Amidst Temptation 31 Final


I opened my eyes slowly, waking up from my long sleep, the monitor kept beeping, the room refocused and I discovered I was in a hospital bed, I had an IV line giving me fluids with a pulse oximeter in my thumb, I tried to sit up but I was still in pain, someone took my hand and I discovered it was Sean

“How long have I been asleep?”

“Two days, your parents are just outside” a voice said, I looked at the foot of the bed to see Rebecca smiling at me, eyes misting

“Oh Rebecca” She came and hugged me in tears

“I’m so sorry, I should have told you..I should have” I rubbed her hair and looked at Sean

“Where’s Serena..”

“She’s outside with your mother”he said, Erica came in through the door

“You’re awake..Mom she’s awake” she came to hug me as I smiled broadly not believing she had left her job for me “How you feeling?” She asked, I nodded, though my mouth still felt numb from the slaps I had received, I hadn’t even looked at my self in the mirror lately to see how I looked, My Mom entered with Serena, still in tears

“Oh Mom, I’m fine”I said, I must have given her a scare

“You scared me…scared all of us”she said coming to feel my head

“I’m sorry, hope you and father can forgive me” I wished I had listened to them, Serena came and hugged me tight

“So happy you are safe”

“Thanks Serena, I feel like a celebrity”I said looking around

“Glad you can still crack a joke” Erica said My father strolled in with the police officers, they were two because one were on uniform and one was not, he was speaking to my father whose hands were behind him

“I hope he’ll remain locked up”my father said

“Yes sir, right now more persons are coming up to speak about being sexually assaulted by him, with all we have, he’ll be away for a long time, depending on the judge who might give him a death sentence” they looked at me

” Oh she’s awake, Miss, how are you feeling?”the one without uniform asked

“Better sir..”I replied wincing at my head pain when I tried to nod

“Good you survived the ordeal, he’s a dangerous person, he sustained several stab wounds but we have him in custody” the one on uniform said, Serena took my other hand as the other one with a notebook said

“We would like to return for a full Statement after you’re better” I nodded at them, wincing again, I felt my mouth wondering why it was so numb

“We need to keep him locked up forever” Erica said “for what he did to my sister” she said visibly angry

“He should just die…I think” Serena said and I smiled again at their show of care

“Hey sis” my brother David and Janet had come in, the room was becoming crowded by now but I was happy they were all here

“Glad your alive..wish I could get my hands on the bastard, but he’s already behind bars” he said. I smiled at him as I looked at Janet who came to the bed..

“Sisi” she laid beside me and I held her close, feeling so loved by everyone.

The doctor and nurse then came in to examine me then told them to decongest the room, I needed air, everyone left except my father, and Sean, I kept holding his hand not minding my father’s glance at it…

“I take it you’re stronger now” I nodded

“I’m so sorry Dad” He nodded

”Just hope you have learnt your lesson, I asked only one thing of God that he should bring you back safely…and he did” I smiled

”I love you Dad, I would never disobey you again, I promise ” He grunted then looked at Sean

“This is Sean Jacobs.. My boyfriend” Sean stood up and stretched his hand

“Nice to meet you sir” Barr Paul Badmus paused, skeptical before he stretched his hand and took it in a firm grip

“The pleasure is mine”


Two years later I had graduated from Medical school and Sean and I were on our honeymoon in Paris. I leaned on the balcony and gazed out at the view over our honeymoon suite…It was beautiful, just like Sean..I thought as he sauntered towards me, I thanked God everyday for bringing a man like him to my life….it was clear I had made the right choice

“Daydreaming again” he said as he brought two glasses with a bottle of wine… pouring wine in them, he gave me one and hit my glass. “Its non alcoholic” he said and I laughed

Sean and my father had hit it off, maybe because they were both lawyers or because my father saw how much he loved me genuinely….or because he was now a christian, all in all he never gave me any reason to doubt his love for me throughout the years we dated and I tried not to think about the past, but it always came up…guess it would always be a part of our history.

“What are you thinking about..?”he asked

“You” I said, he chuckled and leaned on the balcony “How did you find me that day?”I asked, I had always wanted to know but hadn’t found the right time to ask…I didn’t know if this was the right time. He looked at me, we had decided not to talk about the past, worse on our honeymoon but this was something I needed to know, he sighed, leaned up and drank his wine, staring out

“I saw the text message Moses sent” he began and looked lost in thought”I remember sitting there feeling so hopeless and helpless, and thinking of what to do and the phone was just lying there with a text message from an unknown number about where you were…I knew then God was directing me”he said and looked at me”I think that was when I believed God had not abandoned me like I thought…I thought just like my mom he wasn’t going to hear my prayers” My lips were dried at such love for me

“You prayed for me” I said

“Yes…I told God I would come back to him if he could bring you back to me”he said. My heart melted, I didnt know that was why he suddenly became a christian, he held my hand on his face

“He’s never gonna hurt you again”he said

“I know” Martin had gotten life imprisonment because his lawyer had convinced him to plead guilty, the charges against him had been many, he was looking at a death sentence if he hadn’t..I just hoped he found God in prison.

“Besides how is he gonna find you in London”Sean said as he leaned back on the balcony

Sean had said we were going to base in London but I didn’t know if I could be so far away from my family and had told him that but he wasn’t buldging…

“You’ll have to ask my father”I said

“Nu..uh..we have our lives Emilia, besides I own you now remember”

“Is that you being bossy…I could still take back my yes”

“Too late…you probably pregnant by now”he said smirking in dismissal I gawked then hit him, he laughed before I pulled him to me and kissed him, he kissed me back, pulling back my hair

” I love you baby” he said

“I love you too”.


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