Amidst Temptation Episode 13


When Serena returned back to school everything went back to normal, Rebecca passed her resit exam so could fully join us in the next class. I went for my clinicals and decided to fully focus on it and of course fellowship. I hadn’t heard from Sean, not that I was worried, Martin and I were usually busy hanging out anyway.

Today we decided to distribute tracts as a form of evangelism with the rest of my fellowship members, even though he was no longer president, now in final year he was still actively involved in the fellowship and I found that really fascinating, we were laughing about a man who had refused to take the tracts claiming he was a christian already

“He could have just collected it and given it to somebody else”he said

“I really dont know how people think”

“Are you going back to the hostel now?” I checked my watch

“I still have some time”

“Let’s go eat then” he said, I nodded, we were waiting for a cab when a car pulled up, I looked and thought it was familiar, when the glasses rolled down

“Emilia” I stared at him and gulped, what was he doing here and how did he find me, Serena of course, I glanced at Martins

“Do you know him?” he asked, I looked instead at my shoes, should I say yes or no?

“Where you going, I could drop you?”Sean said

“I’m fine”

“Dont worry she’s with me” Martin said putting his arm around my shoulder, Sean stared at us

“Clearly there’s no cab around” I gave Sean the eye to go but he wasn’t bulging

“Who’s he, thought you said you didn’t know him?”

“I dont..he’s Serena’s brother” Sean had come out of the car

“I need to talk to you..hey” he said to Martins

“She clearly doesn’t want to talk to you” Sean looked at him

“mind your business, will you” I at that moment wished the ground would open and swallow me whole, Martin was in his face in no time

“I think you should go”

“Get off my face.. Who’s he uh?” They both looked at me, I bit my lips nervously, I took Martins hand

“Martins..I ll go with him” before things got out of hand “he just wants to talk” To say Martins was shocked was an under statement


“I ll call you, I’m sorry” I just didn’t want them bawling over a little matter and I knew Sean wasn’t going to leave till I went with him

“You better have a good explanation sister”Martins said to me as I got in Sean’s car. Sean drove off parking dust on Martin, he was seething and I didn’t know why

“Why do you have to be so dramatic, I clearly told you no” He opened a pack of cigarettes and put one in his mouth

“Who’s he?” he asked like I hadn’t spoken, I gawked as he lit it

“Are you gonna smoke now?”

“Answer my question‹” he said calmly, I glared hard at him, I surely hardly seen this side of him before, he went out of school gate

“Take me home Sean”

“Thats where I’m taking you”

” Are you out of your mind?..drop me now” clearly I had gone with the wrong person, he just blew out smoke as he drove in silence

“So that’s why you haven’t given me the time of day uh, that’s why you won’t date me, because of him, who’s he, your boyfriend? ”

“Its none of your business”

“Yeah it’s not my business”he agreed

“Please take me home”, he just kept driving, now he was far into town, I wondered how I was gonna go back home

‘I’m sorry.. Didn’t mean to act like that” he suddenly said..bipolar much

“..and smoke too”I said He threw the cigarette out the window

“That too..I just wanted to talk to you?”

“How did you find me?”

“Been out of town, called you when I got in but you weren’t picking, went to your hostel, some girl told me where you were” Rebecca, I couldn’t believe her

“Well can you take me back now?”

“I wanted you to go somewhere with me”

“You not gonna achieve that by kidnapping me” He changed lanes going back, he sure was crazy, he looked at my gown

“You should change into something comfortable, then we can go out” Was he serious


“Because of him?”, I rolled my eyes “That’s why you have been avoiding me”

“Why would you think that, I’ve been busy”

“Busy with what” I showed him the tracts, he sighed and stared out “We always gonna have that bridge between us won’t we?”

“Yes Sean.. Its obvious”

“Is he..a Christian?”

“Yes he’s born again”

“That’s the only reason you chose him over me”he said with so much confidence I rolled my eyes

”Cos I like him, everything is not always about you Sean” satisfied with the look on his face , I continued “you really should stop wasting your time ”

“Ok” he agreed, I made to open the door, he stayed me “go in and change, we going out” My mouth opened to protest but I decided to stop arguing, I got out and slammed the door.

“So Serena’s brother came to look for you, he said..” Rebecca began when I got in,

“I saw him” I said “you shouldn’t have told him where I was”

“Why what happened?” She went and looked out the window because he was playing a very pagan music, I met her gaze I went out after an hour and got in his car

“ win..just get out of here”, he smirked and drove off.