Amidst Temptation Episode 14


2 Corinthians 6:14; Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers, for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness and what communion hath light with darkness.

I guess I knew I was doing something wrong by conceding to a date with him, but I threw caution to the wind because by then Sean had succeeded in destroying all my defences. Martins made me comfortable, Sean made me feel the exact opposite yet I wanted to be with him more, he had driven to very expensive restaurant just because I said I was hungry.

The waiter placed a plate of fried rice and chicken with salad, with a plate of icecream and cake..I gawked at all the food

“Eat up”he said, I was hungry so I did, he ordered nothing, just watched me eat

” I prefer chocolate icecream but this is nice”

“Noted for next time”he said There would be no next time, I thought as my cell rang, I looked at the caller, it was Erica

” I have to take this..”I told him”hey”

“Hey sis, how you, not heard from you since forever”

“I just figured you ll be busy with your.. life”

“You kidding, how’s dad and mom and everyone, school?”

“Schools fine”

“Ok..just thought to check on you, you should practice calling, c ya” she cut

“Who’s that?” he asked with a smile I’m sure he heard everything

“Erica my sister”



“You have a younger?”

“Yea I have two sisters and one brother”

“Nice..wish I had more siblings but Serena alone is a handful”

“You bet” I began eating again..

“So I’m leaving town tomorrow”he said, I looked up surprised

” where you going? ”

“Canada” he said, I knew he travelled a lot but out the country..

“Why ..what’s happening there” He paused drawing on the table

“My parents are there” he said

“Oh, thought they were on vacation” He was silent

“My mother has late stage cervical cancer….my father is there with her” I was chewing but kept my spoon..shocked, had no idea what to say, he had lied to me at first and I understood why, nobody wanted to be associated with that, the rich really did also cry. Here I was judging and giving him issues when his mother was dying

“No one else knows” he said and looked away, I nodded and reached for his hand

“I’m so sorry ”

“He decided to spend the last days with her..that’s why I didn’t want to tell them about Serena” My lips were dried, I decided I was a very selfish person if I couldnt even notice that Serena had issues she was dealing with

“I’m so sorry, is there really nothing the doctors can do” He shook his head in thought then

“I didn’t mean to ruin our date”

“No its glad you told me” We were silent, the food suddenly wasn’t appetizing anymore

“I’m also going there for business, I’m running my dads company down here” I took up my spoon again

“you really busy, when you coming back?”

“Are you gonna miss me?”

“Serena would” He chuckled

“Serena has her life, We have ours” I was silent, he leaned back”Eat up, we still have places to go” I wanted to protest but didn’t, as we walked to the car I asked

“Do you make it a habit of kidnapping your dates?” He looked at me

”I’ve never had the opportunity, its actually fun”he winked at me as I rolled my eyes and got in the car

“So where we going”

“There’s a fanfair around” I had no choice, I was stuck in his car, we got there and I stared around in awe, we watched the kids play games and got in the merry go round though I was scared to death, we played target and he won a pink Teddy, he pushed it into my hands

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“Its yours”he said to my protest We then sat on the swing and talked

” I’m gonna be there for two weeks”he said

“That’s a real long time”

“Yea it is, away from you” I asked as he asked

”so why did you decide to read medicine?”

“Cos iv always wanted to be a doctor, it just calls to me, why did you study law?” He chuckled

“I wanted to be an artist, my father insisted” I was silent then I said

”when you return..would you follow me to church? ” I waited as he stared at me for long

“why?” Why..because I wanted to know if I could make something good out of this, if I could finally present him to my Dad

“Cos I want you to live better than the life you live” I said instead He looked away

”its not that simple..but yes I ll follow you to church ” I grinned at him

“Can’t wait”

“Don’t get your hopes all up..I have my issues with God”

“I figured” We ended up at the house, at the studio, where I got leave to stare at all the paintings, there was one about a woman in tears

“You have very nice paintings”

“Thanks”, my fingers traced the woman’s face

“Why do you speak so much of pain?”

“Because there’s so much pain in the world..I wish I could erase it”he replied

“God can do that”

“Why doesn’t he?”

“Because then you won’t have any need of him” I replied. He didn’t reply, he pulled the cover off the one nearest to him and gestured me over

“I dont think you can tell me anything more about God..I grew up worshipping God.. I went to church everyday..then I asked him to heal my mother, but she’s gonna die” I touched his arm, but he continued as my gaze fixed on the painting

“She’s gonna die and there’s nothing I or anyone can do about it, why then would you tell me to serve him?” I was tongue tied as my eyes fixed at the painting, it was about his family, there was his father, him and Serena, only his mother’s space was empty because she was walking out of the picture. I knew he was in a lot of pain and I couldn’t console him

“I’m sorry” I said, my lips were dried, I put my arms around him and hugged him “I’m so sorry”. They had the life, they had the beauty, anyone looking at them would be jealous of their life, but it was a broken family as I couldn’t imagine how Serena was holding up. All that glitters was really not gold. I couldn’t blame God either, there were some things that happened in life that we couldn’t question, God just knew it all.

” I just succeeded in ruining our date” he said

“No..I’m fine” He nodded

“We should get out of here” I went out with him after glancing back at the painting, we went to the kitchen as he took water to drink,

“I dont know why you told me all of that, but thanks for trusting me” I said, he leaned on the counter

“I dont know too.. maybe because…you might be invited for the burial” I looked up at him

“That’s sounds so final, I believe there’s still hope, she’s not dead yet, besides the most important thing is where she’s going” He chuckled

”My mother is an ardent Christian, she has so much faith, yet it can’t save her”

“God has a reason” I said, I realised I might have judged him too early “when things happen we do not question God”I said He shrugged, and kept the can of water

“You wanna watch a movie?”he asked changing the subject

” No..I think I should go” I said, it was already dark outside

“You’re not staying the night?”he asked surprised

“No..wondering what would make you think that I would want to do that” I ranted as he sauntered towards me like a cat

“Because I want you to”

“Uh..I..I think I should go”

“No you don’t”he said his hands going into my hair as he trapped me against the counter. I understood now when God said flee fornication because the heat between us burned with an intensity I couldn’t explain, his fingers trailed on my neck as he took my lips in his…and that was the the beginning of it all.