Amidst Temptation Episode 28


“You hungry?” he asked bringing a plate of fried rice to the bed where I laid, I didn’t reply, just laid there wondering what was going on in school, my parents, Rebecca, Sean..oh Sean.. He was due to travel tomorrow and I was here..kidnapped, he must be so worried.

“You won’t eat?”

“I’m not hungry” I replied

“But why.. I took my time to make your fav…”he said calmly like he was speaking to a child Thinking arguing with him wouldn’t resolve anything, I sat up and decided to eat, starving myself wouldn’t help my course and I needed the strength. He smiled broadly, then reached over and pulled back my hair gently

” I never knew you were gonna say yes to me, you were so pure, so perfect…different from every other girl wanting to be with me..”he paused “all I needed was your time Emilia.. I needed you to spend time with me..but decided to stay two weeks at his house” he voice raised a pitch

” I..I was thinking.. And I wasn’t always at his house”

“Liar….W—e” he slapped the plate of rice away, I gaped shocked at the plate of rice on the floor


“Shut up..shut the hell up” he paced around, dragging his hair, I decided to keep calm, then began

“I know you’re angry and you have every right to be but can you please let me talk to my mother… let them know I’m okay”

” Oh you would, you would even talk to your lover boy Sean “he said it with distaste pointing at me, then his knee touched the bed “but don’t think you’re going to see them again…if I go down, you’re going down with me”

“What are you talking about?”

“I killed Rachel OK..I pushed her off a building because the b—h refused to do exactly as I asked her to…couldn’t get implicated like that, had my reputation to protect, she wanted to ruin it…” he stood up again ..and paced, my eyes looked around the room for something, anything.. for a possible escape

“..I just used her in school to satisfy my urges…but she wanted it you know, every girl does, but Racheal was a s–t and I liked that…” he paused “…she was so glad I chose her…but she wanted to tell you, the w—e..” he paced, clamping his hands, he was shaking again…he stopped suddenly and looked at me

“I loved you Emilia, all I did was for you..” His knee touched the bed again “You think it was easy dating you and not touching you like I wanted..” He touched my leg and I shifted away..his hand hung “you were just so pure, so perfect, I wanted to protect your virtue till marriage…your virtue..”he said fully on the bed, and crawling towards me…I was frightened stiff both from all he had said and what he was about to do, he knelt and loosened his belt..oh god.. this was not happening, I shut my eyes, hiding my face on my drawn up knees

“Please..Martin.. Please..”

“What’s the guarantee you’re still a virgin uh, let’s see if you are”

“I am….I swear” tears formed

“You lying w—e” he said pulling on my knickers, I screamed

“ p..please don’t..”I was so scared

He suddenly burst into laughter and went off me, I thought he was crazy, this confirmed it..

” you got it coming, but not now”he said buckling up, I just gawked in shock He checked his pockets and took out my phones, he flung one, it hit the wall and broke “This is dead..and this is what I’m using to monitor your’re much loved but let’s see..”he went through my calls while I glanced at my destroyed android phone

“Hmm…Rebecca, Rebecca..thought the note I left should have shut her up, Serena.. hmm, maybe after you I’ll go for her, what do you think…” I believed now he was psychotic, his father knew and had tried to warn me…

“Your father..your mother.. Sean..” He looked at me then began typing “Sending him a message right now..”

“No..please don’t..” I knelt on the bed”please I beg you”

“You love him right?.. Led me on, you f—–g innocent virgin led ME on to believe you actually loved me, but you were playing me..I was gonna marry you you know..thought you were special..” I looked around for a possible means of escape but found none, not while he was here, I found it difficult to believe this was Martin, my Martin, the one I had crushed on in fellowship, the one I thought was the most spirit filled man I had ever met, how had I been so deceived to think he was the Christian and Sean was not, Rebecca had tried to warn me, did she know something.. did she know he was seeing Racheal behind my back, i heard speculations but had chose to ignore it..blinded by my beliefs that he was a christian and would never do anything like that. He did everything so well in fellowship, everybody loved him, what happened, where did he miss it, why did he allow the devil to prevail, I felt I could still talk to him maybe he just needed help..maybe God could still.. He stopped typing and looked at me

“I’m done, I’m gonna read it out for you”he said

“Martin why you doing this…”I began

“Martin is in trouble and I have decided to run away with him, do not bother looking for me..I love you Sean but I can’t spend the rest of my life with a pagan.

PS. Let my parents know I’m fine and would be back when I can” He read it out for me

“How smart can I be, its brilliant uh…” he laughed out loud, I began to cry then it turned into a wail

“God please, help me” save me from this monster He scratched his head

“Guess you like it” he said and still pressed “Now where is that send button..” he said taunting me I cried out with my hands on my face, the reality of my father’s dream dawning on me…if he sent that, if he even pressed that button, I would loose Sean forever because he was right now waiting for my answer. I discovered now that nothing was more important to me than Sean because I loved him so much, this was the worst he could do to me.

“Please…please don’t send it” I begged, my tears fell as I got off the bed towards him to try and get the phone, but he pushed me aside so I fell to the floor in a thud

“And sent” he said “now eat up and stop acting like a b**ch” he said and walked away.