Araba Dross Episode 7 My Escape


The very moment i was waiting for all along. JJ had come back.

The man i have been in love with all my life. There were a lot of catching up to do but this was definitely not the right time to do that. I trusted that JJ will definitely help me out. I knew we love each other back then.

You know, this whole thing amazes me. Life has a way of driving you into unexpected situations. I started off as a teacher then a maid and now, look at where i am, a prostituted. All i wanted to do was to get my life back on track but there more i tried, the more i found myself drowning in an ocean.

JJ stood up from the bed as soon as I entered the room. I locked the door behind me as soon as I entered. Now, i was alone with him. It was obvious we both had a lot to say, starting from how we first of all, got here.

For a moment, there was complete awkward silence in the room. All we had to do was to just stare into each other’s eyes. I had to find a way to break the silence.

“You paid for me, here i am now JJ” I said and started taking off my dress. This was definitely not how i planned the whole thing. Somehow, everything that happened between JJ and i began hitting me back.

The fact that we both lost our jobs after we were caught having sex and yet he did nothing about our relationship than to just abandon me that way was driving me crazy. In a way, I partially blamed him for where i am now. Perhaps, if he was around, things would not have been this way.

“Stop that, I didn’t book you for this, Araba what kind of life are you living now? What is this” he said.

This is the JJ i used to know, this is how sensitive he can get with my issues. I remembered that about him just when he asked me those questions. That was enough to get me crying.

“Come on, it’s alright” he said and held me in his arms. In a long while, that was the only time i felt comforted.

“JJ why did you leave me, after all we have been through, i still love you even till this moment” i said.

“Look, i know what i did was wrong but i had no option” he said. From the way he was talking i knew there was something more to it. He didn’t seem to be ready to open up with me, yet i went i ahead to tell him everything i had been through.

He was really surprised and his actions seemed that he was sorry for me. However, before i knew it, i had come up with a solution.

“I have an idea” he said yet he didn’t tell me. All he did was to open the door and call Madam in. What was he up to? I wondered.

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“I think I’m going to settle down for this lady for the rest of the week. Don’t book him for anyone else apart from me.” He said.

JJ was definitely up to something. For a moment i felt relieved. Finally, i can see a light at the end of the tunnel. There was hope for me after all.

“Mm you know that will cost you more” my madam said.

“I can handle that” JJ answered. “I have to be on my way, i will be back tomorrow”

Just like that, JJ left leaving my Madam and i alone. “I think you really got us some big deal, good job done” she said.

It’s been two days since JJ came here. He didn’t show up the following day after his last visit as he has promised yet Madam was still keeping her end of the bargain.

That was the good side of it. At least I wasn’t attending to anymore clients but I couldn’t stop thinking about his whereabouts.

Was this the only help, he was going to offer? All this were going through my mind as i laid quietly in my room. Suddenly, Madam came knocking on my door. I quickly stood up and went to answer her.

“Dress up, Kobby will be here in the next hour to pick you up” she said.

Though i was scared to ask where Kobby will be taking me to, I didn’t see the need for not asking.

“Please where are we going Madam” i asked.

“Oh your client has booked you for the whole day at a private hotel, Kobby is going to take you there, so hurry up. You only have an hour” she said.

This is my moment. I knew JJ was up to something. This was definitely his way of taking me out of this house. I freshen up quickly and got ready to leave.

Kobby had already arrived and was ready to pick me up. Madam gave him her car and the direction to the hotel. Soon, we were on our way to the hotel.

Kobby seemed upset about me being booked but hey, that was not my business. All i wanted was to be with JJ and thats all.

It was just about 45 minuets drive. Upon our arrival, Kobby gave me the room number where JJ was supposed to be after which he drove off.

For the first time in a long while, i was on my own. Before i knew it, JJ met me at the parking lot.

“Quick, lets get into my car” he said. We then rushed into his car and off we went. That was how I escaped with the help of JJ.

We drove off to his house. It was not just a house but a mansion. JJ has really being doing well financially. We got out of the car when we arrived and headed into the living room.

A young beautiful lady came to meet us half way. She jumped and hugged JJ. As if that was not enough, she kissed him and he also kissed back.

“Sorry, Araba, meet my beloved wife.” He said.

“Oh you are welcome, you really don’t look like your brother” she said.

Apparently, JJ introduced me to his wife as his sister. I still loved JJ and i knew this was going to be hard nut for me to crack. I had no option than to burry my heart broken feelings and jealousy and just play along.

“Nice to meet you too” i said. That was the only thing i said when we got there. We then went inside to settle down.

Then suddenly, i heard a baby’s cry from a distance. JJ’s wife quickly went to bring the child from another room and to my surprise, it was Madam’s baby.

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To be continued.