Araba Dross Episode 9 Red Wine Final


What could be the possible reason? I dashed out of my room and went to see what was happening only to find out that Madam and Kobby had returned to the house looking very furious and agitated.

I was very quick, just as i saw them, i went back inside before they could set eyes on me. That was so close, i was really lucky.

I may have found a way to hide myself yet i was really nervous. This is the moment i needed JJ the most.

I was afraid Madam and Kobby will just blow my cover and everything JJ and i had in place will be trashed. This could even destroy his marriage.

As much as i love him and will do anything to be in Linda’s place, the last thing i would wish for was to destroy his marriage considering what JJ had done for me.

I sat in my room wondering what will happen next. What seem to be a heated argument lasted for awhile then it came to a stop.

My guess was right, Madam and Kobby had left. I thought Linda will barge into my room right after the confrontation but surprisingly she did not.

I wasn’t so sure of what was going to happen so I didn’t want to trigger anything. I remained in my room for the rest of the day. Staying the room brought memories of how i was locked up in the room with no food to eat. Have really been through a lot.

JJ came back later that evening, that was my cue to finally come out of the room to face what maybe in stock for me.

Apparently, I couldn’t get in touch with JJ, from the living room, i could hear JJ and his wife Linda in a heated argument.

I was so sure that it was because of Madam and Kobby’s visit. This may not definitely go well for me and that was enough to make me nervous. It’s seemed my stay in this house was about to end from what i can tell.

I wish i could intervene but this was clearly a matter for them to solve on their own though i may be the bone of contention. I had no choice than to wait patiently for things to be settled down.

Linda came out of the room looking very furious. I acted concerned to hear what she had to say.

“Linda, is everything alright? I asked.

“Hm, Don’t worry, i think your brother and i can handle this. You know how marriage is” she answered.

From the way She answered me, it seemed she was still ignorant about what was really going on despite Madam’s visit. That means i was actually safe for awhile. I was so sure that JJ has found a way to control the situation at hand.

Surprisingly, i was still in the dark for the rest of the evening. JJ didn’t come out of the room for us to talk. I had no option than to go to bed. Probably, we will tackle this later in the morning.

Trust me, it was really a long night. Full of thoughts, I kept tossing around on the bed finding it difficult to sleep. I’m sure you can understand my situation. I was desperate to know what was going on. To wait till morning, seemed like a century.

It was already 3:30am when I checked the time and i still couldn’t sleep. I woke up and headed straight to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water.

The motive was to get a glass of water yet I ended up pouring myself a wine from the fridge. I guess i needed it.
While taking in sips of the wine, I heard footsteps coming from the hallway.

Before i could rush back to my room, JJ called me out.

“Hey, why the rush. It’s only me” he said. Apparently he also came down to get himself a glass of water.

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Perfect timing. The one i needed to talk to was right here. “Good you are here, we really need to talk” i said.

“Can’t it wait till morning? He asked

“JJ it’s already morning. She was here with Kobby and…” i said sounding very worried.

“Look, i have everything under control, she won’t be here again. For that i can assure you” JJ interrupted.

I hope i was not exaggerating but i needed to know what was going on. He can’t keep me in dark all the time.

“JJ, you get everything under control that’s why you told your wife that am your sister without telling me first. You being too secretive. What is going on JJ? Whose child is your wife even nursing, cos i know it’s Madam’s child” i said.

I realized that my confrontation with him was getting a bit tense but i Just couldn’t help it, i needed answers.

“Just keep your voice down, i will explain everything to you, you have nothing to worry about, this is not the right time” he said.

“This will definitely not be the right time, and yes, you will explain everything to me and i hope you won’t take off like a coward and abandon me just like you did to me” i said.

I didn’t mean that, but my outburst was as a result of what i have hidden and buried in me for all these years since JJ left me.

For a moment there was an awkward silence after i said that. He just looked at me, full of disappointment.

“I suggest you head back to your room” he said and began to walk away.

I held his hand back to prevent him from walking away.

“I didn’t mean what i said JJ, I’m sorry, i just have a lot hidden in me that i need to let out. I’m not supposed to say this but i never stopped loving you JJ. I know you have moved on but i need you to help me to do so too. I love you JJ. I really do” I confessed.

He didn’t utter a word after i said this. I didn’t realize it but suddenly i found myself standing right in front of him, close enough to feel his breath.

The whole place was partially dark with the kitchen lights off. That very moment, i had forgotten that the JJ i knew was now a married person. There was nothing to hold me back from kissing him.

Initially, he was not giving in but eventually he began to respond. Luck wasn’t on our side, Linda came in.

“What is going on here” her voice came in from the hallway.


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Story By Elton Nana Amoah