Araba Dross Episode 6 Sex & Money


Hold on, the man looked so familiar, I recognized him right from that moment. It was JJ, my ex.

Our eyes met and I knew he also recognized me right then. From what i can tell, he really looked like a rich person now. I mean, all Madam’s client are rich except for Kobby.

“What is going on here” JJ asked Madam.
“That’s exactly what I’m trying to find out, let me handle this, i will catch up with you later ok” Madam said. JJ then walked away without saying anything to me.

Now it was just Madam and I. What was going to happen next, i left it to fate to decide.

“Madam I’m sorry, i just can’t leave under this condition, I can’t be a prostitute” i begged.

“I know, don’t worry I understand you. Lets get inside and talk” she said and began to walk away. That wasn’t the reaction i was expecting, it was really surprising that she took what happened lightly.

I followed her quietly into the living room. That was were she took the GHC400 she gave me earlier.
Now, she had access to all the keys in the entire house, i simply had nowhere to escape.

“So you think you are smarter than me. I can just strangle you to death now but I’m not a violent person. How do you expect to survive? Tell me” she yelled at me.

“You are not going anywhere. You are stuck here. No food, nothing, until you learn to come to your senses. Go into your room now” she said.

I was chocked with tears that I couldn’t say anything or even begged her. I went to my room and there again, she locked the door and took the keys away.

As at that time, I wished i had taken Kobby’s phone. It would have been really useful now. This was not right and for once I knew i had no place to escape to, that is, if even i can escape.

For three days i was stuck in my room with only water to drink. I had not seen daylight ever since I tried to escape. All I could think off was survival and food. There was no way I could take this anymore.

As at now, all I wanted to do was to just give up. I just couldn’t bare it any longer. I was dying and fading away slowly.

There was no way i could take this anymore. Aside everything, i somehow wanted to stay after seeing JJ. He knows me and won’t allow me do such a thing. It was my plan to confide in him at his next visit.

I had this strong feeling that JJ will surely be back. If not for anything at all, my presence here should bring him back. I had no choice, because of survival i had to give in.

Just like she had promised, my madam fed me right after i gave in. As if that wasn’t enough, she gave me some nice dresses to put on.

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“From now on, you are no longer a maid but my colleague. Go and freshen up, you are working tonight” she said.

This was were my new life began. Everything changed, i only thought it will just be for a night, i had the hope that JJ will come back sooner but it’s been over a week, there was no sign of him.

I was just been used here and there, all i can do was to pretend that i liked every act. There was no joy in what i was doing. How time changes, just recently, i was missing it so badly and now i have it yet i hated it so much.

My life was just, sex and money. I couldn’t count the number of men, i had even slept with within this few days, i was already having close to GHC 2000 out of this.

Amidst all what i was made to do, I still looked for a chance to escape yet couldn’t find any. Madam was still conscious that she never gave me access to the keys of the house. My movements around the house was strictly monitored, in a way, i was living like a prisoner. I had to look for other alternatives.

I was very tired after a full day of sleeping with six other men. I washed down and went to my room to rest. Madam came and woke me up that another client is in and has purposely requested for my service.

Initially, I refused but she insisted that, this particular client has offered for huge sum of money for my service alone. I had no choice than to put on a fake smiling face and do as i was told.

The very moment i was waiting for all along. JJ had come back.

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To be continued.

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