Amidst Temptation Episode 29


Rebecca’s POV

We decided to go to the police and tell them all that we knew, how Martin and Rachel always hung out and how she thought he was going to marry her. I felt like a bad friend not telling Emilia about what I knew but I wanted her to make the decision on her own, She had been on the right path to it when everything went sour. I didn’t expect Martin to be this evil, plus I didn’t want to intrude seeing that it would hurt her and make her question her Christian faith because why bro martin and sister Rachel decided to live double lives were beyond me.

Everyone was talking about it, even our past excos and members were involved in the case, it was a big disgrace to the fellowship and I wanted to hide whenever I went to class and was looked at strangely. It was more than a week now since Emilia disappeared with no lead, Martin seemed to have covered all his tracks well, he wasn’t in Calabar, neither was he in the village where I thought he was. The guy was good, made me wonder if he had done this before, poor Rachel.. to fall into the hands of a psychopath.

The parents had confessed to him having a mental issue but swore he took his drugs, they were still being held till he was found, Pastor Badmus had made sure of that. Moses sent me a text begging to be anonymous, saying he knew where he might be, I decided to tell the police about it, not telling anyone else lest it got out by mistake, I wonder why I hadn’t thought of asking Moses, he had been his son and closest buddy in school.

Erica had been calling like mad and couldn’t leave her job but I tried to fill her in as much as possible on the situation of things, her brother too always wanted to know what was up, her entire family and church were in prayers for her safe return, I just prayed Martin had not raped her or worse, the guy was obviously sick, and the sooner we found him the better.

‘I keep having these bad thoughts..I’m praying she’s alive, she doesn’t deserve any of this” Serena said sadly, we had become closer over this as we were always at the station together, I stopped what I was writing and looked at her

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“She’s fine..Emilia is stronger than you think, she ll fight this and be back to us safely” I wish I had more faith in what I just said..but I had to hope..I too wondered what was happening to her, if she was still alive, and why she hadn’t even tried to contact anyone of us.

Sean walked away from us as I continued writing what I knew which I didn’t think was much as the police had combed the streets of Calabar plus anywhere I thought he might be..but with what Moses had said..

“She just contacted me..” He said, I turned as all the blood drained from my face, my lips became dried as well

“She did..?…s..she called you?”

“No…just a text” he looked distraught and as i watched him calmly, he obviously hadn’t slept for days, and looked very much unkept, even had to cancel his trip but how he was right now…

” Are you okay..?” He sat down so I left the statement and sat with him “Lemme see what did the message says” he gave me to read, I was silent “This is not Emilia, she can’t do that”

“She can, been doing that to me” he stood up “I need to go”

“ can’t leave her now, even if she sent it , she might be confused”

“What happened?”Serena came to ask

“Emilia sent me a text..”he said

“What…lemme see” she took the phone and read it

“aww…so she left with him?”

“No..” I stood up ”this is all Martin’s work, he wants us to stop looking for her”I looked at him”he wants you to leave her ” He sighed and thought

“I think we should tell the police”

“That what..that she told me no again”

“No..that.she contacted you” He stared at me then nodded, Serena and I went back to the detective while Sean sat down, after explaining to them, they said they could trace where the the text message came from and Moses’ suggestion was a good lead, as I sighed in relieve and decided to tell the father that Emilia had contacted one of us, I looked back to where Sean was…but he was gone.


where do you think Sean went..would it be too late for Emilia?