now. Yes! That was exactly what i was going to do. I had no choice, i will escape that very evening.

It was almost 10pm and from my room i heard a male’s voice talking to Madam. It must be one of her client, i assumed. I just wanted the coast to be clear so i can just escape. GHC 400 isn’t much, but that can definitely sought me out there for some few days.

Well, its better than being here and being used as a prostitute. I wasn’t hearing anymore voices. I knew by now, they should be doing their own thing in Madam’s room.

This could be the cue for me to escape. I quickly packed my belongings, looked around and began to sneak out. I made it outside the living-room.

However, i had to quickly duck when i heard Madam and her client laughing hard from her room. I thought i had been caught already.

When i made it out of the room, i headed straight to the main door. Unfortunately, it was locked. Madam usually keeps the keys in her room before we go to bed. This didn’t look good at all. I should escape and it must be tonight or never.

I had to look for an alternative and that was to jump over the wall. This wall was like 9ft high. I had no idea of how i was going to jump over it. Lucky for me, there was a table near by. I quickly dashed out to bring the table.

My bag was so heavy that I couldn’t threw it over the wall. I had to put it on my back as i stood on the table and got ready to climb and jump over the wall.

“What on earth do you think you are doing” Madam called out from behind me. I had no idea how she got there without me noticing. That was my end. I had been caught.

I got down from the table and turned to Madam. There she was, standing with this man. Hold on, the man looked so familiar, I recognized him right from that moment. It was JJ, my ex.

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To be continued

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