Araba Dross Episode 8 Coal of Fire


Then suddenly, i heard a baby’s cry from a distance. JJ’s wife quickly went to bring the child from another room and to my surprise, it was Madam’s baby.

Everything was so confusing, on a brighter side, i now know where the baby had been all along but as far I’m concerned, that was Madam’s baby not JJ’s wife.

I decided to keep my mouth shut, i was so sure JJ may have a better explanation for this. I had every reason to be happy yet i was not.

JJ had succeeded in taking me out of my miserable condition to this comfort zone but it was almost as if i was holding unto a coal of fire.

At this moment, i only wished that love had some sought of a switch which you can turn on and off anytime you want. I couldn’t stop loving JJ, even with all what he had done for me, the love i had for him grew more and more.

Ever since i moved into his house, i have been battling out inwardly with my feelings for him.

I wake up in the morning to see his wife and Him happily eating breakfast with smiles on their faces and at every night, they will cuddle each other while watching TV at the hall even in my presence.

It was so obvious that JJ had forgotten all about our past, he was a happily married man. His wife on the other hand was quite nice even towards me. If only he knew JJ was my ex and not my brother as she was told.

JJ’s wife whom i knew as Linda on one occasion decided to get to know me more since she thought i was her sister in law.

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JJ was out on some business errands so i was left alone with his wife Linda.

“So why didn’t you come to our wedding” She asked me.

For a moment, I didn’t know how to answer that question. What if JJ had already made up some excuse without my knowledge?

“Didn’t my brother tell you” I asked. That was how smart i was.

“Well he only said, you keep escaping this question anytime he ask you” she answered.

I had to make up a story to cover this whole thing up. “Well, i took off with my boyfriend so I couldn’t get the invite early enough” i said

She didn’t seem concerned about my story yet i found myself giving her details. I didn’t know if it was out of jealousy or despise, i just went on and on.

“I was so much in love with this guy, that i took off with him in search of greener pasture. Luck was on our side, we got the same job as Teachers but suddenly things changed, he abandoned me and left me without saying anything. Now i hear he is married” i said, i told my own story in a different way.

“Well, such is life, I’m sure there is another guy out there for you but hey, I don’t believe marriage is enough to take him away from you. If you two love each other, you work things out. Maybe you should try and get in touch with him. Who knows” she said.

Funny you, i said to myself. If only she knew what she was asking me to do.

I was actually getting uncomfortable with the whole topic. I didn’t trust myself any longer. If i had been there for a long, who knows, i may blow my cover.

I spend the rest of the day, in the guest room where i was lodging since i came here. That was where i heard people yelling from the compound.

What could be the possible reason? I dashed out of my room and went to see what was happening only to find out that Madam and Kobby had returned to the house looking very furious.

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To be continued

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