Amidst Temptation Episode 30


After Martin sent the text he said we had to move, because the police might trace it, dragging me up to my protest, he pulled me to my feet from where I had remained on the floor drowning in my sorrows at having lost Sean

“Get up b—h…we need to leave now..don’t let me hit you”, he pulled me up but I slumped to the floor, if there was a possibility of us being found, I had to find a way to delay us, he sighed and went to the other door to lock it, when he turned I held the knife I had fetched while he was away from the room, the knife pinning my picture to the wall…he stared at me incredulously

“Now what are you going to do with that?”he dropped the bags he was holding, to say I was scared was an understatement, I had never held a knife before, except to cook of course

” Stop..don’t come close..I ll use it”I managed to say but he walked closer to me, and stared me in the eye when he got within an inch

“go it” The knife began to shake in my hands, he took the knife and threw it away, grabbing me by the shoulders to my screams, he dumped me on the bed, I bounced on it as he came on top

“You want to play uh..I’ve always imagined you ll like it rough” he took my hand and bent it backwards, I kicked at him as we fought on the bed

“No…please..stop it” I kicked and scratched at him as he tore my top, we both paused at it…

“I think I was right” he said with a leer and came close again, I decided there and then that it was a do or die affair, I wasn’t going to go down without a fight, I was tired of being seen as weak and taken advantage of, my innocence was what brought me here in the first place.

I went between his legs and grabbed at the knife, placing it on my neck

“I’ll kill myself Martin. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it more with a dead body”

“‘Come know you’re not gonna do something stupid like that.. I promise I ll be gentle..”he snapped his fingers at me” I do not have time for this Emilia,” When I didn’t respond, he cracked his neck and stood up, his glare at me was evident, he stretched his hand ” let me have the knife “he said calmly

“Martin I swear if you come close.. I ll kill you” I discovered I meant it He stared at me

“I’d like to see you do that…do you know what it means die in the arms of your lover”he said with a smirk

“You’re sick”I said He scratched his face and moved forward

“yeah I am, now let me have it…..LET ME HAVE IT EMILIA!”he shouted then laughed “this girl thinks she can…threaten me”he speed walked towards me but when he got close the knife went through him, at first we both couldn’t believe it, as I looked at the blood pooling, then he grabbed at my neck and flung me on the bed, he removed the knife, weaker now as he looked at me with venom in his eyes, I looked around for something, anything..

My eyes landed on a bottle he had been drinking from on the floor of the bed…he got back on the bed and gave me a dirty slap, my face burned as he dragged me down, he was more angry now and determined more than ever to get what he wanted, I pushed at him in protest and got another slap, My head was spinning and my eyes were black with tears.

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I was almost giving up but knew I couldn’t, I couldn’t give up, I had to be strong, I had to remain strong, kicking between his legs I reached for the bottle and broke it on his head…he fell back with a shout, but I wasn’t done, I grabbed at the knife and stabbed him again..then again and threw away the knife….he tried to get up but laid back…I knew then I had to go.. I went towards the door, weak, broken and in pain

” Emilia.. Emilia…I love you “he said stretching his hand toward me, I looked at him for long, then opened the door and went out. The first thing I saw was nothing, it was a deserted place, I had no idea where I was, but I knew I had to leave soon, because I had only stabbed him to weaken him, he might get up in no time, closing my torn top the best I could, I began to limp along the lonely road lined with bushes, glancing back severally to see if he was following, I didn’t see any house or human for ten minutes before I saw a house, but it was deserted, it was obvious I was in a village, but where..

There was no one again for another five minutes as I kept walking, stumbling and looking back to see if he was coming, he wasn’t, if he didnt get help, he might die of internal bleeding but I so did not care. I continued on my journey, not looking back as I finally saw someone coming towards me, he was an elderly man, he looked at me skeptically

” helo sir..please where am i ?”I asked in my local dialect



“Just keep walking, you ll see the main road” he said, I nodded and continued on my journey getting weaker as I hadn’t eaten for days…. I finally came out to the main road and discovered I was close to school after all, I had been kept in one of the communities in Ugbowo, Idunmwina, no one would have thought to look for me there, it was too close to school, he hadn’t taken me far at all, I had been right under their noses.

Limping towards a girl who looked at me weirdly, I didn’t want to reason how I looked like right now, I begged for her phone, I dialled Sean’s number which I had memorized but he didn’t pick, I decided to try Serena, I should have called my parents or Rebecca but I had one thing on my mind throughout my kidnap, and it was Sean…She picked on the second ring

“Hello..”she sounded skeptical

“Is Sean gone?”

“Emilia?” I almost cried at hearing her voice again, but I needed to know something which was more important to me than anything else

“Emilia, where have you..”

” Is he gone?”I asked… I feared her answer when she became quiet then said

“Yes…he’s gone we can’t find him and..” I cut and kept the phone. I felt my world had fallen apart, Martin had succeeded in his game, I knew I caused most of it, I never should have led both on but…why does it have to end this way?

“Are you you need help?”the girl asked as I discovered I was crying, I nodded then stood up from where I had squatted…

” I need to..”I began but stopped as Sean stood there staring at me, he looked down at my torn clothes and hair, with bare feet, I didn’t care, I just ran into his arms as he held me close to him..I squeezed him tight in tears, he caressed my hair

” I thought I’d lost you “he said inhaling my hair

” me too…I’m so sorry”

“I need to see the bastard, you need to take me to him”he said looking me in the face, I leaned and kissed him

” I have you Sean….that’s all that matters, nothing else matters” I hugged him again.


*so arrgh she’s safe..but who can guess how Sean found her.?